Sophia's POV

"Sophia! Get back here!" Argost yelled as he chased me through Weird World. I personally thought it was funny, so I let out a playful giggle. It's about time someone showed Argost that I'm nobody's servant! I ran faster through weird world dodging every trap Argost has set. He should face it, I know every trick he has.

"Munya! Get her!"

After that sentence I felt a force pulling me back. It was obvious I had to think fast before I was in Munya's hands.

"You should've known Sophia." Argost said as if I was about to die. "When you steal my kur stone, you don't live to tell your loss."

"Wanna bet?" I whispered as I cut Munya's web with my pocket knife and ran. I knew if I just kept running through Weird World, I'd get caught. So I ran to the nearest window and jumped. And as I landed in the tree tops, I heard Argost screaming "NO! Munya! Get her!"

So I knew I needed to run far away. I needed to hide the kur stone.

~A Week Later~

I woke in a dark alley. I couldn't remember why I had slept here, but I knew it had something to do with I had no money. But that wasn't important now. I still had to hide the kur stone. But I had to get help.

I had to get the Saturdays.

Argost told me how Zak Saturday was kur, and who would be better to hide the kur stone than kur himself?

But I needed a plan.

They usually come to help cryptids, so I need to get a cryptid for bait. Good thing I have a sea monster costume. So I put the costume on and terrorized fisherman on the Mississippi River.

It wasn't long before the Saturdays came.