Rating: M

Warnings: Slash/Yaoi, Het, blood and stuff, underage (technically)

Note: Damn it's been a while! Sorry about the wait guys. I was in a bit of a rut and then distracted myself with RPing and the Fireland's Content for WoW. A friend of mine asked about my fanfiction today though and it got my butt in gear. I hope this isn't too much of a disappointment for how long it took. 8'D

"Don't open that door until the alarm goes off to let you know its morning." James nodded solemnly, Jonathan cradled against his chest. Behind him the three Creeveys were playing a card game with Taylor and Garrett watching quietly. Percy was at the Burrow for the night, deciding what he wanted to take with him when he moved into Harry's camp.

Satisfied that all the strictly human members of his pack would be safe, Harry stepped out of the tent. The door vanished behind him. Waiting around the fire were his werewolf and animagus pack mates. They were waiting, the werewolves only covered by blankets, for the moon to rise.

As the sun began to set Harry rolled his shoulders and tugged on the part of his magic and soul that housed his animagus form. The wolf came easily out, tail wagging eagerly at the chance to play. When green eyes opened he was greeted with a large black dog and two werewolves. Krista was petting a docile Mikael, giggling quietly at how soft his fur was.

Harry could see the way he body trembled though. The influence of the coming moon causing fissures of pain to lance through her body. When she dropped to the ground and began twitching Harry stepped forward and gently nuzzled her. Remus and Sirius both went on guard to protect the three younger wolves in case of intruders.

He didn't stay at her side long however. A sharp scream ripped out of the tent and Harry barked a stay command to his packmates. He hurried to the tent, transforming halfway there and mutter a quick password. The door reappeared and he ripped it open in time for jaws to close around his arm.

Blood spilling from the wound, Harry staggered back and glanced inside. No one seemed to be hurt so he let the door close and vanish behind him. "Haa…." He shook the wolf off his arm, quickly transforming and tackling it to the ground. The scent that wafted off of the dusty blond fur was distinctly Creevey with an undertone of Dennis.

Harry was sure Dennis hadn't been bitten….but he had been licked. Mikael had licked Dennis' wounds after their camp was attacked. He hadn't thought anything of it them because Mikael often licked his wounds clean, but Dennis wasn't immune to werewolf saliva like Harry was.

The realization of how much he'd fucked up was like a blow to Harry and he backed off the smaller canine. A quiet whine filled the deafening silence. All eyes moved to Krista, who was trying to stand on shaky legs. Dennis was still sprawled in the dirt, panting and dripping bloody saliva onto the ground.

Sirius inched toward Dennis, being careful of Mikael. Harry's partner had his tail and ears sticking up, his legs ramrod straight as he darted his eyes between Dennis and the animagus. Under that watchful stare Sirius lowered his head and nuzzled Dennis' side. The wolf growled in confusion and pain back at him.

Turning away from the two, Harry limped over to lick gently at Krista's muzzle. His front leg hurt. It was a pain he knew he'd just have to endure though, as punishment for letting this happen to Dennis. How was he going to face the boy's father in the morning? His brother?

A nose nudged his side and Harry turned his head to look at the smaller wolf. Dennis' tail wagged cautiously, head low to the ground, and Harry licked over his nose reassuringly. It wasn't the other's fault that this had happened.

Tilting his head back, the alpha let out a loud howl. His pack took up the call and began into the woods. Mikael stuck close to Harry and the younger two, watching Sirius and Remus as the playfully chased each other among the trees. Harry figured that the pups would feel more lively after the pain of their transformation wore off and kept his pace slow but steady into the woods.

Halfway through the night Dennis got shakily to his legs in the clearing they'd settled on. Green eyes watched him sharply for any sign of weakness. When Dennis took a few steps toward the tree line Harry barked sharply. The pup tucked his tail between his legs, but turned an imploring look on his alpha.

Sitting with Remus and Sirius, the three of them batting at a frightened niffler, Mikael looked up. The niffler, seeing its chance, darted by him and straight into Remus' jaws.

Whining questioningly, Mikael looked over at Dennis and then Harry. The older turned his head back to a dozing Krista in silent permission. The bigger werewolf gave a canine grin. He loved it when he got to play, but it wasn't often as Remus and Sirius were usually preoccupied with each other and Harry found more interest in training while they were both in dog form and unable to change back.

So, when Dennis hesitantly followed him into the trees he immediately set to sniffing for some prey. It would be good for his younger companion to get some hunting in and Mikael found this to be one of the most enjoyable parts of his disease.

Harry was twitching his tail for Krista, the black werewolf pouncing playfully on it and then retreating, when he heard a howl that was definitely not one of his pups. He was on his feet in seconds, ears pricked and tail lifted as he listened for where they'd gone.

Across the clearing Remus and Sirius were also standing at attention. Their half eaten rabbit forgotten in the face of a potential threat to their pack. The sound of a yelp got them in action, Krista panting to keep up. They came into a break in the trees caused by a small stream.

Four wolves were facing off. Mikael standing in front of a whimpering Dennis while two larger werewolves growled at him from across the stream. Harry stepped forward, his own deep growl adding to Mikael's. Behind him came Sirius and Remus' own voices with Krista's higher pitch making the sound more eerie than a pack of growling wolves usually sounded.

He took another threatening step forward, the two wolves turning from the adolescent to Harry's more grown form. His animagus seemed to be more developed than his human body was. The male lunged forward, but didn't cross the water, and Harry snarled at him and made a mock rush to put himself in front of Mikael.

They stood like that for several minutes, just posturing, until a quiet yip drew Harry's attention behind the pair of wolves. Hiding behind what had to be it's mother was a small rust colored puppy. It's huge eyes and too large ears were staring straight at Harry in curiosity and fear.

Well now he knew why they hadn't turn tail and run when they saw how much larger his pack was compared to theirs. He growled again, posture becoming less antagonistic. There was only one baby werewolf in the area and he didn't want to start anything with her parents. He liked them.

Turning his head, Harry irritably flicked his tail and growled at his pack to leave. Neither side would cross the river tonight.

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