As we raced down the freeway I relaxed even more. The silence in the car wasn't awkward, every time I glanced over Edward was focused on the road with a cocky lopsided smile. We had been driving for barely 20 minutes but I knew we were already half of the way to Port Angeles.

"Do you smoke?" Edward broke the silence with a question.

Shit. Some guys flip a shit over stupid shit like this. Oh hell, what do I care.

"Yeah, why?"

"Just curious. Do you care?" at that moment Edward pulled a pack of Marlboro's out of his center console.

"Go for it." oh shit. I thought he meant weed, I don't smoke cigarettes their just too boring.

"You want one?" he offered after slipping the thin stick in between his way to perfect lips.

"No thanks."

"You don't really smoke do you?" he glanced over at me, his eyes suddenly hardened.

"I don't smoke cigarettes." I wasn't fucking playing mind games with Edward. I know he was pretty fucking hot but god damn I wasn't some stupid bimbo that was going to do whatever he wanted me too.

"Cigars?" he glanced over not really believing that either

"Pot" I laughed as the unlit cigarette didn't light on the first try. Edward became a little flustered but did a pretty good at trying to stop it from being obvious.

"Do you drink?" he seemed satisfied with the answer to his first inquiry.

"I can drink a ship of sailors under the fucking table." that was something I was completely confident about.

"Sure you can." he smiled that fucking crocked smile.

"I can, I promise." I knew with his ego this was about to turn into a challenge.

"Do you do other drugs?"

"Rhinocort for my allergies ad seasonique for birth control." Smug ass, well now I'm being the pretentious one but what the he'll. Edward needs some of Edwards medicine.

"I meant other illegal drugs, but thanks for the information." he smiled and slipped his hand off the shifter to my knee. Then as we increasingly sped down the 101, his hand seemed to slowly gravitate up my thigh, until I reached the hem of my already short dress. While I started to get mildly excited, his hand stopped resting his fingers on the hem.

"I'll do ecstasy occasionally, at raves and parties but nothing harder."

"Oh" Edward just kept driving not showing any emotion on his facial expression.

"What with the twenty questions?"

"Did you really get arrested for solicitation?" he didn't freaking answer my question instead asked me another.

"I told you, only in your dreams." I giggled as his hand started to go further under my dress but just kneading the tops of my thighs staying away from anything to exciting.

"Are you a virgin Ms. Bella?" the twinkle returned to his eye and smiled at me just in time to fly by a cop hidden behind the massive vegetation of Washington.

I saw the lights turn on in the rear view mirror as Edward started cussing and grabbed the steering wheel with so much force if this were a small Japanese car the wheel might have broken off. My skin felt suddenly felt cold with the loss of his touch.

The cop walked up to the window, when he was at the rear bumper I saw a badge I had become all too familiar with throughout my years with Charlie.

"Edward, let me handle this."

"What?" he hissed his response

"Don't talk much, let me handle this." my tone was more demanding than I had ever used with him and I knew he was a bit taken aback.


The cop came and knocked on the window, a flash light was in his hand. Edward rolled the window down.

"Mr. Cullen I see you have again decided that traffic laws don't really seem to apply. Care to share your elaborate tale as to why with me?"


"Really Mr. Cullen?" the cop looked kind of taken aback. He leaned over to look into the car with his flash light and as the light shined over my thighs I heard his breath come to a slight almost inaudible shutter.

"Isabella Swan?"

"Yes." I retorted and started and the hunched over man next to the driver's side window.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school?"

"Probably, I wasn't feeling well though, and Edward was kind enough to drive me to the hospital. But I'm sure Charlie would just be thrilled if you punished poor Mr. Cullen for trying to help me along with dragging me back to the station."

"Isabella, Does Charlie know you're sick?" My plan was just starting to work, I was now the center of what was happening not Edwards minor traffic violation.

"No, I decided to go to the hospital on my own." the cop looked pensive for a minute then turned to Edward

"Why did you not take her to Dr. Cullen, Edward?" I was thinking about something smart to say when Edward answered,

"Dr. Cullen was busy in surgery, so I decided it was best to take Bella to a colleague of Carlisle's" I had to admit though the kid really did have a talent for lying.

"Well, get Isabella to the hospital, and Isabella call Charlie he should know." the cop took on a fatherly role, and waved us off.

Edward took off in the car before rolling up the window.

"Holy hell Bella. That was close." he set his hand back down on my thigh

I laughed in response, "How many speeding tickets have you gotten?"

"I thought I was the one asking questions." he shot me a cocky half smile

"I don't think I ever agreed to that." I set my hand down on his and at that moment I felt the deep heat from his hand sink into my leg.

"I don't think I ever gave you the option." and with that Edward got off the highway and turned sharply around a left turn while keeping his complete focus on me.

"Fuck you" I said with a little laugh.

"Anytime Bella, anytime."