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I wrapped my arm around her sleeping form, softly kissing her hair. She sighed and snuggled closer, pressing her bare breast against my chest.

"So beautiful"

Sighing in annoyance I climbed out of bed, images from last night flying through my head. But I paused on one in particular. When I was kissing her shoulder, her necklace had brushed against my skin. I looked down at my chest and there was a small burn mark there. Huh? That's weird. I shrugged it off. I'd ask Jasper about it later.

"Baby, what are you doing? It's like three in the morning" Bella mumbled grumpily. I chuckled "so?"

She smiled wickedly at me. "That means in other words I want you to get your sexy ass over here" I smiled but I didn't move. "As in now Edward" her tone turned dark, lusty.

I growled and was by her side instantly.

The next three hours were spent having mind blowing sex. Then, unfortunately, we had to leave so we could get to our respective jobs.

Bella worked at a café down town.

I told her I worked at a bookstore, but I actually don't have a human job. My day job it to warp people's minds. Make them commit crimes and murder. That's what demons do.

But I couldn't tell my girlfriend that.

We left the apartment together and kissed a small 'goodbye, have a nice day, I'll see you when you get home' kiss.

Once I was alone, I closed my eyes and willed myself to Fifth Street, becoming one with the shadows. It works kinda like teleporting. All I have to do is imagine the place I want to be and I'm there.

Jasper sat on an old bench, waiting for me.

"'bout bloody time. Now let's go" he grumbled. I nodded, following.

"Say, Edward, when are you gonna let me meet this girl of yours. She must be something, always making you late."

"Maybe later Jazz lets go. I can feel something…easy, coming this way."

"What no morning workout today Eddie?"

"Shut up! I can't focus with your whining."

"Whatever. I'm going to get some grub after this so hurry up I'm starving."

I rolled my eyes and mentally homed in on the humans thoughts. She stopped dead in her tracks across from us. I started Shuffling through her memories, looking for something to twist. I found it.

Her twin sister had recently stolen her boyfriend's heart. I pushed a murderous thought into her mind. She was only 17, she would do it, they always do.

I smiled at my work, leaning against the brick wall of the town hall. Jasper suddenly grabbed hold of my wrist and suddenly we were standing outside the café my Bella worked at.

"What the hell? What was that for?"

He looked at me as if I was mental.

"I told you we were going to get food. I like the food here."

That's when it happened.

Bella stepped out, carrying the 'open' flag to put in its holder. I tried to will my body somewhere else but it wasn't working.

And she noticed me.

A huge smile broke out across her face as she came up to me. "Edward!"

She threw her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. The touch burned my skin on contact. What the hell is happening?

I glanced over to Jasper but his eyes were trained on her necklace. It was a pair of silver angel wings on a thin silver chain. She never took it off.

I moved my eyes back to Bella, and gasped. The wings were shimmering. She didn't seem to notice that we were both out of it. She looked Jasper up and down and held out her hand.

"hi. You must be one of Edwards's friends. I'm Bella."

Not wanting to give anything away, Jasper shook her hand quickly, wincing slightly in pain.

" the names Jasper." Bella smiled and looked back at me. God was she beautiful. "so what are you guys up to?"

"we decided to stop here for brunch."

"really? Come on in then. I'll give you boys the best seat in the place." She turned and walked back through the door. I followed her and Jasper followed me in.

She took us to the table at the back of the café near the windows.

"Jessica will come take your order soon. I have to get back to the kitchen. See you later."

Once she left Jasper leaned in and grabbed the collar of my shirt roughly in both hands.

"you girl is a fucking angel!"

I smiled smugly. "Yeah, and great in bed too."

"NO! I mean a real freakin ANGEL!"



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