Outtake 1

Major thanks to mfrancesj for helping me with the dance scene, she so rocks at that stuff :)

James POV from Bella's table dance in Chapter 8

It was getting late and I was getting more drunk by the minute so I knew I needed to decide which fine piece of ass I was going to hit tonight. I took a look around the dark smoky room to see which girls had the potential. That is how I worked. I surveyed. Made a list of fuck worthy pussy. Narrowed it down according to what I was feeling that day. Then made my move.

It's not that I was worried, I knew I would be getting laid tonight. Any girl would be lucky to have the chance to be introduced to Big J, my name for my dick or better known as The Anaconda.

My eyes stopped on Jessica, nah im not in the mood for blond. Next was April grinding on Sam. Nada been there, done that, not kinky enough.

And that is when I saw her.

Bella, climbing on the pool table. Not blond, that's a plus. She definitely has a bangin body. And she was new, so none of these other mucks have had the chance to hit that yet. I could be the first. The fact that I had already invested some effort into her by bringing her in and getting her drinks also played into this decision.

Now granted once she had a taste of big J she wouldn't give any of the other assholes another glance. But that is a price I am willing to pay. My welcome to the neighbor hood gift.

I made my way to the front of the pool table to watch her for a minute before I made my final decision. After all flexibility is important and this would give me a chance to see how well she could move that fine little body.

She wobbled a little getting on the table. In my drunken haze I didn't even bother hiding my laughing at her. But once she stabilized her self, popped her ass out, pushed her tits in the air, and started moving to the music my mind went into over drive. Home girl could move.

As the next line came on

She hit the strip club
And she gon' make her money quick
Shake it
Down the pole
And make believe the normal beat

She decides to get bold and takes the pool stick and holds it with one hand and swings her hip while walking up and down to the pool table. She stops in the middle of the table places the pool stick straight up then starts sliding up and down it like she is a fucking pole dancer. She then stands back up, does some booty pops and swings her hips and then throws the pool stick down on the floor.

I like the way
the way she dance
She take the thug
Put 'em in a trance
She shake the
Like an avalanche
Lookin to her eyes
And you takin' a chance

Oh yeah, she is definitely going to be the one ridding my cock tonight.

Next she dropped down and crawled on all fours like a feline right to me, all the while, arching her back and flipping her hair. Oh yeah this is going to be a piece of cake. It is quite obvious she wants to try a 8 second ride on my bull.

By this time a large group has gathered by the pool table, but im not worried cause she has all her attention on me.

When she reaches me she softly pulls my hair and then puts her finger under my chin as if to kiss me. I close my eyes cause im in fucking heaven. Im not sure what wants to feel her more my lips or my dick, but just before our moment of truth she playfully pushes me back.

Fucking tease. That's fine, im gonna have her begging for my cock soon enough. Fucking Mike Newton bumps into me and interrupts my daydream of her plump little lips sucking on Big J. I push that fucker away, im taking no chances of anyone else trying to hone in on my lay tonight. I will give them reports after the fact but this bitch is mine first. I try to forget about Mike and all the other losers here and focus my attention back on the diva in front of me.

The next verse begins and my God the things her body is doing to me.

I see the fire in her eyes
Fire in here eyes
The way she moves
She got the fire in her eyes
Fire on her waist
Fire on her thighs
I love the scandal

She licks her lips and winks at some of the guys. My dick literally just jumped in anticipation. I can't wait much longer or else I am for sure going to jizz all over myself.

One of the guys beside me yells for her to take it off. What the hell it's worth a try so I join in the chant. I would like to view the goods before I buy the cow or some shit like that.

Take it off

Take it off

Take it off

She's so dangerous (dangerous)
She's so dangerous (dangerous)
She's so scandolous (scandolous)
I love the scandal
Hear me sing
Woohoo hear she ocmes
Watch out boys
She'll chew you up
She's dangerous (dangerous)
She's dangerous (dangerous)
I love the scandal

She slowly oh so slowly reaches for the hem on her shirt then inches it up from her body like a snake slithering up to reveal the venomous prize. I see a milky slither of skin on her tight stomach as the shirt is ridding higher. I find myself ducking down lower so I can be the first to see the crown jewels also known as Bella's tits.

But before I can see any god damn thing Edward fucking Cullen is pushing me to the side and reaching for Bella to pull her down off the pool table.

Fucking cock block.

What the hell, guess I will move on to Jessica after all. I mean my dick is already hard it's not like I have to rely on her to do much of the grunt work.