That was it, once she'd said it there was no going back, for either of them. Her sentence still rang in his ears:

"Take me right here, right now…there are no burritos laying around to pull my focus…"

It had done it for him. Rex had been so swift as to pull her close to his own body, kissing Bree deeply, he claimed her lips to his own. Rex moved his wife back against the counter, moving his lips further down, towards her neck, he knew that spot always got her when he wanted her to be aroused. He knew her too well to let her go.

"Oh God, Rex…" Bree moaned, her voice was heavy and she was constantly sighing whenever Rex paid such attention to her body as he was doing so now. She couldn't believe Rex had turned her away and denied her love before at the motel room yet now, he was making up for it, for definite. This was intense, it was amazing.

"Where baby?" he asked her slowly, still paying attention to her neck, ravishing her breasts through that sweater she wore.

"Table? Counter…?" she said breathlessly.

"Since we're here…lets go with counter"

Bree nodded and with the help of Rex, she made it onto the counter as he pulled off her sweater, peppering kisses over her collarbone before he made his hand snake around to remove her bra.

"Rex…!" the redhead moaned as she felt the clasp ping open.

Rex pulled her close to the edge of the counter before pulling off her trousers and panties in one go. He was definitely eager Bree noticed. She couldn't deny Rex of not wanting to consume their love, he was there and willing, and he was extremely ready, she blushed as she saw his erection bulging.

The two engaged in the most passionate bout of lovemaking for quite a while, they released together and kissed tenderly as they basked in the glow of the aftermath of their lovemaking, it was most tender, yet angry, passionate and intense.

The redhead finally found her breath just before Rex pulled out of her core, "Baby, please never leave this house again, not after that. I love you…I'd do anything for you" she whispered to him.

Rex nodded and smiled softly, "I love you too Bree, I'm sorry. I really am, forgive me?"

"I just did…" she smiled and kissed him lovingly.