Authors Note: I thought I'd give a Gilmore Girls story a shot. This story came to me from The Script's song "That's my home" (The Script are amazing. You should listen to them. If you haven't heard of them you don't know what your missing out on)
I absolutely love Rogan. It was the best thing Gilmore Girls ever did with the show. Better than Dean and Rory. Or Jess and Rory. I even had my own little scenario of what was going to happen if the Gilmore Girls movie ever was going to come out
Anyway I hope that you like this story. Oh and this is a different twist to the whole Logan-moving-away-to-work-in-London thing. I'm just doing something different. If you think that I could...leave it in your reviews. And as my Harry Potter and Twilight fanfic readers already know...REVIEW!!!

Rory unlocked the door to her and her boyfriend Logan's apartment after she had been studying all day in the Library with Paris. There was only 6 months left till she was out in the bit wide world.
No more school, no more homework, no more studying and no more teachers. Rory was dreading the up-coming months till graduation
As Rory came inside she went straight to the answering machine to see if anyone had left any messages. Nope. No messages. Not even from Logan.
She put her stuff down on the couch and made herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Her favourite.
Just as Rory was about to take a bite her new Blackberry phone began to vibrate on the table. She put her food down and looked at the caller ID: Logan. She smiled as she pressed the green button and answered it
"Hey Logan" said Rory with a big cheery smile on her face
"Hey Ace, how's it going?" said Logan
"I'm not bad. Hey listen...I know your coming home this weekend but I wanted to run something by you real quick..." started Rory
"Ace...I can't make it home this weekend" explained Logan who was sitting in his chair playing with a pen
Disappointment flooded Rory's face "Oh...well I guess...oh"
"Sorry Ace. I wish I was coming home but things are so busy at the office I can't get away"
"No it's fine. I completely understand. I have to study anyway" said Rory
"I have to go"
Rory hung up the phone and chucked it to the other side of the room where it came to rest before the TV. He was always doing this to her. Ever since he had left to go to London he was always blowing her off saying that he couldn't come home for the weekend saying he had business meeting and other functions he had to go to. It had been 3 months since she had last seen him face-to-face. She was beginning to think that this relationship was not going to work after all.

Authors Note: This was going to be a one-shot but I changed my mind. REVIEW!