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Chapter 2

The autumn night was a warm one with a gentle breeze that passed every so often. The stars that would've shined bright were blocked by the city lights in which surrounded the flat house that Maria now called home.

She sat beside her fragile grandmother on the edge of the porch, letting her legs dangle off the edge while her grandmother kept her short legs folded beneath her tiny body. Despite the fact that they hadn't spent time together in years, both sat side by side enjoying the evening together neither feeling a stranger to one another.

"Maria, sweetie, stay away from the kitchen," her grandmother remarked with a humorous tone, but all seriousness at the same time.

That made Maria laugh, "It wasn't that burnt."

She didn't quite understand what led her to the kitchen and how she even ended up attempting to bake a cake, knowing for a fact that she could not cook to save her life. Well that's what she told herself when she realized that she'd forgotten to add the baking powder and nearly set the cake on fire. She bit down on her lip knowing she couldn't lie to herself. She knew deep down why. She needed to distract herself.

"Guess I'm going to have to teach you how to cook." She spoke while sipping her tea.

"Good luck with that grandma…"

"Gran'ma!!" Shou's voice called out from inside disrupting their conversation.

Both shifted in their spots and turned to see Shou slide the door open and file out, carrying a plate in his hands with a black blob right in the center, "What in da world is this?"

"It was supposed to be a chocolate cake," she answered him as he took his spot next to her. They were close, that Maria could see. His smile that he had on when he spoke made her notice the pride he carried. The way he talked was distinct almost like a delinquent but she knew better than to he was one. He was far to kind to be one.

The dim light that flowed from the half closed door was enough to show her how handsome he was. He was dressed in simple sweats and a white t-shirt that outlined his nicely toned body. His spiky white hair looked red like fire due to the orange light.

'Well of course they're close grandma practically raised him…' she thought to herself averting her attention back to the dark sky trying to find a few stars through the city lights.

And just like that she fell deep in thought like she usually did when becoming a third wheel or when left alone. Nothing was distracting her from how much she missed her dad, her old room, and Hiroto. She bit her lip.
"A cake?! Since when did ya suck at makin' a cake?!" he exclaimed sniffing it as if to the smell would confirm that it was a cake. Obviously it didn't. He made a funny face and placed it far away from him, "Not even the birds will eat this gran'ma!"

She chuckled a weak laugh and gave him a smile, "Ho, ho, ho…I didn't make it, Maria did."


"Hm??" was her reply evidently not paying attention to what they were talking about. She glanced over to them questioning them with her eyes.

"Ya should stay away from da kitchen. Leave the cookin' ta gran'ma," he teased his big grin revealing his teeth yet again.

A blush broke out across her face in slight embarrassment. She hoped the dim light that poured out from the door wasn't enough to reveal her blush.

"You two are horrible," she whined somewhat childishly and got up to her feet with a sigh. To many things were running through her head.

"I'm going to go to sleep. See you in the morning grandma, Shou-san."

With that she walked into the house while faintly hearing Shou's voice through the closed door, "I was just messin' with ya!"

She smiled a little.


The students snuck peeks at her as she entered the classroom. It wasn't a matter of attractiveness or looks but rather she was still a stranger to them. Not knowing the unknown always justified the right to stare.

"Take a picture it lasts longer," she mumbled to herself as she took a seat in the same desk she sat in yesterday. Her ears twitched a bit hearing a snicker escape the girl beside her. She'd seen her yesterday chatting with Shou and some of the other people in class.

"Hah. Good one. Name's Naomi."

Maria smiled glad to have someone finally talk to her instead of stare holes into her face, "I'm Maria nice to meet you."


Both girls turned to face a rather short girl with a thin frame. She had light hazel brown eyes and her short hair was layered and blow dried outward. She was pretty, no one could deny that. She gave Maria a quick smile before facing Naomi, apparently having something of importance to discuss.

"Hey Mari-san, what's up?" Naomi spoke coolly, not giving much attention to her as she began rampaging through her big hand bag that carried all her school supplies.

"Have you seen Shou-kun?"

Naomi shook her head, her long hair swaying at her movement, "He's probably just late, like usual."

Mari nodded glancing over to the door anxiously awaiting for her boyfriend to arrive, "Yeah. You know how he is. Always late."

"Something wrong?" Naomi asked pulling out her notebook while Maria quietly listened.

"Well…he just didn't text me yesterday so I'm just bit worried. Me and him always talk despite seeing each other at school…"

She watched Naomi nod her head noticing the fact that she was trying hard to look like she cared about what Mari was ranting about.

"He probably just over slept. He'll be here in another hour at most."

Mari nodded, "Yea k, well I'm gonna go see Shiina."

"…It's like I wasn't even here," Maria piped up once Mari walked away, "Am I really as invisible as my dad says I am?"

"Heh…no Mari-san is always like that. If she has something on her mind she becomes oblivious to everything a round her."

"Oh, guessing she's Shou's girlfriend."

Naomi nodded a small snicker escaping her, "Good guess. Wonder what gave it away…It's kind of annoying though. She's infatuated with the guy."

"Naomi-chan~ Morning!" Riyazaki almost sang as he stood before the two girls with bright smile. His light brown hair hugged his face while his bangs were swished to the side revealing his dark brown eyes, "Sup new girl?"

Maria stared at the guy with her brows raised a bit annoyed at the fact that for the passed few days all her conversations with anybody would be disrupted by someone else. With a sigh she spoke with a calm voice, "I have a name. Please use it. Maria Hayashi."

Riyazaki taken aback by her blunt comment blushed, "Right where are my manners?" he rubbed the back of his neck feeling like an idiot, "I'm Riyazaki."

"Nice to meet you." Polite. Just like her father raised her to be.

"Watch out for this guy Maria-san, he's a womanizer," Naomi bluntly stated while opening to her homework she'd done the previous night.

Maria blinked in surprise, "Really?"

"I am not!" he exclaimed defensively, "I only had two girlfriends at once-Once!"

"Still more than one you player."

"Stop degrading me in front of Maria-san!!" he frowned, "I ain't shallow."

"I never said you were."

Maria laughed a little and spoke in a taunting matter, "I shall take it to heart. Thanks Naomi-san."

Her laugh was like tinker bells, "Your very welcome."

"You are so mean Naomi-chan," he cried at her evil actions, "Must you torture me in this way?"

She simply winked at him, "Pay back for two timing me."

"I've already told you, I was not with her!!"

"He's a good liar too, careful Maria-san."


"Good morning class. Please take your seats. And yes that includes you too Riyazaki," the teacher remarked as he placed his books onto the teacher's desk.

He bit his lip and balled his hands obviously upset that he couldn't continue the conversation.

"Did he really cheat on you?" Maria asked curiously after a minute.

"Yup, saw him make out with the bitch too," she replied in a monotone voice, unfazed by the memories, "Confronted him in front of the entire class and dumped his sorry ass. No girl would date him after that. The idiot messed with the wrong chick."

"Naomi, attention please."

"Sorry sir."

He gave her a nod and pushed back his slipping glasses while he paced back and forth right before the students, "Now before we start class I am going to pass out your last exam you took," he paused a moment to fix his slipping glasses again, "I must say I am very disappointed by these grades. But of course their were some who nevertheless exceeded my expectations. Naomi, Katsuragi, good job. You both got the highest marks yet again."

Maria raised a brow impressed, "Oh wow. Aren't you the smart one."

"Nah, not really. I'm only good in literature and biology. Katsuragi on the other hand excels in everything. He's the real genius, and might I add the only decent looking guy in this class apart from Riyazaki and Shou."

"Who is he?" Interest in her voice. She raised her head and glanced around the class shamelessly. It's not like she was as shy as she was when she was younger. 'Don't let fear hold you back.' That's what her father always told her. He believed shyness was another kind of fear. He was right though. Just another simple form of being scared.

And fear was a sign of weakness. A flaw that would just cause people to take advantage of her.

"He's sitting beside Yuuta-chan. She's the one with glasses."

There he was. The boy known as Katsuragi, sitting a row away from her taking his exam from the teacher. He had dark brown hair styled in the same way Riyazaka's hair was done only this young man's bangs shaded over his over his eyes making it a bit difficult to see that they were a hazel green. His skin was pale with barely any color in it and he had tired circles beneath his eyes. Nonetheless he was in fact handsome.

"SORRY I'M LATE TEACH!!" none other than Shou exclaimed as he rushed through the door panting.

"And the idiot arrives," muttered Naomi with a small grin, not even looking over her shoulder to acknowledge the spiky haired teen. Mari who sat neat the back could be heard giggling at the sight of her boyfriend. Maria's smile slowly turned to a frown. She went back to doing the warm up that the teacher had written on the board. Why did she have such an ominous feeling?


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