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The first thing that occurred in Irie's mind was to take the collar off, but that was easier said than done. The collar, it seemed, was not what it seemed to be. At the instant of touching it, indigo flames suddenly flared, but just as quick as they came, they faded away, leaving a not so normal collar.

This collar, although not really bulky, had some sophisticated technology. One of which Irie easily recognized, which was a tracking device. Now Irie knew that it had been useless from the start, this tracking device not only gave location, but recorded direction and movement.

Now all Irie was worried about was if someone was still using it, even though the haven had already been found. His worries were made true when a sudden explosion erupted from the far side of the room, and a familiar voice reached Irie's ears.

"So this is where Shou-chan has been." Byakuran said as he walked out of the smoke and dust.

Now Irie only had two options, the first, was to escape out of the door, but that wasn't possible because that would mean going past Byakuran, who was between him and the door. The second option wasn't that great either. The second option was to fight, but Irie wasn't sure if he could do that.

But the choice was made by Byakuran, who sent a projectile at the door, effectively destroying and blocking it. So, before Byakuran had the time to turn around, Irie charged and concentrated on changing.

If Tsuna said that not all of him had been cured, then there was still the chance that he could change into a wolf, hopefully an adult wolf.

Fortunately luck was on his side was his sun flames engulfed him and when they disappeared, a red wolf was left lunging at Byakuran.

Although Byakuran was startled, he quickly recovered and grabbed Irie by the throat, and immediately pinning Irie to the ground, effectively knocking the air out of Irie's lungs.

"Now now Shou-chan, don't be difficult. I came to rescue you." Byakuran said.

Irie growled in response, but immediately whimpered when Byakuran's nails changed to claws and began to dig into Irie's throat.

"I guess I'll have to come back for you later, once the sewer rats have been exterminated." Byakuran said as he let go of Irie, who made to lunge at Byakuran.

Unfortunately, Irie didn't see the metal spike until after it impaled his leg to the floor. Great pain immediately spread throughout Irie's body.

"Now stay here, and don't try to change, otherwise you might lose that leg, and I'd hate for that to happen." Byakuran said as he once again walked through the smoke and dust, leaving a whimpering Irie.

Irie couldn't tell where the spike had gone through, and trying to look only jostled his leg, which cause more pain to flare. Changing made it even worse, because wolf legs were shorter than human legs, so trying to change only made the wound bigger.

Now all Irie could do was wait, and listen to the screams and roars outside the room he was in. Then Irie realized something, Tsuna and the Guardians had just recently subdued him in his very beast form, and they probably weren't doing so good now.

Irie groaned, everything that was happening now was all his fault. Even before now, everything had been his fault.

A few more moments, and Irie growled (in the human sense, not the animal sense), forget the past, all that was important was the future, and so far, things weren't becoming so bright.

That was going to change, he had already seen too much blood, and most of it had been spilled due to Byakuran either directly, or indirectly. Now, all Irie wanted was a life that was somewhat peaceful.

So with a new determination, Irie let his sun flames flicker to life again, except this time, his flames were stronger and hotter than before. So the metal spike began to melt away, and since Irie's flames were stronger, he could slightly use his flames to push out the molten metal.

Minutes later, the spike, now a puddle of hot liquid metal, was pushed to the side, and Irie's now human leg was healed, that is, until Irie tried to use it. Pain shot up from Irie's leg, telling him that it was not ready to be used, so Irie changed again, and used his heightened sense of smell to find where everyone was.

Which wasn't too hard, seeing that every attack caused a sort of explosion. So Irie slowly made his way toward the explosions, and when he got there everything was reduced to rubble, but the good thing was that Byakuran's side was just as tired as Tsuna's side.

But there was one thing off about this, and that was the fact that Ghost was not present. That confused and worried Irie, but once Irie saw Tsuna's expression, Irie was only left with confusion.

For now, Irie decided to take cover in case someone decided to attack without restraint, and Irie choose the right time to do it, as Gokudera sent some dynamite toward Byakuran, but despite being tired, Byakuran was able to dodge.

"Hm, I think this has gone on long enough. I think it's time to be God again." Byakuran said as he snapped his fingers, and that cursed stone tablet was brought up by two of the Funeral Wreath members.

Here, Irie saw his chance. The Funeral Wreath members didn't seem to notice for some reason, but Irie just shrugged it off as luck, and just as Byakuran took off his ring, did Irie charge.

As Irie took hold of the ring with his jaws, Irie picked up the scent of something strange, but he didn't have time to think as he accidentally landed on his previously injured leg. So Irie skidded on the ground and accidentally swallowed the ring.

"Shou-chan, give my ring back, or I'll-" Byakuran said before he noticed that there was no ring in Irie's mouth. "What happened to my ring?" Byakuran said as he smiled as the air got colder.

This cause Irie to run/limp over to Tsuna, who spoke some encouraging words. "Don't worry, we used the antidote, and it worked. Now we have a small advantage over them, and thanks you, we have a greater advantage." Tsuna said.

"Not unless I get Shou-chan to come to me." Byakuran said.

"He already took the antidote." Tsuna said.

There was slight pause before Byakuran spoke. "Then we'll just have to send in our army." Byakuran said.

"Through the entrance?" Tsuna said.

"Yes" Byakuran said.

At this moment, Irie saw something in Tsuna's eyes, confidence. It was as if Tsuna knew what would happen next, and when Irie thought, as roars were heard in the distance, followed by a boom and sound of what seemed like steam, and Irie figured, Tsuna probably did know. (1)

Some years later (This might as well be an epilogue, or Omake)

It felt very hot, but not the bad kind of heat, the pleasant kind. This heat was followed by a warm tongue flickering and swirling around his-

Irie threw the covers off his bed to see his boxers ripped off and a very large white tiger sucking on his length.

"Byakuran! My length is not your mother's suckle!" Irie said as he batted the feisty tiger away.

Irie groaned, this was not what he had in mind when he took this tiger in.


"Did you find Byakuran?" Irie asked.

Tsuna shook his head. "No, he disappeared after the last Chimera had been treated with the antidote." Irie's face fell. "But we did find something interesting." Tsuna said as he brought the basket he had been carrying, into view. "It's a tiger cub, we thought you might like it, and since not everyone was fully cured, you could probably pass it off as someone you know."

"Thanks." Irie said as he took the basket and looked inside.

Truth was, Tsuna wasn't worried that Irie cared about Byakuran, the fact was, people who didn't even know Byakuran, also cared for Byakuran. Tsuna blamed the existence of Stockholm Syndrome. (2)

"What are you going to name it?" Tsuna asked.

Irie debated the name in his mind, and came to a decision. "Byakuran."

Tsuna said nothing.

End Flashback

Irie sighed, ever since he took the tiger cub in, it kept going for his length, and he found it slightly weird, to an extent, but he shrugged it off and got ready to go to work.

Just as Irie was at the door, he turned to the naughty tiger. "Now don't you do anything while I'm gone." Irie said, and then shut the door.

As soon as the door was shut, the tiger sat there for a moment, and then was engulfed by and orange flame, a sky flame.

Once the flame disappeared, a person stood there, a very familiar person.

"Shou-chan didn't say anything about when he comes back."

-Night time-

Irie returned home after a long days work. That being, making sure that every living creature was treated with the antidote, now known as Chimera Slayer (thanks to Lambo). So Irie was very much glad to get home, and hoped Byakuran didn't do anything bad.

Once he unlocked his door, he could tell that nothing was broken, thanks to his wolf eyes. This Irie was thankful for, and he immediately went to bed, too tired to do anything.

Then only thing that Irie did was think about where Byakuran was, but since he had been with the tiger for around 3 years, enduring a spontaneous growth rate (to which Irie merely shrugged off as the after effects of Chimera), Irie concluded that Byakuran was in his bedroom, which turned out to be true, to a certain extent.

"Bya-Bya-Byakuran!" Irie shouted.

"Yes Shou-chan?" Byakuran said.

"You-You're supposed to be dead!" Irie said as he began to back away.

"Now who told you that?" Byakuran said as he walked quickly toward Irie.

Irie, who still held some fear began to run, unfortunately, due to the injury to his leg he received those years ago, he winced and fell toward the ground, but he was caught by Byakuran, and before Irie could react, he was thrown onto the bed, with Byakuran pouncing on his back right after.

Now all Irie could do was look at his headboard, which doubled as a mirror, and could tell this Byakuran was different. This Byakuran had tiger traits, such as the tail and ears.

"How?" Irie said.

"It was after the Vongola started capturing my subordinates, that I retreated to use my secret, and backup virus. It almost completely changed my DNA, but allowed me use of the Chimera abilities." Byakuran said as he began to remove clothes, both his and Irie's. (Byakuran is still in his battle worn clothing)

Irie began to struggle at this point, but Byakuran began to use the clothes to tie Irie up. First Byakuran flipped Irie over, and then tied each arm to the headboard. Once that was done, Byakuran had free reign.

"But why now?" Irie asked.

"It was because of the virus. I needed sun flames in order to change. Growing is something that does not require and flames." Byakuran said.

"But-" Irie said before being cut off.

"Every part of your body has dying will flames, and your essence has the most." Byakuran said as he took hold of Irie's length, causing said person to moan.

Now Irie understood why, but it was too late now. All Irie could do was wait.

"I've waited so long for this." Byakuran said as he licked his fingers and inserted them into Irie.

Irie moaned louder and made a vain attempt to break free, but Byakuran saw this and acted quickly, by removing his fingers and plunging in. This caused Irie to arch his back as Byakuran hummed in pleasure.

"You're so tight Shou-chan. Makes me glad to have waited so long." Byakuran said as he started to thrust.

Now Irie couldn't control his moaning, and moved in time with Byakuran's movements, instincts taking over, but Byakuran thought that his wasn't enough.

"Maybe I should make this tighter." Byakuran said, confusing Irie until he saw what Byakuran was doing.

Byakuran took his tail and promptly inserted it into Irie, making Irie's entrance even more filled. With this, Irie lost all control and released his essence, which Byakuran made sure to drink up, and after a few more thrusts, Byakuran spilled his essence into Irie, who now knew why he always became warm when Byakuran's essence flowed into him.

Now the only problem, was how to deal with Byakuran, no, Byakuran-san in the future. A future that Irie had wished to be quiet and nice.

-The End-

1. I dropped hints, but with my habit of making people "read in between the lines" or making people see underneath the truth, it maybe hard.

2. A sort of disorder a captive has after being freed. They will have a sort of emotional attachment to the one who held them captive.

Ryu- Well, sorry if it's a bit rushed, I have testings tomorrow, plus I really can't redo a chapter from memory, but I hoped you liked it.