SilverBolt sat there stunned. Was this for real? Or was it a joke from that idiot who called himself incredible? No, she decided, even he wouldn't do such a thing. His wife wouldn't allow it anyway.

Sitting in one of the finer offices of the NSA, Silver contemplated the eighteen year old girl before her.

Not much to look at. Rather small, a bit on the skinny side, simple black hair but behind the black mask where a pair of impressive violet colored eyes that looked back at her.

"So… You want to start your training under my guidance?" She fingered a cigarette.

"Yes." The answer came a bit hesitant. Did the girl have second thoughts?

"And you know who I have in rehabilitation?" She lit up the cigarette.

"Yes." A bit stronger now and a disdained look at the smoke drafting in the air.

"And your parents know about this?" She gestured between the two them.

"I… No…" The girl looked down.

"No?" Had she heard correctly? Her parents didn't know of this?

"No they don't know that I have this meeting with you. They think I'm here to look at different possibilities." Definitely shy now. She would have a bit of work to do, to build up the self-esteem of the kid.

But the fact that her parents were in the dark about everything was rather interesting.

"Hmm…" SilverBolt leaned back into her office chair contemplating the girl once more. "So why do you want to become my trainee? I could imagine that your parents would prefer someone else. Someone like Frozone for example."

Letting out a heavy sigh the girl pushed a hand through her hair. "Yes… They want to have me nearby, especially my father… But…" Biting her lip she looked down again.

The older super lifted an silver eyebrow "But?" She probed.

"But I saw you fight." She looked up again, determination now shining in her eyes. "I saw what you can do with your powers… What I could do with my powers. Not only by using physical strength but by using mental strength. Frozone is great and I really like him, but he is not you and he would always report to my parents about my progress, even if he wouldn't want to. The pressure would become too much." With every word her voice had gotten stronger. "Beside that I want to become my own person, to develop my very own super persona. With Frozone or someone else, there is a slight chance, that they would always see me as the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. No matter how much I prove otherwise."

"What about Syn…"

"He won't be a problem. I do not fear him and I have trust in you and the NSA. If he would still be dangerous, he would be behind prison bars and not living with you and working on projects for the NSA."

Silver had to admit, she was impressed. It seemed the young one had thought everything through.

Thinking one more time over everything she came to a decision.

"If I agree to this, there is no turning back neither from you nor me. You are going to live with me the whole time. Doesn't matter how long your training is going to take. You agree to my terms and I decide when you are ready to do Super Hero work on your own and when your training period is over. Understood?"

A determined "Yes!" was her answer. No hesitation whatsoever, hope filling the large eyes.

"And, you are going to tell your parents about this arrangement right away. Clear?"

"Yes Ma'am!"

"Well, then there is only one more thing left to do, before we let Rick draw up the contract." Reaching out a hand for the younger one to shake, she let her silver hair and eyes turn back to their normal color. "Jessica Caitlin Summer, Jess for short." A smile reached her eyes.

Pulling off her mask, the girl took the offered hand. "Violet Parr, no nickname." She smiled back.

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