Chapter one- Coming Home

Cullen family- Isabella Cullen 21,. Carslie Cullen 49 Edward Cullen 25

McCarthy Family- Esme McCarthy 46. Emmett McCarthy 22 . Alice McCarthy 21 She is engage to Jasper Hale 23. .

Summary- Isabella Cullen never fit in with her Family. She always hide who she really was, afraid they wouldn't approve of her. When she meets her new step family they tech her to not be ashamed of who she Is. Emmett McCarthy, Bella's new step brother discovers they have a lot in common. He Instantly feels the need to protect her and to make her strong. Throw his kindness and adult humor Bella starts to have unwelcome feeling his for her new step brother. What will happen?

Author's Note- please view so I know if you guys want the rest of the story!!!! Love you all

I hated having to be home for summer vacation. I never felt like my self around My dad and Brother. They never did understand me. My dad says I don't take life serious enough. I say live each day like its your last. My oldest brother Edward is a resident at the same hospital my dad works at. Edward is the a bigger pain in my ass then my dad. He is always trying to persuade me to switch Majors and become a doctor. Fat chance that will ever happen. I hated seeing blood. I get disgusted being around sick people, no way could I be a fucking doctor. When I'm Around them im a whole other person, I can't stand myself when im around them. I hate that I feel like im constantly being judged when ever I'm in the same room as them. Three fucking months of being fake, thank god this is the last time because once I graduate I'm Moving to LA were I can be myself and not give a fuck. Besides im already a Jr Image consultant. Really im just an Assistant To a Real Image consultant. I'll make it though I know I will. Daddy thinks it's a waste of time but I love it. Well get more into that later right now I have to put my game face on and get though the toughest part of this trip, Seeing dad and talking about grades and crap. Wish me luck.

"Dad I'm home!" I called from the front door, Dragging my suite cases with me. I didn't hear a response so he must not be in this part of the house. I started to drag my suite cases up the long windy stairs that I used to love playing on as a kid. Half way up I ran into my brother.

"Isabella you could have made more then one trip then practically ruining the stairs carpet." Edward said reaching for the big suite case.

"Nice to see you to brother" I followed him up the stairs, and into my old room. I missed my room. My dorm room was the size of my closest. Once we set my things down Edward turned to me.

"So what no hug from my favorite little sister?" He said opening his arms. I smirked and gave him a hug. He squeezed the hell out of me." I've missed you. When are you coming to see the new house?" Edward had just moved from his apartment to a house not to long ago. I don't see why he needed a house. It's just him.

"Maybe tomorrow. I missed you to." ok I'll admit, as much as he gets on my nerves I love him to death. I know he is only looking out for me. "What are you doing here anyway? Were is dad?" I asked flopping down on my bug bed.

"Dad is at the hospital still. He wants us to meet him at dinner. There are some people he would like for you to meet." Edward said sitting on my bed. I sat up, looking at him confused.

What kind of people?"

"Just some people, go get ready ok?" Edward said getting up to leave. I rolled my eyes. It was a long drive home from U.S.C That was another issue we had. My dad wanted me to go to Dartmouth. I got in but really what was I going to go to school there for. I already knew what I wanted to do and it didn't have anything to do with Medical. Anyway I got ready, by the time I was done I was starving. I wore my black leggings with my black boots and my black/ grey Striped Mimi dress. I went down stairs to find Edward talking on his phone with someone. He quickly hung up when he seen me.

"You ready princess?" he asked grabbing his jacket. Princess was something my dad has called me from the day I was born.

"yea I'm ready. Who were you talking to?" I asked as we walked over to the garaged.

"Don't worry about it nosy!" Edward hissed and kept walking. We got into his car and drove to the restaurant dad wanted us to meet him at.

"So Bella, how are your grades looking this year?" Edward asked eyeing me from the corner of his eye. I rolled my eyes.

"I think they were pretty good, How about yours?" I already knew the answer to that one, but I asked anyway trying to keep the conversation off me.

"straight A's. Hey did you get that Email I sent you about that medical program at UCLA?" He just had to throw that in. Why couldn't they just accept that I was not going to medical school.

"Yes Edward I got it, and no I'm not changing my Major. I'm already a senior" I was annoyed already, but Edward being himself pressed on.

"Bells come on, An Image consultant isn't really a career!" He said with a hint of a laugh behind it. What he seemed to keep forgetting is When I get to were I want to get I could no I will be making twice as much as him.

"Edward I just got here, I don't want to have this conversation for the millionth time." I was looking out my window wishing I was any were but here.

"Bella we just want you to have a good life and not have to worry about anything, I mean you don't even work right now, and what ever it is that your always to busy to talk on the phone with your own family your doing for free!" His tone was insulting.

"Edward I have to intern to get a good letter of recommendation, it will all pay off in the end, Now please drop it!" This time I gave him an attitude. I refused to look at him. He let out a loud sigh and changed the subject.

"Ok fine, What about your boyfriend? Are we going to meet him anytime soon? What is his major?" As soon as he asked I regretted ever mentioning that I was dating someone.

"I don't know yet, and he is a business major." I knew he would be satisfied with that answer. I wouldn't dare tell him he was a business major so he could open up his own tattoo shop. I was pretty sure when Edward and my dad met him they would both drop dead from heart attacks. Tyler was covered in tattoos. From his shoulders down to his wrist. Plus his back and a few other places. He was so fucking sexy.

"well you should think about letting us meet him. Maybe one day we can drive up to see him." Edward sounded hopeful

"yeah Edward that would be ok I guess." I said as we pulled up to the restaurant. I knew there was a fat chance I would let them meet but for arguments sake I agreed with him. We walked in Edward went up to the Hostess.

"Cullen table for seven?" Edward looked back at me and smiled.

"seven?" I questioned him. He nodded.

"Mr. Cullen your party Is waiting for you right through here." The hostess showed us the table. Dad was there with Five other people. The first guy I noticed was big, but not fat. He looked like he kept in shape. He was wearing a black button down shirt. He had his arms locked behind his head laughing. Then there was a girl who looked like a pixy. She was tiny. Her hair was short but it matched her face structure. Then a guy who sat next to her. He had honey blonde hair, he looked nice, He was the first to notice us walk in. He had a White button down dress shirt on, Then there was a woman sitting next to my dad. Her hair feel around her face almost in a heart shape. Her smile was very warm, and welcoming. Dad saw us and stood up.

"Isabella, Princess, I'm so glad to see you. I have missed you so much." He wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. I saw the big guy whisper something to the pixy girl. She snickered then smacked him.

"Im glad to see you to dad." I said pulling back from him. I took my seat in between Edward and My dad.

"Isabella honey, I want you to meet Esme and her children." I looked over to Esme, the woman sitting on the other side of my dad. After I said hi he continued introducing me to the rest of the group. "This is Emmett, Esme's oldest. He is 22." He smiled at me and wiggled his eyebrows. I laughed and said hi to him. " Alice is your age 21 and this is her fiancé Jasper" I said hello to them.

"Oh Bella were going to be just like real sisters I could already tell!" She blurted out and clapped her hands. I smiled at her confused.

"Honey she doesn't know yet!" Esme said in a low voice but not low enough for me not to hear. "know what?" I asked looking at my dad. He cleared his throat.

"Sweetie I want you to know, I was going to tell you sooner but I didn't want to do it over the phone." I pulled my eyebrows together still confused." I have been seeing Esme for a few months and we have decided to get married!" He said putting a hand on my shoulder and giving me a pleading look not to make a scene. Witch I was planning on doing, but Edward grabbed my arm and squeezed it. I looked around Everyone waiting for my reaction.

"That's great dad, when is the wedding?" I tried my hardest to sound happy for him.

"three weeks!" Esme said with a loving tone. "Isabella I know we just meet but it would mean the world to me and your father if you would be a bridesmaid." She had to fucking ask. How was I supposed to say no to that.

"I would love to." I said in a excited voice. God I felt so fake. How the hell was he going to get married, He just started to date this woman. I was so confused on the whole situation. He never mentioned her before. I felt left out of it. Everyone knew each other except for me. Edward sat there talking to them like they were all best friends. I didn't say to much during dinner. Edward and dad were used to me being quite around them anyway, so they didn't notice.. I couldn't take it anymore, the check was about to come anyway so I excused myself. I went out side and sat on the bench, Taken my phone out of my purse. Tyler had been calling since I got in the car with Edward. I called him back.

"Hey babe im sorry I was at dinner with my dad and brother!" I knew he was pissed. I could tell by how he answered.

"You couldn't just pick up and say hey im fucking alive?" His voice was hard and serious.

"Don't give me that shit Tyler. I already told you how they are, Plus they just dropped a bomb on me. My dad is getting married." I was hoping he would lighten up and talk to me about it.

"You fucking should have called me to let me know you were there instead of having me here wondering were the fuck you are!" He yelled at me through the phone.

"you know what I'm not going to deal with your shit right now, I have family shit to deal with quite crying like a fucking baby already. Call me when your down pouting!" I said before hanging up and tossing my phone in my purse

"Do you kiss your dad with that mouth?" I jumped from the sound of the deep voice behind me. I turned around Emmett stood there laughing a booming laugh.

"don't you know its not nice to ease drop?" I snapped still startled from him scaring me.

"Don't worry princess I wont tell daddy. I knew your style was to sexy for you to be as quite as you were. I thought my new step sister was going to be like Your nerdy brother! No offence." he said taking a hit from his cigarette. "I mean he is a nice guy but fuck he has no life, dose he ever talk about anything other then work and school?" I tried to stay serious but it was true.

"Yeah he dose, he talks to me about my school and why I need a job that actually pays, even tho im doing exactly what I need to be doing. It gets old" I said looking away from Emmett.

"Sounds like that sucks for you princess, So I'm guessing my room is next to yours?" He said with a knowing smile, He knew I didn't know they fucking lived at the house.

"excuse me?" I asked hoping I herd wrong.

" well im home for the summer like you. Alice and Jasper have an apartment but not extra room for me. Mom lives with your pops. They gave me a room next to a huge girly room. Im guessing it's yours?" he laughed again throwing the cigarette to the side. I sighed.

"I guess" I said secretly hoping he did. He seemed fun and I wanted to have some fun this summer. This was my last summer ill problly ever have off. Everyone walked outside and we went our separate ways. When we got to the house. We pulled up and There was a monster Jeep next to my BMW.

"That's Emmett's car." Edward answered my unasked question. I said good night to Edward and got out the car. I went inside and into the Living room. Emmett sat there with his feet up on the couch laughing at the TV.

" there not home yet, they went to go get desert, they should be back soon." I laughed.

"I don't care were there at. I don't even care if they come home. Dad has my grades and I'm sure im going to get THE TALK" I said in a sarcastic tone Taking my boots off and sitting on the other couch.

"your so funny Bella, I think Im going to like having you around. Your dad thinks your this little perfect princess, when really you're not so innocent are you?" I could tell he wasn't really asking, he was stating a fact.

"It's not worth the argument's with them." I tried to defend myself.

"How do you expect them to ever accept you for you if you don't show yourself. Why do you think my mom doesn't give me crap? Because im me no matter who is in the room." He said not even looking at me. I glared at him, then grabbed my things.

"you don't fucking know me so don't fucking judge me. You known me for two dam hours don't act like you have me all figured out" I let my words fallout coated with venom. He didn't say anything as I walked away and went to my room. I got changed and went straight to bed. I put my head phones on and eventually feel asleep.