What started out as a ordinary mission

Roxas's POV

"Well another mission with Axel" thought Roxas to himself as he and

Axel walked the streets of Twilight Town to go and find Heartless. "Well Roxas here we are, hey what you thinking about you look about a million miles away?" Roxas snapped out of

the trance he was in " Oh nothing Axel I just, can I ask you a question?" Axel looked at me as if I were trying to play a trick on him. "Well sure Axel fire away, but lets keep walking

okay?" I nodded still not knowing what he meant by "fire away", but anyway here we go. "Axel is it possible for Nobodies to a very strong emotion, you told me about it once it

started with an "L"?

Axel just smiled and shook his head "Love, Roxas who is it that you might feel Love for?" I got nervous all of a sudden I started to sweat "X-X" I knew I had to spit it out sometime

"XION" I turned red, I think Axel called it "blushing." Axel just stared at me with wide eyes and than smiled "Well, Roxas turn around" I turned around and saw Xion standing there

with a wide open mouth and eyes "Xion, I'm sorry I didn't mean-" all of a sudden she I think they called it kissed me. I saw Axel walk off and we stayed like that for a while until we

broke apart and hugged, to think this all started out as a ordinary mission.

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