Penny's eyes snapped open when she heard something clatter against her window. Her body stiffened for a moment and she tugged her blanket around her body, as if the fleece could protect her. Her eyes flickered to her alarm clock and she winced when she saw the red digits flashing back at her.

Who in the world was throwing stuff at her window in four in the morning and how in the hell were they actually reaching the window? She shifted a bit, debating on whether or not to ignore it or go kill whoever it was. She decided on finding out who was doing it first and slipped out of bed.

Penny searched her room for her robe before sighting it on the back of her door and grabbing it. She slipped it on and made sure she tied it tight, making sure nothing was peeking through. She also picked her phone up off the floor and tugged it off the charger, in case she had to call for the police and made her way towards the window.

She sighed when she couldn't see anything out of the window without opening it and unlocked it before slamming the window open.

"Whoever the hell is throwing shit at my window at four in the morning must have a death wish because when I find out who did it I will find you and kill you when you least expect it!" She yelled into the side street.

Penny's eyes were searching for someone to blame this on and she tilted her head when she saw the lanky form of Sheldon. Mr. I-have-to-be-in-bed-by-eight Sheldon. She scowled then, and remembered she was still mad at him. Doubly so now that he had woken her up at four in the morning.

"Sheldon Lee Cooper you are so fucking dead." She hissed out into the street and moved to slam her window shut.

"Wait!" Sheldon called out. "I know I have broken your don't knock on my door before 11 o'clock or I will punch you in the throat rule, but I have researched romantic gestures over the past two days"(That meant he googled it, she wasn't stupid) "and have come to the conclusion that this is a widely accepted form of apology in many romantic movies." Sheldon then lifted up a boom box and pressed the play button.

Penny's favorite song burst out from the speakers, startling Sheldon a bit and he wobbled as he tried to turn it down. Penny laughed a bit at that, and covered up her mouth because hello, she was mad at him, not amused by him. Even if he was messing up his circadian rhythm for her.

The song ended and Penny waited for the apology to come. She knew that would be the hardest part of it for him.

The apology came quickly after that. "Despite the fact that I think," He paused and shook his head. "I'm sorry for criticizing your acting!" Penny smirked a bit and wondered if she should continue his suffering or accept the apology. "Come upstairs Sheldon." She said with a smirk.

"I take it this means-" His voice was cut off when she closed the window on his voice.

Sheldon was at her door in record time and she skipped the knocking ritual so she could pull him in for a kiss, because she had been waiting for this apology for two whole days and after a month or two of Sheldon you got used to him, which meant she was totally missing him.

Later, when she was cuddling with him in what he termed as post-coital bliss, she asked how he managed to hit her window with the rocks when it was five stories up.

"With physics, anything is possible." He informed her.

She snorted and turned to bury her head into his neck. "That means you had to try it about twenty times didn't you?" She asked, and giggled when he made and affronted noise.