Bleach: A Time to Remember

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Chapter 4

Start of Demon Arc

Hueco Mundo

Somewhere, in the stirring sands of this hell, in the darkest parts, where not even Vasto Lordes dwelled, something was there. It had been there since the creation of the plane itself. And now, it was hungry.

* *


Alarms were going off in the Department of Research and development. Mayuri Kurotsuchi walked into the room with his fukutaichou by his side.

"What is the meaning of this?!" he growled at one of his subordinates.

"There has been a large spike of reiatsu in the world of the living. Something is emerging."

"Is it an Espada?"

"No, sir. It's much larger than that."


* *

Karakura Town

Ichigo was in his Shinigami form and racing towards something. Something was giving off a peculiar and powerful reiatsu, and he knew it was dangerous. He found himself being followed by Senna, much to his complaint.

"Oh, get over it. You wanna get your butt handed to you again?" She had said.

Sadly enough, she was right. If this was anything like the Arrancar that had appeared yesterday, he would need all of the help he could get.

* *

A Garganta opened in the sky, and from it, an Arrancar plummeted from it. It was covered in a black and purple substance, like the darkness itself was eating away at its body. It was in a great amount of pain, but only one thing was on its mind.

To feed.

* *

Ichigo and Senna arrived at a large crater in the ground. It was still smoking.

"It can't be too far away." Ichigo said.

A scream broke out and they rushed in that direction. An Arrancar was chasing after a soul. It seemed to have the same reiatsu as the one from the other day, only this seemed...darker. While Senna took notice of this, Ichigo did not and charged in full force.

"Ichigo, wait!"

Ichigo pushed the soul out of the way before it got devoured, instead, he tried blocking by striking the Arrancar in the mask. That did not work. The Arrancar pushed forward, knocking Ichigo from his guard and began clawing at him. However, the red and white restraints Ichigo had seen earlier appeared and wrapped themselves around the Arrancar's arms and legs.

Senna then dropped down and released Mirokumaru.

"Leave this one to me, Ichigo."

She charged at the Arrancar, and was about to strike when it pulled one of its arms free and struck Senna.

"Senna!" Ichigo yelled. "That's it. Getsuga Tenshou!"

He fired the condensed burst of reiatsu at the Arrancar, but it merely brushed it off. Its' eyes glowed red behind its' mask and it drew its' Zampakuto. 'Shit.', Ichigo thought before he was hit with a massive wave of reiatsu, similar to his Tenshou, but deep blood red.

Ichigo was knocked back, shocked and stunned by the sudden attack, that was so much like his own in type, appearance, and power. However, he quickly recovered. When he got back, Senna was up again and fighting it off, but was clearly having difficulties.

'Where is everybody?' Ichigo thought. 'We can't have been the only two to feel this things presence.'

"Sit upon the frosted heavens!" a voice called out.

'Huh, right on cue.'


A flurry of ice and water struck the Arrancar sending it back against a hill.

Above them was 10th Division taichou, Toshirou Hitsugaya.

"What took you so long, Toshirou?!" Ichigo called up.

"It's Hitsugaya-taichou! And I got held up." Toshirou called back, annoyance in his voice.

"Yeah, yeah, how about you come help us before we get killed?!" He yelled back.

The Arrancar was up and jumped toward his attacker. Toshirou blocked the slashes from the Arrancars' claws and Zampakuto. 'There's something wrong here.' He thought. 'This Arrancar's movements, its' attack patterns, are nothing like any Arrancar's I've seen before. It's attacks are more primal, less accurate, much more like a standard Hollow.' He narrowly missed getting decapitated. 'What is this thing?'

The Arrancar was again, pushed to the ground. It gets up, and howls a long bellowing roar. The black and purple substance grows more and more, until it finally covers the Arrancar completely. Its' red eyes glow furiously as cracks form in its' mask.

'What the hell?' Ichigo thinks.

Finally, the howl stops, but the Arrancar seems frozen in that position. More and more cracks appear, then, the mask falls away.

'Oh God.' Toshirou thinks. "Ichigo! Get down!"


The Arrancar explodes.

* *

In the Seireitei, reiatsu levels spike drastically. The meters crack, and then explode, themselves. In Karakura Town, any person who had the slightest ability to detect reiatsu felt a sharp pain in their heads, causing a few people to go unconscious, and one person to unexpectedly drop dead. When the smoke clears, a large crater was where the battle took place.

Rubble moves and from it Ichigo emerges. He looks around at the destruction in horror.

'What could have possibly have caused that?' He thinks.

Toshirou and Senna emerge from their own rubble piles.

"You guys alright?" Ichigo asks.

"Yeah." Toshirou says.

"I'll live." Senna says.

"What the hell was that? I've never seen an Arrancar explode like that."

"That's because it wasn't an Arrancar." Toshirou says.

Ichigo looks at Toshirou like he grew a second head. "Then what was that we just fought?!" he yells. However, Toshirou doesn't answer. Instead, he looks toward the center of the explosion. Something is there.

The dust clears a bit more, and there, standing like nothing happened, was a small boy, dressed in all black. He has black hair and gray, ashen skin. His eyes matched the color of the red bow tie he was wearing. He had no chain on his chest, and Toshirou looked at him with complete horror.

The boy looked up at them with his bright red eyes and stared.

"Don't move." Toshirou whispered.

"What are you talking about, Toshirou? It's just a kid." Ichigo says.

"Ichigo, just listen to him." Senna says in the same low, whisper, with the same look of terror on her face.

Ichigo straightens out at this point. The boy begins walking slowly toward them. It disappears and reappears upside down right in front of Ichigo's face. Ichigo looks into the small boys red, glowing eyes, and sees something no human, alive or otherwise, should ever see, hear about, or describe to another human, no matter how much they hate them, and he, for the first time in his life, felt absolute true fear.

Then, the boy went back to the center of the crater, opened a Garganta, and disappeared inside of it.

Ichigo then fell unconscious.

* *

End of Chapter 4

* *

Author's Note: Hurray for creepiness! And no, I will not be telling you what he saw. I'm actually a good human being, despite what some of my friends think. The reason it looks like that? Well, I personally think that looks horrifying. Something straight from my twisted evil mind. And I've set it upon the Internet. * insert Rena's insane laughter here *

If you don't get the joke, look it up on Youtube.

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