Ryu- Well, I was inspired to write this fiction by two things. One, was how to get a fiction with Irie as a puppy, at at least close to one, and two, I had watched I Am Legend, and thought that a sickness could be one way that Byakuran can take over the world that he hadn't yet.

Now I might not be as committed to this fiction cause I'm doing another, and I'm posting it now because I want to see how people think of it.


Much time had past since that person, no, 'phenomenon' "Ghost" had arrived, taking the victory for Millefiore.

Ghost had been inhumane, but that was an understatement. Ghost was not human, and he surely did not hold back in his attack. Even though the other Funeral Wreaths suffered damage, Byakuran had showed up right after the last component was obtained, the Vongola Sky ring.

Everyone tried one last try to achieve victory and and save not only themselves, but billions of other people as well. They could not, and everyone watched as the final ring was put in place.

The three sets shined brightly, and would have been beautiful, had not been for the image of a destroyed world that flashed in everyone's minds.

The glow faded, and Byakuran stood there, a smile on his face, and the words "Kill them" that had followed after, but those orders were not achieved, as there were another glow, but under the Vongola Family and its allies.

Everyone closed their eyes, and when they opened them, everyone was in a meadow, far from the world's new "God", but their escape had brought a severe sacrifice.

In protecting everyone, Uni had used the last of her power and had died. Her last words had been "I'm sorry." and then she closed her eyes for the final time.

Uni's body had been cremated using the flames of the Varia, and then buried, in a jar made of zero point breakthrough ice, under a oak tree. After that, everyone payed their final good byes and then left to find a safe haven.

Not long after the escape, Byakuran had begun his destruction. This time, it was in the form of a deadly virus.

This virus was unpredictable, but it cause great pain, and not only that, if people survived, they would obey Byakuran without objection, seeing as how their human minds were torn and eaten by the animalistic minds now present.

The infected survivors did not attack the one who had caused all of this, but only things that moved and lived. It was hard to tell whether an animal had rabies, or the virus, but either way, no good came from it.

People were infected, and there were only two outcomes. The first was death, the other was enslavement. Not many were safe, because the virus also enhanced the infected senses. People had to live in filth, and horrid stench to mask their scent. People also killed their pets in fear of them also being infected.

This virus could not be contained, for, it infected every living thing. From plants, to animals. This virus cause many casualties whether it be because of the virus itself, or because of the infected attacks. This virus was known as "Chimera".

Chimeras are a mix of animals, and that is what the virus is. The virus spreads fast once in the body, and once it has every vein, every inch of flesh, it begins.

First a person breaks out in furious fever, so that the flesh can soften up. Then, the animal shows itself. Depending on the animal, the infected can receive a tail, ears, or maybe lose limbs, thumbs, or bones. The changes have different stages.

The first stage, you still look human, but as time goes on, and the virus finishes its purpose, you will no longer look like a human.

All this information was obtained when the former Black Spell member, Nosaru, was bit by a non lethal, but infect snake.

All everyone could do was watch helplessly, and when he showed no signs of dying, Gamma took it upon himself to end Nosaru's suffering. They had another funeral days after Uni's.

Since then, everyone was careful and wary of animals. They only approached animals for meat, calmed by the fact that the virus can be subdued by Dying Will flame. So a small cut, suspected of infection, could be burned, as long as it was a shallow wound.

Months past, and still Byakuran did not show his face. Everyone assumed that Byakuran was enjoying everyone's suffering, especially Vongola, but at least this allowed them to try to do something.

Currently everyone was headed at what was an established anti-Chimera zone. At least there, everyone could rest, but first, they had to get there.

As they walked, there was suddenly a growl. Everyone stopped, and immediately saw a wolf, but not just any wolf, an infected one, grown to the height of an adult human.

A battle ensued, and in the end, the only injuries were cuts and bruises. Tsuna decided that they should rest and eat, everyone agreed. They cut the head off, and made sure to cook the wolf well, even if it meant over cooking it.

Irie had finished first, and went to examine the head. Tsuna was worried, but Irie said that he was fine, and his old injuries were gone. Tsuna sighed and allowed Irie to go.

This had been routine, every confirmed infected animal they killed, Irie examined in order to figure out what changed in the animal. So far, it had mainly been moose, deer, rabbits, snakes, and rodents. This wolf was a first in many ways.

One, it was the first wolf infected, and two, it was huge. Normally animals couldn't take such stress and died after the first stage. So now Irie was really intrigued.

Too bad Irie never heard of the saying that even when a wolf is dead, it'll still have one last bite. Irie had to muffle his cry of pain when the jaws clamped down on his ankle. With a strained tug, Irie pried the jaws off and kicked the head away.

Irie tried to stay calm and reasoned that the flames used to cut off the head took out the virus, and all Irie needed to do was clean the wound with the flame treated water.

Unfortunately, Irie did not know that further into the process, the virus becomes stronger, and thus the water did not work, where it would have had the animal been in the beginning stages, but also because the jaws pierced deep.

So Irie cleaned the wound, bandaged his ankle, and went to bed. Giving slight good nights before falling a sleep, though he didn't stay a sleep for long.

Stronger virus, means faster spread time, and faster spread time, means that the first stage begins.

Tsuna had been passing by, and suddenly, his intuition flared. Tsuna knew immediately that something was wrong, when he saw Irie.

Irie was sweating profoundly, and was panting heavily. His heart was beating loudly in his ears and his body was on fire.

"Irie-kun, what's wrong?" Tsuna said as he put his hand on Irie's forehead. "Ah, you're burning up." Tsuna said.

Tsuna's voice brought Yamamoto over, whose foot accidentally hit Irie's ankle. Getting a inhuman whimper from Irie's lips. This everyone heard, causing them to freeze.

"Tsuna." Yamamoto said, and this was all Tsuna needed as he pulled Irie's pant leg up, ripped off the bandages and gasped.

"That bite looks like it came from that wolf." Yamamoto said in a serious tone, and no smile was present.

Suddenly, Gokudera came running in. "Tenth, look at the wolf head, there's blood on its-" Gokudera stopped when he caught sight of Irie.

Before anyone could say anything, a scream ripped through the air, then crackling noises followed. As Irie's body jerked from the pain, everyone was shocked.

"I've never seen it work so fast." Spanner said as he stepped closer.

Everyone watched, able to do nothing as Irie's human ears shrunk into his head, and ears appeared at the top of his head. Arms lengthened, causing the skin to rip, Irie's jaw unhinged, then hinged back on, new teeth, no fangs now visible.

A tail slithered from Irie's pants, and bones reshaped and moved some centimeters. All this, and Irie's throat was becoming raw.

"We have to do something!" Tsuna shouted, making Irie flinch.

"The only thing we can do is get rid of the trash." Xanxus said. Everyone grew silent, the only noise being Irie's sobs and screams.

"Voi! I'll do it." Squalo said, brandishing his sword, but before Squalo could even get close, Irie suddenly reared up, and tackled Squalo.

Everyone reacted, but could not get close as Irie was on all fours, and growled. Everyone could see his eyes, fading from green to blood red.

Suddenly, Irie lunged at the girls standing to the side, but suddenly, was hit by Xanxus' flames. This saved the girls, but allowed an escape path for Irie, which he took.

"IRIE-KUN!" Tsuna shouted as he watched Irie run off on all fours.

Alas, Irie could not stop, as he was currently in a mental battle with the animal. If Irie was going to die, he wanted to die with friends, but the animal did not listen and continued running, the only thing to stop it after hours of running, were sudden blasts at it's feet.

Animal Irie was thrown onto its back, and knocked unconscious, while three figures came up to it, one speaking into a communicator.

"Byakuran-sama, we found something you might like."


Ryu- And that's all for now. Please let me know how you think.