Another Beginning

Chapter 38

The End

Harry Potter- Cullen looked around the large expanse he called his home, wondering how his life had turned out so well. Forty years had gone by since Severus had been turned into a vampire and become a proper family. He had as Harry hoped only taken nine hours to turn into a vampire, and to Severus and everyone's relief he had kept his magic, for a year he had been less powerful but after that stage was over, its as if his magic settled and turned it back to normal. He and his husband Edward lived in Potter Manor along with Esme and Carlisle, but they lived in a separate wing so everyone could have privacy. The others though, had bought between them an additional one hundred and seventy acres of land. They all had homes to their specifications; unsurprisingly Alice and Jasper had a small comfortable home. Rosalie though had almost tried to outdo him, and made a gorgeous manor that reminded her of her own time. Emmett as always hadn't cared just as long as his wife was happy.

"Hey, everything alright?" asked Draco Apparating to Potter manor, the nearing fifty year old man looked just the same as he had in his twenties. His hair was cut short, he'd actually added in black highlights, he looked nothing like his father, especially with the tan he was currently supporting.

"Indeed, did you both enjoy your holiday?" asked Harry moving in, setting some tea up for Draco who was a regular fixture at Potter Manor. Everyone was, so there was always food ready to be given out mostly just biscuits and other foods that didn't need cooked unless it was Christmas or birthdays. They had continued their tradition for fifty years of getting together for Christmas always in Potter Manor.

"It was brilliant," said Draco dreamily.

Harry smirked, finding amusement in Draco's dreamy state, he'd been like that since he finally met someone he could see spending the rest of his life with. He was still a sarcastic bugger, but that was only because of all the time he spent with their dad. Draco went on holiday every year, it coincided with his anniversary. Which had been a fortnight ago, the wedding had been a large grand affair, unlike his which had only consisted his friends and family.

"The students will be glad to have you back," said Harry, they always missed him which had surprised him greatly the first few times. Once Severus had spent two years in Forks, they had all decided it was time to move on. Harry had missed his friends greatly, so a decision had been made to move to the magical world. Draco taught the students basics in potions, despite the fact he actually had Mastery, having learnt under Severus for three years.

"I'm glad to be back." said Draco honestly. He'd missed his kids, they were grown up now out of Hogwarts but still, he was closer to them than his own father had been with him which wasn't difficult to accomplish in all honestly.

Harry wasn't one for doing nothing, and so he had built a school for magical children, aged five to eleven when they would finally go off to Hogwarts. Jasper taught the students Muggle and magical history, although mostly Muggle history. The elder students who had left sometimes decided to ask Jasper if he would tutor them more upon realizing the teacher at Hogwarts was absolutely no good. Minerva had tried to get 'Professor' Whitlock to teach at Hogwarts, but Jasper's loyalty to Harry would never allow it. Edward taught them music and lyrics, from how to write your own songs, sing, dance and generations of both magical and Muggle music. So much so that he had actually started up a music business, now music was a big thing in the magical world, children and teenagers fell over themselves to buy the next new song or album.

Rosalie and Alice had bought a building in Diagon Alley, much to Gladrags and Madam Malkin's consternation, and promptly became the hottest thing on the scene. There wasn't a child who didn't have a sparkly cloak with different jewels and gemstones on it or handbags with enlargement charms on them courteously of Harry. It certainly had updated the old fashioned magical world. The pureblood's had resisted at first, but unable to deny their children had slowly buckled. Their insisting on saying that they only did it because it was a magical creature in the end. They hadn't remained with just designing stuff, but begun branching out, bringing the much needed paper and pens into the world and other essentials. Rosalie had taken in two children at the age of seven and nine respectively when their families had kicked them out for being Squibs.

Severus had unsurprisingly opened his own Apothecary, both selling and brewing the potions himself, Regulus helped and both men remained bachelors but Regulus paid a squib give him an heir to continue to Black estate. Considering Severus didn't need to sleep, he kept his shop well stocked. Harry between being 'Headmaster' of his school helped tended to Severus' herb and potions gardens (green houses) which resided behind the back of Potter Manor, they'd already been there so it was a wise decision to make. Severus had taken the Prince monies but didn't live in a large manor it was just too much for him. The green houses had been expanded as Severus opened more shops, not just in Hogsmeade but in Diagon Alley and a branch in Paris. Severus Snape was well known for his potions, even before being turned into a vampire. The fact he didn't water his potions down to make more money…well lets just say most people decided it was better to pay the extra sickles then pay the others prices. Harry had insisted he rather liked doing the gardening at the Dursley's and it kept him busy so he didn't laze around.

Fred and George went back to working in their prank shop with Emmett at the helm as well. His idea for Muggle products actually went over well with everyone. In fact Emmett poured money into the business and became a partner with a third of the business taking over the 'Silent partner' part that had been Harry's. Harry had also given them Griffin's Horn, the place had been redone. Harry had hated knowing the disgusting Weasels had been in his home, enjoying luxury while he was trained and they condemned their younger children/siblings to Azkaban. He'd handed the deeds over in their names; they after all had nowhere to stay other than their shop, when they'd been presumed dead Molly had sold the flat for money. Thankfully she hadn't been able to sell the shop since a third of it had been at the time in Harry's name. Fred had married Luna, and they had four children together, all grown up as well.

George had married Penelope, and actually raised his brother's child despite his actions to him and the rest of what he considered his siblings. Penelope had twins with George, and all boys were raised the same. Penelope had sat down with her eldest and explained the situation when he was eleven years old. After a rocky year, George finally had enough and made the boy see it could have been worse. Spoke to him for hours until he couldn't anymore, after that he settled down again. Percy had never been allowed to see him, and when his son reached seventeen he never once sought Percy out.

Neville had taken over the Longbottom estate with his wife, Ginny Longbottom Nee Weasley (not that she acknowledged it) helping him. Ginny had for a few years played professional Quidditch, but once she was pregnant she didn't dare play the sport. They'd had three kids, a little girl and two boy's much to Neville's happiness. The kids technically didn't have grandparents, (other than Draco's kids who had Narcissa when Draco was finally able to track her down) but they did call Esme and Carlisle as such, they were grandparents to all the kids surprisingly. Neville became a Herbologist and was still one to this day.

Hermione and Ron had been the last in the group to 'settle down' as it were and to have kids, two a girl and a boy. Hermione had trained to be a healer and a nurse in both worlds. She worked in Harry's school part time or whenever the kids needed her. Ron however, had taken up Quidditch like his sister, although he had used Hermione's last name to the surprise of everyone. Ron didn't want anything to do with the Weasley name, but didn't fault his brothers for keeping it. They'd kept in touch with Bill and Charlie, but their relationship had never been the same. Inevitably, haunted by their own betrayal they had gone abroad, Fleur had of course gone with Bill. Charlie had met a witch over there wand was now a grandfather much to everyone's amusement.

With the influx of Vampires in the community, it came as no surprise that the laws underwent extensive changes. Harry made sure the Werewolf legislations were abolished as well, so nobody would suffer as Remus had his entire life.

It truly had been another beginning for the boy who lived and his very large extended family.

A good beginning.

The End.

Names weren't mentioned I'll leave that to your imagination :D and Draco's wife ;) whoever you would prefer she be! well there we go finally finished with the ending i wanted everyone in the magical world :D for good!