A year later, Gabriella sat on the living room sofa, a baby who was born only a couple months before in her arms, drinking a bottle. Madison Alexia Bolton. She had Troy's blue eyes and hair color, but Gabriella's curls and soft features. The Boltons all loved her, especially-and surprisingly-Troy Jr. Since her arrival, the only Bolton son had become calmer, sweeter, and more respectful of his family.

"Look at our daughter," Troy commented, coming into the room.

"I'm still amazed that this is our fourth baby together," Gabriella murmured as her husband took a seat beside her.

"So am I."

As Madison pulled away from her bottle, Gabriella handed her to Troy. "Here. Let me put the bottle away." She left the room, returning a moment later and taking a seat beside her husband.

"You know," Troy began, "We're going to be taking care of kids for a long time."

"Yeah, but we have fun with it."

Troy turned to Gabriella to give her a kiss. "That's because we love each other," he explained.

Gabriella smiled as she returned the kiss. Troy's words were true. They did-and always would-love one another.

I know, I know, it's crappy and rushed. But I had to get finished with this story, and I thought you would at least want to see the new baby.

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