Calypso has decided to hold Twisted Metal in Strongbadia and recruits new drivers and their vehicles to compete in the tournament. Here are the combatants...

I am Calypso. This year I am holding another Twisted Metal. But where will I hold the contest this year. Wait! Strongbadia! I'll contact them to make it official. No safe zones! No chickening out! Every driver for themselves. I just hope that Needles Kane doesn't try to enter the contest. I assure you this year's tournament. will be a "BLAST"!!! Hahahahaha!

Sweet Tooth - Bubs

Car: Baloneyman Truck (with Bubs' head replacing the clown head on the top)

Roadkill - Senor Cardgage

Car: Dang-car-esque

Twister - Sultry Buttons

Car: Illegal Street Racer

Axel - Strong Mad

Car: Axel's Contraption

Mr. Slamm - The Cheat

Car: Car Smasher (with Van Buren bust on hood)

Shadow - Strong Sad

Car: Hearse

Grasshopper - Marzipan

Car: Dune Buggy

Yellow Jacket - Strong Bad

Car: Yellow Chainsaw Car (a yellow taxi with chainsaws sticking out of the front)

Spectre - Coach Z

Car: Silver Hot Rod

Warthog - Frank Bennedetto

Car: Homestarmy Tank (with words Do You Has? painted on the back)

Darkside - Homestar

Car: Transport Truck

Mr. Grimm - Poopsmith

Car: Municipality Motorcycle

Crazy 8 - Pom Pom

Car: Orange Volkswagon

Hammerhead - Mrs. Bennedetto

Car: Monster Truck

Junkyard Dog - Gunhaver

Car: Action Figure Storage Truck


Minion - King of Town

Car: Gravy Powered Tanker

How to unlock: Beat him twice in story mode.

Dark Tooth - Needles Kane

Car: Ice Cream Truck

How to unlock: Beat him twice in story mode.

Tower Tooth - Dark Needles Kane

Car: Tower Tooth

How to unlock: Beat all stories