I posted these a while ago, then deleted them, and now I'm reposting them again. :/ These are for drabbles that are longer than 100 words (thus aren't part of my Embers and Envelopes series.) So if these look familiar, they should. XD Cuz they are/were older... I might post some drabbles as well. :/ We'll see.




Things were never the same. With what happened, it was no surprise. I looked at her all the time now, and something about her was different. I couldn't say what it was, but I could just tell. It was as if she'd gotten broken somewhere along the way. Maybe Grimmjow was right when he told me that maybe something happened to her 'inside'.

After a while, I started thinking that it was her heart that had taken away. Possibly broken. I knew this all because her smiles weren't there anymore.

Her eyes shone, but they didn't show emotion.

Her hair glistened in the sun, but it had a weak, flimsy look to it. It no longer curved around her porcelain cheeks, and flowed down her shoulders and back, like water.

Her skin was untouchable. I was afraid if I reached out to grab her, she'd shatter into a million pieces. Just like her heart.

But, in my eyes, this didn't make her look any less heavenly.

Broken things are beautiful, I always thought bitterly. I despised myself for thinking such a thing. Instead of just gazing at her shattered form, why wasn't I trying to fix it? I'd be able to see her radiating smiles all the time, which gave me relief in my heart.


"Inoue, where is you heart?" I asked her quietly. She just looked at me with expressionless eyes and a small, forced smile on her face.

"I left it with the one I love…" She explained weakly, her gaze returning to the floor.

"And who's that?" I inquired. I'd definitely beat up the bastard who took her heart away. All because of him, she never smiled. She never laughed. She never loved the same.

Her face fell once more and her pale cheeks now sported a faint shade of pink. She opened her mouth to speak, and silently spoke her answer.