a short kakeru yuki sence :D and dont worry im still working on hiro's long sad vist to shigure's house it will take a while though Dx writer's block and i want more reveiws on the two chapters

It was an early afternoon at school and yuki was hopeing he wouldn't run into Kakeru.

But it was too late for that wish. PRESIDENT YUN-YUUUUUUUUN~! Kakeru caught up with him and tugged on his shirt sleeve. Yuki groaned and asked what is it kakeru? Yuki was slightly getting mad. You left your pencil in your last class and I wanted to give it to you he smiled handing him the pencil.

A pencil? Yuki thought to himself sighing. Um thanks… your welcome princess Yun-Yun. He laughed slightly at him and yuki glared at him. Oh come on im just kidding. He laughed more ruffling yuki's hair. Nyaaa!

Yuki dint like his hair messed up sometimes. You're really an inserting guy yuki. Yuki blushed some. Ah there's the fun yuki I know he laughed again patting him on the shoulder. Yuki had hissed at him which was not normal for him being the rat. . . . Kakeru was speechless when he herd this which scared yuki

. Kakeru? He asked looking at him worriedly. Hahahahaha!! Kakeru was dyeing of his laughter at the hissing president. The famous yun-yun hissing! Hahahahha!! He fell over laughing until yuki was at a pouting rage at him. He stood up and pated yuki on his shoulder again. It's okay I won't tell anyone of your hissing rage. The class bell rung and the two spilt up into the there classes