Mini Ironhide

My body was flopped onto my new missile I was working on. Ironhide and I had made a bet that if I could make a really good missile cannon that Ironhide would have to reload my guns during weapon testing for a week. But if I didn't meet standards on the new missile I would have to shine Ironhide's cannons for a month since it wasn't as hard as reloading guns but still annoying.

Major Lennox and Captain Epps walked in the NEST garage. Where the Autobots were taking a little cat nap (or as they called it, recharging). Major Lennox looked at the giant missile that I was slowly falling asleep on, "Your doing pretty good kiddo. I'm not shocked you are rated number one weapons specialist in the world," Major Lennox commented.

I groaned. Only if the world knew about Ironhide. Than they would see I was only number two compared to him. "I still have to work on its launch pressure. The bet standard for the launch pressure of the missile was 255 yards. My missile still only goes 215 yards," I sighed. Lennox patted my shoulder and went up to the level-up deck. Immediately the GMC Topkick behind me started to bend and twist and eventually transform into my guardian, Ironhide. Sadly he could read mind.

Luckily, I could lock him out when I wanted too. Sadly, he could break in if he wanted to. "Ha! I heard that!" Ironhide's gravelly British voice taunted. Pointing a metallic finger at me. I groaned louder, "Hey! I still have a week! You better get practicing on your reloading skills since you have unlimited ammo!" I snapped at the giant, black Autobot.

He did an evil laugh, "Oh just wait Sophie!" Ironhide reflected. "Argg! This bet is getting ridiculous! Now my brand new camo capris are covered in bomb residue! Do how much that stuff stinks?" I snapped even harder than the first. Come on! I'm fifteen and have made missiles for human beings since I was twelve! And helped Sam save the world TWICE! Now I kill punk-ass Decepticons for a job. Can't we call off the bet. I would like one break from figuring out air pressure on a missile, I thought.

Ironhide sighed. I had let him in my mind. I'll just give you an extra day if you want to take a break from assembling our bet missile. This is also helping you get NEST a new missile. Save the thank you's for later, Ironhide replied. In our heads of course.

"Okay! Lets go shoot that Decepticon metal plate or whatever!" I said, sounding a little more chipper. Ironhide shrugged. "Okay," he replied. I quickly grabbed my bazooka that I called Mary while Ironhide transformed back into his Topkick form. I grinned and hopped into his trunk.

• • •

Okay. So only read this part if you're wondering what the hell the story just meant. First of all, Sophie Witwiky is Sam Witwiky's little sister. She's a weapons specialist for NEST and Ironhide is her guardian. The Autobots weapons specialist is Sophie's guardian and their inseparable. When the font is Italic it means Sophie and Ironhide are thinking something or its just to exaggerate the word. NEST is the top secret government group that tracks down Decepticons and kills them. When Sophie said to go shoot the Decepticon metal plate. She was talking about Decepticon body parts her and Major Lennox take in to test Sophie's missile's and classic human weapons. So yeah. You won't be seeing this again.

• • •