This fic is based on an alternate reality of the Bella+ Edward story.
I got the idea from the song "Drug Dealer Girl" by Mike Posner:)

Drug Dealer Girl
Chapter One

" I'm so sick of this shit. What did I do to have you turn out like this?" Renee screamed.

I didn't have time to get my opinion in before she went off again.
"I've given you everything. Phil has bought you anything you wanted.
And you continue to lie and do drugs."

I still didn't get her crap. Pot isn't that bad I mean you can't get physically addicted. I mean Phil had bought me everything. But that's what happens when you try to buy someone off with gifts.

When I was twelve my mother started dating Phil. Her attention went straight to him. He tried to play with me and well that epically failed. But he quickly accepted the way to my heart was material things.

That shopping high kept me happy until well about 15. As a freshman you make friends with seniors and start partying. It started small Snus, and mikes hard. Sophomore year... well I learned how to drink like a sailor and smoke like a hippie.

At first it was a rarity then once a month and by the time summer
rolled around I was rolling one at least once a week.

Then at the end of sophomore year; Robby my dealer graduated. There were other dealers but I trusted him and well knew it was safe. I seriously considered completely quitting.

Two weeks into the summer; Robby called. "hey babe, you want the hook-

Not a bad thing extra cash flow would probably make my habit worse but yeah I did want that hook-up.

The beginning of junior year I was "the" dealer at the high school.
Then Renee found out. She found one of my stashes in my room during school. That's what sparked this conversation.

"I'm done Bella. You're going to go live with Charlie. Permanently."

I knew this was coming. Bring it.

"Oh and in Forks too. Not a permanent vacation in California."

I rolled over and buried my face on my pillow. Screw this.

The next morning I was driving to the airport in the back of MY chevy tahoe. We walked into the airport and up to the Delta desk.

"I need one ticket to Seattle with a connection to Port Angeles."
Phil's voice was low and a baseball hat was over his eyes. Renee couldn't even bare to come.

"We can get you there by tonight with a quick stop on Las Vegas too."
the flight attendant clicked at the keyboard.


" can I see some ID?" the flight attendant asked

I pulled out my wallet and threw my license on the counter. Phil pulled off his hat and laid his down next to it.

"Oh gosh. Your the baseball coach aren't you. I'm a big fan." the flight attendant hurried to process the order.

"ma'am do you allow large dogs on your flight?" Phil smilied begging.

"No. But I can see if an exception can be made."

The flight attendant took forever called like six people.

She leaned over the counter and in a hushed whisper she said "okay it'll work but you have to wait for the flight at noon straight to
Seattle and you'll need another seat."

Phil pulled put his cards and charged another seat as I ran out to the tahoe.

I yanked open the door to the backseat and grabbed the pink leather leash with fake diamond studs.

I turned back to the airport as my great Pyrenees jumped from the backseat. I walked back in with Mocha and waited behind Phil.

The man out front had finally brought in my suitcases.

"Will you be checking any bags?"

"Bella how many bags??"

" Just nine."

Phil's eyebrow shot up as the attendant started speaking again, " you're first two are free but there is a fifty dollar charged per bag.
So that will be $250.

His credit card got swiped for the third time. He lifted all my Louis Vuitton luggage on to the scale.

His card was pushed into my hand. "Keep it but only for necessities."

I held the card in my hand and glanced at the front. Visa. Black. The unlimited one... I could totally have fun with that if need be.

"What about my cars?" There was no way I was driving Charlie's crappy truck or the police cruiser.

"You have your choice of two. They'll be overnighted and in Forks at eight tomorrow."

"I want my Tahoe and I want my Aston Martin V12 Vantage and the MINI if it's not too much trouble."

"Bella. Renee said only two. I'll try but she's pissed. I think she's overreacting but that's Renee. I smoked in college. But maybe it would be good for you."

I think Phil was actually trying to help.

I said goodbye and walked over to security with Mocha's leash twirled in my fist.

As I reached security the lady checking tickets backed away when I approached. With her weary eye trained on Mocha I guess she was a little scared. I mean Mocha's a big girl. She weights like 130 pounds.

I proceeded into the frequent traveler section and bypassed the whole line of whiny children going to Disney.

There was still a line of people so I pulled out the clear blue skip card from my wallet. I flashed it in the passing security guards face.
He opened the line and sent me to another one. I put my BillaBong spraypainted leopard print backpack on the belt and pulled out my laptop sleeve. I pulled off Mocha's collar and placed it on the belt.

"Sit Mocha. Stayyyyy. Good Girl." I walked through the metal detector as the CSA guy waved me through. I called Mocha and she quickly trotted through the detector.

I grabbed our stuff and went into terminal A. I was like three gates from mine when I walked into a small gift shop. I grabbed a Vogue Magazine, a Coke, a water and a People Magazine.

There was only an hour until my flight left so I went and sat down in a blue seat. I pulled out my iPod and skullcandy headphones. I listened to random shuffled music and a half hour seemed to fly by.

I boarded the plane and flopped down in the last row of first class.
Mocha popped over the aisle seat and sat next to the window.

I put my head phones in again and listened until a flight attendant started tapping on my shoulder.

"Miss that needs to be stored for take off."

Airplane laws are so stupid there's no way my iPod is really going to make the airplane crash.

The rest of my flight and my connections went relatively simply.

On my flight to Seattle I was seated next to a college age looking kid. I smiled as we exchanged formalities. His name was Brad. I settled next to Mocha and continued my small talk conversation. He shifted and pulled his coat off his arms.

I started gapping. Not just at the size and muscular definition of his biceps but also of the glossy frayed burn scares from his forearm to his shoulder.

"Want to know where I got the scars?" His easy tone made it seem something simple not horrific. I merely nodded.

"Well basically I fell into a bonfire. Because I was so wasted."

I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I mean who falls in a fire because they are drunk.

"it's okay you can laugh its funny now but it wasn't that funny when it happened."

Our conversation got more and more personal as we neared Seattle. Brad was a really cool guy. He put his number in my phone and told me to call of text when ever or if I was ever in Seattle where he goes to college.

My last plane just landed in Port Angeles. Time to face Charlie..... Great.

AN: Hope you like it:) it's kinda boring but it will get more
interesting. Edward and Jacob soon to come:)