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Sam grabbed his forehead and tried not to cause too much attention. Dean stood very close to him shielding him from then people walking by.

"Sam, what're you seeing, dude?" Dean asked gently, putting a reassuring hand on Sam's shoulder.

"He's here. Or…something's here. I can see the passport control, I'm sure he landed already. "

"Still can't see his face?"

"No," He said, agitated. "Why didn't Bobby tell us what we had to look out for? If his contact in Europe called him shouldn't they have told him what he looked like?"

"I don't know Sam. All we have to go on is a guy that looks freaked out and is talkin' to himself. You know a nutcase."

"Dean, don't call it that."

"It? You like this as much as I do, and why is it that we have never heard of It? The thing's not even in Dad's journal! Is there anything listed anywhere about a protector of souls?"

Sam's shoulder dropped slowly and then he was back, reaching for the plastic bottle in his jacket, grabbing a painkiller, swallowing it without a drink.

They had been at this airport for six hours. They came as soon as Bobby called them, telling them that something was going on in Europe, and that now that thing was heading toward them.

"Take it easy, they will not know its fake, relax. It's all okay."

She had her arms wrapped around her, as to protect herself from something bad. But she was out in public. Not something she was used to.

"Nobody knew where she was, she would be safe is only she could keep her head down and stay low on the radar, the demon radar."

Sam looked closely at the massive cluster of people coming out from the gate. Only looking after the men young as old none escaped his stare. Looking for the flash of fear, pain, loneliness and the touch of crazies that would follow someone that talked to voices he only could hear. No one quite looked the part; there were a lot of people that looked uncomfortable and uneasy. Then a girl caught his eye, just for a second. She had all the trademarks of being haunted. The scared look, looking over her shoulder, being very careful not to make eye contact with anyone. If she had been a he, that would have been their guy. So he continued to look after this unknown man.

The hours passed and Dean called Bobby up for the god-only-knew-which-time. Asking if he was sure it was the right airport they were in.

"No we haven't missed him. If he was anything like you said we wouldn't have missed him, no way, Bobby."

Sam wasn't sure. He had this gut feeling, like when a hunt was about to go wrong. He knew it just seconds before. And he was sure that they had missed him.


Sam grabbed his forehead again as he saw a dinner right in front of a cheap hotel just outside the town. He knew this hotel. They had been stuck there for almost a week when he was a kid. All he could remember was there was nothing on the TV and Dean had been all protective of him and wouldn't even let him go outside.

It had ordered a cup of tea. Then the vision was gone. He started to leave the airport, knowing that Dean would follow as soon as he saw him go. As predicted Dean just turned around and followed Sam out to the Impala. Hanging up on Bobby.

"Sam , Bobby is dead certain that we missed the guy. How could he get passed us if he looked like that?"

"I don't know Dean, but in my vision he's just outside the town up north. In that creepy hotel that you held me hostage in for a week. He even has the guts to just sit and order something to drink."

"You sure?"

Sam just nodded as he massaged his temples. Closing his eyes as Dean floored it. They could not miss it again. What ever that thing was it had spooked Bobby. Not that he had said it, but they could hear it in his voice.

The tea didn't help anymore, something stronger was needed. The thirst was becoming painful. She hadn't noticed it before that guy in the airport. The moment she saw him staring at her she felt it. Burning, pleading, needing. She had to fight the urge to run.

Act normal. Just plain normal. Don't look at anyone. Just stay on the move as the voices in her head told her to.

She could sometimes she their reflection, but after their first meeting they had stayed out of sight.

They reached the dinner, not an hour later. They looked inside the windows. There were two people inside, a guy at the counter, and a girl with her back to them.

"You think that's the son of bitch sitting right there?"

"That or he's hiding in one of the rooms. Why don't you check who's checked in, and I'll have a look around the diner see if he could be our man."

"Be careful, we don't have any idea what this thing can do."

Sam moaned as he got out of the car, as Dean pulled over to park it.

The rain made his hair damp, and he shook his head a little as he entered the diner. The man at the counter was one of the flight passengers, but there was nothing out of the ordinary with him.

Sam looked over at the girl, then everything in him froze. It was her. The haunted girl from the airport. She had all the signs, except for talking to voices. He started to walk over to her, as he heard her chanting silently.

"Sanctus espiritus… sanctus espiritus…. Sanctus espiritus."

Sam stopped and turned around grabbing his phone dialing Dean's number.

"Dude, it's the girl, she is sitting here calling for spirits, get here as fast as you can, don't forget salt or holy water!"

The mp3 was only playing one song, the only one that gave her any peace now. She kept singing it very low, as if she could hold the demons away.

"Redeem us"

She held her breath.

"Insanity is all around us"

Dean came in, looking at Sam, just making sure he was alright. It was a force of habit. He saw the girl sitting over in the corner rocking slowly. That was most definitely their protector, no doubt about it.

He walked over to her, and she didn't ever raise her eyes as he stopped in front of her.

The rocking stopped when he sat down, leaning forward as he whispered.

"Listen, bitch, lets try not to make scene here," He opened his jacket so she could se his gun. "Lets just stay cool."

"sanctus espiritus… sanctus espiritus… sanctus espiritus."

She kept rocking, but she had seen it. Her eyes didn't leave Dean.

Sam sat beside him making sure no one saw the gun. He looked at the girl's face, which had turned from haunted to peaceful, as if she resigned and gave herself up. But he knew it wouldn't be this easy. It never was.


Dean looked at her then at Sam. Sam just shrugged his shoulders. He was as bewildered as Dean.

"What the hell…"

The song stopped, but a voice snarled inside her. She was in danger. The stranger had even showed her that he was armed. She knew he would not hesitate to use the gun on her. One bullet wouldn't kill her, but she could almost remember the pain from the last time she had been shot. In another life.

"Let us take care of them, we promise to be quick." The voice said.

She just shook her head no. Couldn't talk here, they would lock her up. She started to rock again, holding both hands on the warm cup.

Was it the song or the voices? The song had begun again, but somehow she could not remember the entire song. She could not make out when it was the song that played or the voice talking.

"Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain."