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Chapter 3—The Shine that Never Fades

Both men sat on the couch, situated with dinner in their laps and their eyes fixed on television, Wilson found it easier to relax in the informal atmosphere. The silence was easier to handle and in all honesty it was more cause for him to feel safe and comfortable. They both ate a little more slowly than normal, allowing themselves to pause for long moments to sip at their beer, to make a negligible comment about an idiot or two on television. It seemed even the looming conversation was nervous about its own contents.

"Jimmy, I think it's best if we talk about it now," Greg whispered, calmly settling back into the couch after having thrown out the empty cartons and containers, plates in the sink. James tilted his head to the side, a nervous little smirk crossing his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, Greg had been his friend for almost 20 years, and it really should be easier for them to talk. Besides the obvious fact that he dealt in more personal relationships than Greg had, he couldn't explain the calm that suddenly settled into his chest. He just leaned back against the couch and hoped that whatever needed to be said wasn't going to end his friendship with the brilliant man he so loved.

"I'm here for you Greg, you know that, whatever you need," James spoke in a low voice when information didn't seem forthcoming. There was a long pause where House drew a deep breath and held back what looked to be another wave of tears, Wilson desperately wanted to reach out and comfort him but those blue eyes froze him in place. A few more desperate and ragged breaths passed the older man's lips before a look of peace softened the worried lines in his forehead.

"What I need, Jimmy if I tell you what I need…that shine that keeps you with me is going to leave real fast. If I tell you and I have to tell you, I'm going to be a burden to you," Greg let the words fall out, tasteless and more than a little painful to speak. Reacting only to the misery in his friend's normally confident face, James took Greg's hand, not pulling back when it was seized upon as a lifesaver. For a brief second James Wilson hesitated, not ready to meet the older man's brilliant blue gaze, but when he did, his heart did a back flip.

"You can tell me anything," James insisted voice slow but steady, coaching himself to breathe.

"For starters I really want to apologize for the last decade of crap you have had to go through because of me. For putting pills before our friendship, for trying to kill what we have. You've been nothing short of amazing to keep dealing with me. And to be here for me, to take care of me like this, I can't thank you enough," House paused to compose himself, that little bit of admission had kicked him squarely in the chest. Wilson's lips twitched with a smile, on he had to grapple with to keep from outright beaming, he touched his friend's arm in soft reassurance.

"You know I forgive you Greg, it wasn't your fault once the pills took hold. I understand that, I really do," James said when he was looked to for a response. Greg gave an accepting nod; oddly enough it made him feel lighter. But both of them knew that that wasn't truly the hard part no that was working its way around House's mind. Slowly Greg let go of a breath he had been holding and met Jimmy's eyes.

"That wasn't the part I'm worried about. You are going to leave me because I've been lying to you for so long. You are going to leave me because a normal man does not fall in love with his best friend. And I am in love with you, hopelessly so…and I'm sorry Jimmy," Greg breathed and let his eyes drop, turning his head away from what was surely disgust. It took James' soft hand on his cheek to finally make him face the reaction he had earned. He didn't want to look, but he did, and he was glad for it, there wasn't an ounce of rejection in Jimmy's eyes. The younger man had a soft smile on his lips, a gentle sort of relaxed sigh passing them almost silently.

"Greg, you couldn't be more wrong about me. I fell in love with you too, and I don't care if it isn't normal," James spoke in a low tone, his hand still cradling the side of his best friend's face. "Look, I know that neither of us has ever gone through something like this before. I mean, heck it's out of character and I'll be damned if people aren't shocked, but we can…" deciding that Jimmy was thinking about things entirely too much, Greg took the opportunity to silence him with a kiss. It worked and the younger man closed his eyes, allowing himself to sink into the kiss, he felt entirely like a bad cliché of a woman in an old movie but he didn't care. Pulling him closer Greg held firmly to his only friend, kissing him more deeply when Jimmy curled closer for warmth.

"Out of character? I think not, people have thought we were together for years. And I want nothing more than to be with you for the rest of my life," Greg whispered, feeling a bit more than tacky and hoping that his friend had enough understanding of him to realized that constant professions of love really weren't his forte.

"I'm yours Greg, I promise I'm yours," came Jimmy's quick reply, he needed Greg to know that. But the older man swiftly covered his lips in another kiss before he could say more. Love had never felt so perfect with anyone else, and James almost laughed at the thought that he had probably been meant for Greg all along.

"Promise you won't get bored with me?"

"Greg, this, what we have, it's a shine that never fades."

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