You have probably heard of the Pride Lands and Pride Landers. You have? Good, then you may have also heard of the Outlands and the Outlanders. You've heard about them, too? Wow, you guys are pretty good at knowing your lands. But have you ever heard of the Dark Lands and Light Lands? Ah ha! I knew you didn't know everything!

I'm one of the Lightlanders, a lioness. When I was a cub, the Dark Lands were taken over by Windwatcher, a mad lion. He had hired the jackals to help him with his rule. He and his followers, which were a third of our very large pride, ran us out of our home, at Night Rock. We traveled very far, in search of a new home. The Light Lands.

We traveled far from the Dark Lands, and into the Pride Lands. There, we met King Simba and his pride. My father, King Rivertalon, had explained everything to King Simba and said that the cubs could stay at Pride Rock. I met Princess Kiara and the King's majordomo, Zazu.

But I am getting ahead of myself. This story, if you choose to read it, is the story about the Light Landers. About us. And how we left our home, in search of a safer place to rule over.

This is our story.

This is the story of the Light Landers.

Like the little ending there? I intend to make this more than just one story. I want to make a series out of it, and the title of the series is "The Light Landers". It's a……. working title. Please tell me if you want me to make a series out of this one, little story. Please review!!!! And yes, I know this chapter is short.