"She's dead, Edward. She jumped off a cliff, she's gone." The bitter voice crackled through the phone.

Pain ripped through me so ferociously that a human would not have survived the blow. I crippled me, and I buckled on my knees, falling onto the stone floor of my rented room. I tried to make a sound, but my voice came out strangled. I nearly crushed the small phone as I hung up on my sister and dialed a number I could never forget.

I waited for someone, anyone, to pick up. Please let it be her, Please let it be her…

"Swan residence." Answered a husky voice, one that I recognized but cared too little to identify.

"Where is Charlie?" my voice was dead and flat.

"He's at the funeral,"

And that was it, the last nail in her coffin. She was gone.

No, no, no...

I crushed the phone in my hand, grabbing my hair and pulling, clawing at my face, groaning. I moaned and screamed into the dark night. Words were unable to express the anguish that took over my entire body – it would be impossible to even describe… I was on fire, I was frozen, I was broken to pieces, I was dismembered, I was stabbed and let the knives pull through my flesh… I rolled pointlessly over the floor. Guilt, pain, remorse, loss, more guilt… pain… so much of it that my body was unable to function.

He's at the funeral.

He might have well been Balthazar, She's dead my lord. I saw her lain in Capulet's tomb. I clawed at my face again, wishing I could rip the flesh from the bone and end the agony.

And I knew how I could. I needed to be with her. I wanted – no… needed – to die.

I knew what came next. I dragged myself up from the floor, still groaning as my heart's broken pieces shattered into dust.

"Then I defy you, stars!" I yelled into the dark, busy streets of Rio as Romeo had to the streets of Mantua when he'd heard of his true love's death. Before the humans downstairs could come to find me, I jumped off of the balcony, and onto the streets.

I knew exactly where I was headed, I'd had to make the same plans less than a year ago, only this time it was certain that I would die within the week. Within the next 42 hours if I could help it.

Don't do this, Edward. Don't go, you promised never to think about it… you promised! Her voice screamed in the back of my head, sending agony through my body once again.

"I love you," I whispered as I ran faster than I'd ever run before, into the dark wilderness in search of the closest air port.