Pairing: Jude X Jonesy

Rating: MA

Contents: Sex, drama, comfort sex, sadness

Chapter 4: Final Thoughts~ Epilogue

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After Jude said he loved Jonesy, they both laid on the bed. This time Jude got to get on top of Jonesy. Jude started to rub Jonesy's crotch while he kissed him. Jonesy sighed in comfort as he felt his friend grope him softly. Jude went down to Jonesy's crotch and licked the hard on through the cloth. "Someone wants to get straight to the point" said Jonesy surprised at Jude's willingness." I want to show you how much I can do" said Jude with a sheepish smile on his face before he unbuttoned the pants and rubbed Jonesy's dick through the underwear. As Jude rubbed Jonesy started to rub his erect nipples. Seeing that, Jude smiled as he took out Jonesy's cock from the underwear and started to jerk. Precum served as lube while Jude jerked Jonesy off. While Jude was stroking the cock he then started to lick Jonesy's balls. He suckled on one of them which made more precum form at Jonesy's tip.

"Aww fuck man you know what I like" said Jonesy. Jude nodded as he continued to lick and suck on Jonesy's balls while he jerked the cock off. After a while, Jude wanted to taste the cock. Jude removed his hand, only to replace it with his mouth. Jonesy looked up and saw that Jude had taken almost all of his cock in one gulp. "I didnt know you could deep throat" said Jonesy blushing. While Jude sucked the caramel colored cock he took two of his fingers and wiggled them inside Jonesy's ass. "Ahhh fuck!" said Jonesy. His cock was throbbing in Jude's canal way letting Jude know that Jonesy was getting close to his climax. Jude started to suck faster and slowly finger fuck Jonesy, wanting to taste the juice from his friend. Jonesy's eyes were shut as he moaned feeling like he was on cloud nine.

Jude then did something that was sure to make Jonesy climax. He kept finger fucking slowly until he felt Jonesy's cock twitch like it was about to cum. Jude then showed the two fingers inside which sent Jonesy over the deep end hard. Jonesy screamed out Jude's name while he shot loads of cum inside Jude's mouth. Jude fingering deep until he reached the prostate made Jonesy cum even more. The cock twitched and shook as it finished shooting the load of sperm down Jude's throat. After Jude drunk it he kissed the flaccid cock and removed his mouth from that area to rise up and give Jonesy a kiss. "Mmmmm" said Jonesy tasting the seeds' residue in Jude's tongue. "That was good, now turn over" said Jude. "You got it Jude" said Jonesy wanting to see what was he gonna do next. Once Jonesy turned around, his ass was facing Jude's face.

Jude then came towards the anal entrance and licked the hole lightly, making Jonesy squirm. He circled the hole with his tongue wanting it to get loose. He then started to insert his tongue in the hole. The squirmy sensation made Jonesy's body quiver and tense a little. He was the one used to giving it, he never thought he would get it. Jude rubbed Jonesy's back to make him calm down while he tried to insert his tongue in the hole. Jude finally got inside Jonesy's ass and wiggled and swirled the tongue inside to make it a bit easier for him to enter. Jonesy was gaining another hard on from the rim job he was receiving. "Ahhh fuck man I am getting hard again." said Jonesy. Jude tongue fucked him a little while longer before he decided now was a good time to fuck him.

Jude grabbed the lubricant from his desk and slathered it over his hard on. His head was throbbing and ready to go. Jude placed his cock between Jonesy's ass cheeks to slather excess lubricant over the hole. "Your hot-dogging me bro." said Jonesy a tad bit embarrassed. "Yeah dude" said Jude as he continued to rub his meat through the buns. After a while, Jude had precum at the tip of his head. "Ready?" said Jude as he placed the head of his shaft at Jonesy's asshole. "Just stick it in" said Jonesy wanting to feel his friend's girth inside him after being enticed by Jude. Jude rubbed his head around it just to piss off Jude. "Man dont do that to me" said Jonesy aching to feel his friend inside. "Patience brah" said Jude before he finally entered the cock inside him. Jonesy moaned loudly as he felt Jude inside him. "Never had a cock in ya dude" said Jude. Jonesy grunted before shook his head no.

After getting Jonesy adjusted to the feeling of having a girth inside him, Jude started to pump slowly inside of him. Jonesy's face was red as ever. He was never this submissive or weak with anyone. "You like it" said Jude as he slowly started to speed his humps up. Jonesy nodded. "I cant hear you bro" said Jude before he started to pound into Jonesy's ass harder. Jonesy was grunting and moaning as he felt Jude's warm cock inside him. "So....good..." said Jonesy before he started to moan a little louder. Jude wasn't a sadistic person, but seeing his friend in such a passive and relaxed way was quite refreshing. Jude remained at the same speed for a while as he humped Jonesy. Jonesy wanted more. Jude's cock felt so good inside him, he wanted to feel the whole thing. "Please go faster" said Jonesy. "You got it bro" said Jude as he started to speed up his thrusts.

" are so good..." said Jonesy as he ghosted his cock. "Let me get that for you bro" said Jude as he sat on the bed. "Now sit" said Jude. Jonesy was embarrassed but he positioned Jude's cock so it would be aligned with his asshole. He sat down on the cock and it felt good to have it re-entering again. This time it struck his prostate. "OOH GOD!" said Jonesy. His cock was spewing pre-cum. "That's it now ride it" said Jude as he grabbed Jonesy's cock and jerked it off while Jonesy rode his cock. Jonesy was moaning in pleasure as he rode the white meat. Jude helped go faster by thrusting up whenever Jonesy went down. Each time he thrusted up he was hitting the prostate lightly, but with force to cause Jonesy's climax. Both were getting close to cumming. Jonesy's breathing was heavier, his cock was fully erect and twitching meaning it was ready to cum and his nipples were firm.

"Shit Jude, I am almost there...make me cum dude" said Jonesy moaning. "Lets do it together" said Jude as he leaned on Jonesy's back. Jude thrusted one more good time and they both came together. "FUCK!!!!" said Jude and Jonesy as they both came. Once they finished coming Jonesy got off of Jude and laid face down on the bed. Jude looked at Jonesy's butt and cum flowed from his anus. "Wow" said Jude before he went to the hole and lapped it up. "Jude!!!" said Jonesy blushing as he felt him clean his ass up. Once he was done he laid beside Jonesy. "That was incredible" said Jonesy. "Yeah" said Jude blushing. "Can we swap from time to time" said Jonesy. "Yeah" said Jude. "But dont you tell anyone I was calling out your name" said Jonesy embarrassed. "You got my word dude" said Jude before he kissed Jonesy.

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After that wonderful night, Jonesy was sure of what he chose. He knew that choosing Jude was the right thing, and Jude was happy to finally be with Jonesy. They both didnt have any regrets and their friendship was stronger, overcoming this 4 part obstacle. Wyatt, Jen and Kaitlin were happy for those two. That and there wasn't as much drama as before. Being sixteen is hard enough. As for Nikki she still had her jealous moments. She really did miss Jonesy but seeing how much they were happy with each other, made her realize that she needed to let go. Everything seemed well until one day at the mall.

"Hey guys" said Nikki. They said hi back and the six started talking. However as they talked, Jonesy felt a soda cup thrown at him. "Faggot!!!" said one of the guys. The whole store was laughing at them. Nikki then got irritated and stood on top of the table. "Look here you dumbasses. If you cant support them then mind your goddamn business. Instead of you all acting like a bunch of pricks. Sheesh, it's just two guys. There plenty of more gays/lesbians/bisexuals whatever out there now go on with your pathetic shopping and let us be you douche bags!!" said Nikki furious. The whole mall was quiet before they turned around and went back with their shopping. "Thanks Nikki" said Jonesy. "Yeah ,yeah. I just got so irritated" said Nikki. "That......was......amazing!!!!" said Jude before he hugged her. Nikki was shocked by his sudden motion. "You rock" said Wyatt. Jen and Kaitlin patted Nikki on the back for that. In the end Jealousy will cause all sorts of chaos to happen, some good, some bad. I guess its how people deal with the problems they have. For them things turned out for the better at the Galleria Mall.


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