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Chapter 3

Rory had just finished her English class and was walking back to her apartment because it was lunch time. She didn't feel like eating with any of her friends today, because she wanted to study for a big test she had on Friday and she hadn't prepared herself for it yet. It was the first time in ages that she hadn't studied the week before. She was blaming it on Logan.
Rory unlocked the door to her apartment with a coffee in her hand and went inside.
She was shocked to find out who was leaning on the kitchen bench with his cheeky little smile planted on his face. Logan of course.
"Hey Ace" said Logan coming over to her and giving her a hug.
Rory pulled away and walked away from him, ignoring him.
"Rory what's the matter?" asked Logan coming over to her
Rory ignored him
"Have I done something wrong?" asked Logan putting his hands on her shoulders
"Why are you here?" Rory asked
"I've quit. I've come to pay you a visit" said Logan smiling
"So your not staying then?" Rory asked sharply
"Rory...I quit my job with my father...I have another job with another company though but I have to leave in the next 24 hours" explained Logan
Rory turned around and yelled "See...this relationship won't work if you keep having to work. It's not fair on both of us Logan."
Logan was a bit taken-aback "We'll make it work, you'll see .We've done it before"
"Yeah but last time it was only a few months. It's an entire year this time and I don't think I can handle it without you by my side" said Rory trying not to cry "Your always travelling...and...I'm just a nothing"
"No...Rory you're not a nothing. You're amazing. Don't ever think that ever again" said Logan
"I can't get a job at any newspaper. The New York Times didn't want me because they said I was too good for their paper. The Wall Street Journal already had somebody and 2 other papers said they didn't need any more employees. I've worked 16 years of my life to be a newspaper writer and now they won't accept me. It's not fair" said Rory tears rolling down her face
"Hey..." said Logan coming over to hug her, but Rory pushed him away again
"And you're not helping me in any way at all. All you do is sit in that office of yours and do god know's what all day...and when you call it's only ever a 5 minute call because you have to go to business meetings and other things. You haven't come home in the last 3 months. I don't know why you ever came home in the first place"
"That's not true...our phone calls are longer than that"
No their have time to see Finn and the rest of your friends but not me. It's always them first before about me first then your stupid friends" yelled Rory before walking out the door and making her way to Paris' apartment...but not before she could see Logan come out of the apartment racing towards the elevator. But it had closed before he had got there.

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