A/N: The Winchester boys and Bobby meet the Guards souls. They need to find out what is going on.

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Sam opened the hotel room door and froze, making Dean slam right into him.


Then he saw what had made Sam stop in the first place. Emma was not alone anymore. In her arms the baby ghost was playing with a crayon and some papers on her chest. At Emma's feet the teen ghost sat flipping the channels, stopping at a horror movie. Emma turned with a smile as she saw Sam.

Sam swallowed once and went inside, ready for any sight of trouble, knowing that Dean for sure must have had put his hand on the 12 gauge. Bobby didn't even look surprised when he saw the two ghosts.

"Will you introduce us to your two friends there Emma?"

Bobby sounded like very calm and secure. Emma looked at Bobby, smiling as she kicked the teenager.

"That is Shawn, he's a handful, he's got a thing for scary movies, so please don't be alarmed if he changes. And this is Messy, she's my baby girl."

Bobby nodded to Shawn, before walking over to Emma and Messy. As he sat down on the bed beside them Dean walked in and smiled as he saw Poltergeist on the TV. He sat down on the other bed and watched it, as he kept his eyes on Shawn. He was quite sure that he was the one that would cause trouble.

Sam went out to the Impala and grabbed his duffle bag and entered the room, as he crossed it into the bathroom. He needed a shower, and he hoped Emma would join him. Though he knew that that was wishful thinking.

But he felt her eyes on him as he passed her. He didn't lock the door, never had before why start now? He got under the shower and felt the warmth of the water hitting his tense body. The door opened, he didn't say anything. Dean always used to use this time to interrogate him. He was wrong. She slipped in behind him and let her hands slide over his back. He just dropped his head and stood there, taking it all in.

He slowly turned around and leaned down to kiss her, pinning her against the wall. That's when the lights started to flicker. Sam moved away so fast that he tripped on the slippery floor. As he fell, he cried out, grabbing for the shower curtain, ripping it.

Bobby was in the bathroom as Sam hit the floor with a loud thump, followed by Dean who had his shotgun ready. Emma tried not to fall with Sam. Sam was all wrapped nice and tight in the piece he had grabbed.

"Sammy you alright?"

"Yes Dean I'm fine. Hand me a towel."

Dean grabbed two towels and threw it down to Sam. With the towel Sam also got a sawed of gun. He got up, a little wobbly, as he leaned over at the sink and he fumbled with the towel and gun. Emma barely moved. She looked at the gun, terrified as if she had a history with one of them. The Winchesters and Bobby all noticed it.

Then the light started to flicker again. The boys were all business as they got ready for whatever that was coming their way.

Emma gasped as she flung a towel around her as she passed Bobby into the room.


The flickering got more intense. Then it stopped. Porter reappeared on his knees, face all twisted in pain as he reached out for Emma. Emma fell down in front of him, holding her arms protectively around him. Making damn sure that they guys could not shot him as he gathered his strength from the ordeal.

Porter rested his forehead on Emma's shoulder, growling underneath his breath. He could smell Sam all over her. He closed his eyes. Sam…damn hunter was not going to take her away from him. He would never allow it. Even if he had to go against her wishes.

Porter hid his face as the tears ran down his chin, he hated his bones so much, and they had always caused him pain. Even in life he had hated them, even though they kept him straight. He had never backed down a fight, he was just not brought up like that. He had never backed down, and he was sure as hell not going to start now.

Emma took her necklace of and put it around Porter, binding him to his firm body. Her arms held him tight into her, and his arms wrapped themselves around her slowly but steadily. He was not about to let go, he never could. She never asked him, what he had been forced to, and he never told her. This was his fight and he would never burden her with his pain.

They had an arrangement that worked for them both so to say. Or at least he thought so.

Sam came too close, he gritted his teeth but held his arms tightly around his protector. He had lost his life and soul that would not be her end. That much he knew. He had killed her more times than he liked to count, but when she begged him to do it, he had been weak. This time he wouldn't, he could not live another day without her by his side. Her love made him strong, and he was going to find a way out for her.

He would try anything. He was at the end of his rope.

Sam stood close, something was very wrong. A ghost that showed emotions like pain was a new thing for him. At least in this kind of pain. Dean made his way in front of Sammy. No way was the ghost going tear Sam a new one. He had seen the look in ghost's eyes, the hate was always the same. Didn't matter what ghost or spirit it was. The hate was something Dean knew of.

"Back off hell bitch, your not going anywhere close to my brother!"

Sam's chins blushed as he thought that Dean was talking to the girl and not the ghost.

It just snarled at Dean and held its prize tight. It was a face of someone tormented; this was not the same ghost they had encountered in the diner. Something had changed. Dean knew what. Sam had to go and fall for the wrong girl.

"Typical. Sam stay behind me, this son of a bitch wants to hurt you. Looks like the little bitch don't wanna share."

Dean's grin was without humor, this was business and he was already for work. Bobby stood behind the ghost ready to fire rocksalt at the face if the asshole did anything wrong.

As Emma let go of Porter, she looked concerned at the boys and then at her weird little family. She knew by instinct that this was not going to work. Two Alfa males in her life would be complicated, but when both of them wanted her in one way. This would be more fatal than titanic if they went off in public. Though for some reason Sam didn't strike her as being the boss of his group, he acted like it when she was around. She knew he would protect her, but so would Porter, and he had been there for centuries.

She knew that no matter what she could trust Porter to keep her safe, and sane. And for that matter keep her free. She shrugged as she recalled past dormant memories. His hands on the blade as he severed her head from her body came vivid in different ages and sceneries.

"We need to get a copy of that book, boys, so stay focused. Sam, go search the internet for it. Don't leave any stone unturned. Dean your top gun, make sure we're safe for tonight, book a room for us, so it wont look like we're all in here all night."

"Uh, you're gonna stay here with me all night?"

"Is that a problem?"

"I don't wanna cause you guys trouble, but I got someone after me and he ain't nice. I'm sure you can handle yourselves but this guy is just a bit out of the ordinary."

"We know you have a demon after you, we just don't know much more, like who the demon is. Do you know his name?"

"No, I… I don't think so, do we?"

The ghost looks at her as he slowly shakes his head no. But Sam knows that this ghosts knows who is after her. He is hiding the truth, but Sam won't pick a fight with him, not yet anyway. Sam sits down grabbing his laptop and started it, looking at Bobby.

"Whats the name of the book?"

"Protettore di anime, better known as Protector of Souls. It's about 1500 year old, so look at auctions and collectors."

As Bobby told Sam what to look for Dean noticed that Emma reacted to the title of the book.

"Mouse, do you know this book?"

She looked at him and nodded.

"I've got one copy, in one of my bags."

Bobby looked at her in disbelief. A copy of the book would help them understand what was going on. Sam looked at her duffle bags and grabbed the one filled with books. Opening it and looking for it. But it was nowhere to be found. Dean grabbed the duffle and noticed a side pocket where a very worn old red journal was kept. On the front of it was written in perfect letters, Protettore di anime.