The following events begin shortly after the wedding fiasco…(I wish to point out here that I have not actually seen the wedding fiasco, only heard a lot about it, so if some of my information is wrong, blame other fanfic writers, as they were my information source.)

Words in italics are thoughts

Everything Goes Martial Arts

Chapter 1: When things fall apart

A Ranma ½ Fanfic By Isaac Nagel

"Grandchild, come here. We must talk," Cologne sat atop her cushion, smoking a pipe and allowing the smoke to drift through the room.

"Talk about how Shampoo get Ranma, yes? Great-grandmother make Ranma marry Shampoo now, make Shampoo so happy!"

Shampoo bounded in the room, her every move a graceful motion so fluid as to make water jealous. Her beauty masking the incredible strength within- beauty and strength that, although abundant, had still failed in capturing the prize she sought: Ranma Saotome. She happily continued, "Great-grandmother, Ranma no marry Akane yet, so Shampoo still can win."

"Grandchild, your spirit is strong, but we have been unable to convince Son-in-law to take the correct action. I believe we should go back to China to further train, and return when we are ready to take him from that girl, Akane Tendou. " Cologne looked very distraught.

"What if Akane marry Ranma while Shampoo in China?" Shampoo asked, worried.

"That, Shampoo, is a chance we must take. Let us return to China, to consult the elders, and make plans to take Son-in-law once and for all!"

All the while, a pair of small duck eyes watched this conversation with interest. If I could only get rid of the evil Saotome while Shampoo was away… Mousse smiled as he began to plot. A plot that would force him to use resources he did not like to draw upon but, if successfully completed, would win him the thing he most desired: Shampoo. As the plan began to form in his mind, he grinned and almost gave away his position by chuckling.

He dared not let the Old Ghoul discover where he was. He had spent countless hours making secret passages throughout the restaurant that only he knew of. It wasn't to spy on his beloved Shampoo. Although the idea of a peephole into her room did appeal to him greatly, he just couldn't bring himself to make one.

Mousse didn't trust Cologne. She was as sneaky as they came, second only to the perverted old man, Happousai. She would stop at nothing to get what she was after, and would not think twice to do it by force. If she was going back to china to train, that meant she was ready to start trying some really dangerous techniques. And she had glint in her eye that was only there when she had a new plan.

As Cologne and Shampoo each went to their respective rooms, so did Mousse. He had some important calls to make. The amazons all began to prepare for what lay ahead, each with their own idea of what would occur during the next few weeks.

Several days later…

"I…I… I l-love you, Akane." The words came easier that time. Thankfully, his pillow remained silent. Ranma sat in his room, practicing that which he knew he would have to say to Akane at soon.

He had realized that he loved her quite some time ago, but had been unable to tell her yet. According to everyone else, he had almost told her while she was passed out during the fight with Saffron, and Akane had taken that as a reason to get married! Best not to even think about that now, though. His head still hurt from repeated applications of Akane's hyperspace hammer. That's a technique I'd like to learn,mused Ranma. But that stupid tomboy probably doesn't even know how she does it and wouldn't teach me even if she did, with how angry she is right now.

Why didshe have to get so angry all the time? She never gave him any chance to explain anything. Akane hadn't even spoken to him for the last week, blaming him, as usual, for the entire fiasco on her wedding day. "It's not like it was just her wedding day, I was willing to go through with it, too." Uncute tomboy! Why does everything always have to be blamed on me? If only there were something I could do to - to…

He looked again at his pillow. "I l-l-love y-you." It had no reaction. Jeez, what am I doin'? I'm actin' like Ryouga or somethin'.Then Ranma winced, painfully remembering the look on Ryouga's face as he had realized that Ranma and Akane were getting married for real. Aw, man, that idiot is probably halfway to America or Paris or something by now, trying to find Akari. I hope he's okay. It is a lot quieter without him around, though.

"I l-love you Akane." Every time he tried it, it got easier, but he realized that he could say it to his pillow forever, but he had to say it to her face, eventually. If only he were a whole guy again, this would be so much easier; he could be a man about this, a whole man, without the fear of being rejected as a pervert and a freak. If he didn't have this cursed body, he would have nothing to worry about. He could just go up and - *knock, knock* oh no, I'm at her door! How'd I get here?!!!! What am I doin'? I can't do this yet! The door began to open. I'm sorry, Akane.

"Yes, who's th- huh? ...There's no one there… oh well." Akane shut the door and sighed. She had been hoping it was Ranma, there to… to, well, she didn't know what she wanted from him. Her head spun every time she thought about him, trying to figure out exactly how he felt about her. Sometimes she was certain that he didn't even like her. Then, sometimes, rarely ever in fact, he seemed to care about her more than anyone had in her entire life. He protected her, even though she protested, and she had come to like the feeling that she could depend on him for that if nothing else. He was even there for the wedding, she thought. What does that mean? Even he wouldn't play one of his little games that far.

She had come to one possible conclusion: that he, perhaps, loved her back. Why else would he have been there for the wedding? That awful wedding. He looked so handsome, wearing his tuxedo that day. He even looked as if he wanted to be there, deep down, where he thought no one could see. Of course, the entire disaster thing was his fault. Again, proof that he didn't care about her. Akane also had a lot of evidence that said he did care about her.

But, if he does care about me, why do we always fight? The answer eluded her.

"Baka no Ranma!" Akane shouted at her pillow. Hers also did not reply. (pillows are pretty good at that.) Akane grimaced, her mind replaying the events of her wedding day and everything that had happened since.

She wished she had someone to talk to. Kasumi was busy in the kitchen, and Nabiki had made enough money from her efforts during the last week and a half to take a vacation down South, and was there with some friends to avoid all the yelling and crying that had been so prevalent at the Tendou house over the last few days. Akane had been left alone to sort out her thoughts and try to figure out where she would go from there. Her father was despondent, feeling that he had failed to get his daughter married and had shut himself in his room and cried for nearly 24 hours. Genma was useless, always sleeping and eating, as usual.

Tears welled up in her eyes again as she pondered what was to happen. Does he love me? Does he even care for me? I wish I only knew for sure, and then everything would be all right. I could even wait until he was ready.

"Baka no Ranma!" was all Ranma could hear from outside her room from where he had hidden on the ceiling. How uncute of her. Here I was, ready to tell her- ah, forget it, she wouldn't believe me if I told her anyway. His stomach growled. Well, no time to worry about that now, I'm gonna see if there's anything in the pantry… Ranma jumped down from the ceiling and made his way to the kitchen to get something to eat. Unfortunately, he didn't see the pair of squinty little eyes peering out at him from the doorway across the hall…

As Ranma reached the kitchen he loudly asked, "Hey Kasumi, is there anything to eat around here? I'm star-" His sentence was abruptly cut off by a scream from upstairs. "Oh no, what's happened to Akane?" Before Kasumi could answer, Ranma moved almost faster than the eye could see and was at Akane's door before her shriek had even ceased.

The door flew open just as Ranma reached it- with his face. "OWW! What the hell?" Ranma swore, as he saw the old letch leaping out of Akane's room.

"What a haul, what a haul!" The old pervert was carrying his sack of filched, frilly treasures, as usual, and also as usual he had no trouble giving Ranma a good walloping as he went past. Happousai had been working overtime since the wedding, and had barely returned home at all in his zeal to get more and more silky undergarments. He dropped a low quality piece of merchandise on Ranma's head to help him feel better, sure that his gift would be appreciated even by such an uncouth boor, but unwilling to let a truly magnificent piece go to such an undeserving wretch. "Hi-ho, gotta go" Happousai shouted as he saw Akane's Hyperspace Mallet come out with a speed and vengeance he had seen only few times before.

Ranma looked up just in time to see Akane advancing on him, battle aura glimmering brightly. "Ranma, you better tell me what you're doing with that underwear this instant or I'll get angry!"

"Just hold on - let me explai-" with that, he had exceeded Akane's typical level of patience, and she let the hammer fall on his head with such force that for a moment, Ranma's world went very abruptly dark. The last word he heard as he fell into the inky blackness was Akane's shocked gasp, "Ranma!"

Ukyou was sobbing on her bed. The restaurant hadn't opened since the day of the wedding, and she was in no condition to try to open it now. She didn't feel like cooking, she didn't feel like talking, she didn't feel like doing anything except crying as hard as she could until she at last fell asleep. At least when she was asleep, in her dreams she could see him as he was meant to be: hers.

Oh, Ranma, what have I done?She pondered as she suffered because of what she had done at the wedding. She had gone so far as to attack innocent people in her rage over the ceremony. She had made Ran-Chan angry, she was sure of that. Ukyou hadn't seen Ranma since that day. Not surprising, since he mostly comes around just to get free okonomiyaki… But still, if that's the only I could ever get close to him, that makes it okay, right? Right?

She burst into tears anew at the thought of never cooking him a meal as his wife, something she had looked forward to for almost her entire life since coming to Nerima. True, there was a while when she just wanted to kill him and his father, but that had passed quickly as she realized just how much she cared for Ranma, and his father had after all, become one of her most frequent customers. Not the highest paying of course, because the heartless bastard always snuck away when she wasn't looking, but she figured she'd get it all back when she married Ranma. When the two of them would cook okonomiyaki together, open their own business… Oh, I don't even want to think about business right now.She winced as she thought of how many customers she'd probably lost because of her attack on Ranma and Akane's wedding.

I wonder how he's doing right now… she idly mused. He's probably incredibly happy with-with Akane.The tears streamed down her face as the full realization that Ran-Chan and Akane would get married, no matter what, and that anything she did to try to change that would only hurt Ranma.

I can't hurt him, even after all of this; I can't bring myself to hurt him, to hate him, to do anything but love him! Why did it have to be this way? Why couldn't Ihave been the one that Ranma was in love with? I'm the cute fiancé- remember? You called me that, on the day that I tried to kill you for running away with my family's cart, for causing my father to kill himself looking for that JackassGenma Saotome, for ruining my life as a woman. In that one sentence, you had turned all my hatred into pure love, and then you had to go and fall in love with another girl! Oh Ranma, why did you have to say that to me? Why did I have to go and fall in love with you, anyway?

Ukyou continued crying long into the day and into the night, until merciful sleep claimed her, carrying away her sorrows until she awoke again.

Ranma was walking through a forest, one of the most beautiful forests he'd ever seen, He was dressed in his training gi and appeared to be on a training trip. All right, he thought to himself. Finally a chance to get some training done alone!It didn't occur to him to consider it odd that he had no recollection of how he'd gotten there. Suddenly he realized he wasn't alone, there was a girl walking next to him! It was Akane, and she was smiling. He realized it had been quite some time since he had seen Akane smile, and how beautiful she looked when she did. He just hoped she wasn't planning to cook him dinner after a hard day of training.

Then the thought occurred to him that they were alone. No meddling parents to get in the way, no Nabiki taping their conversations or taking pictures to sell to interested buyers at school, no Ryouga trying to get in his way and butt in where he wasn't wanted, but completely alone, together.

"Ranma?" She was looking at him in a way he didn't recognize, but found that he really liked. "I love you." His heart almost burst with the happiness that he felt, a fiery joy that coursed through his body and soul.

He was even more surprised with his reply: "I love you, too, Akane." She beamed at him, and his feeling of joy intensified.

"Ranma, tonight's going to be fun, isn't it? Just the two of us, alone in the middle of the woods… one tent, one sleeping bag… finally just us for once?" Ranma remembered when the two of them had snuck out that afternoon, to be together that night, in the way that they had wanted to be for so long.

His pulse began to race, his nose threatened to burst, and his cheeks got hot as he remembered what they planned to do that night after setting up the tent. He was very nervous. He wasn't sure about being able to go through with this, but they were engaged now, and not because of some silly agreement between their parents.

His hand grasped hers, and she gave it a squeeze. It was nice being able to finally be the way he wanted with her. She looked up at him, eyes sparkling, lips slightly parted, love written all over her face, all for him.

"Ranma," She breathed. "There's something I want to give to you, come closer." Unable to resist, he bent his head towards hers, and as their lips drew closer together, he could smell her perfume, hear her breath as she slowly inhaled, could feel her body pressed up against his, could almost taste the sweet flavor of her lips. Just as they were about to draw together in their passionate embrace, she hit him on the head with a hammer.

"Hey, what'd you do that for?" He demanded. She smiled sweetly and hit him again. "Akane, what are you doing?" He tried to move, to dodge, but his body just wasn't working the way it should! "Akane! Why are you- ow! What'd I-ow! Please let me- ow!" He begged, he pleaded, but she just kept slamming away, with that look of absolute bliss on her face. That look, that even through his pain, Ranma could see as nothing but beautiful…*Wham! Wham! Wham! * Akane kept smiling and hitting him, unrelenting in her blissful barrage of loving hammer blows.

"Stop hitting me!" Ranma yelled as he bolted upright. He was not in a forest, he was in his room, and Kasumi was watching over him, with a concerned look on her face. Akane was there too, slapping him over and over.

"Well, Baka, it looks like you finally decided to wake up after all. Now maybe you can explain THESE! She held up the panties that Happousai had so graciously given him, their silky softness gently blowing with the breeze.

"What the- The Freak had the panties!" Ranma stuttered.

"Sure, like I'm supposed to believe that, Ranma. Youhad the panties, not Happousai. You two perverts were probably working together again, like you always do. What do you think, that I'm stupid or something?"

Ranma mustered up his courage, knowing that if he didn't tell her soon, he never would (probably because Akane would kill him), so he needed to tell her now. "Akane, There's something I've got to tell you."

He sat up and tried to grasp her hand, but his sudden movement made him dizzy again. "Akane, I-" and as he blacked out once more, he wished suddenly that he hadn't even started to say anything. Perhaps this was one thing that was best left unsaid.

Author's Notes: When I began writing this, it was my first fanfic. I now have several one-shots (posted), and am in the middle of no less than three long-term fanfiction stories (two of which are posted), as well as two novel ideas (one of which I hope to get published someday) That being said, this is still the longest story that I have on my plate at the moment. As of this posting, I have 7 chapters written, and I'm only about 1/6th of the way through my plans. And even claiming that much may be generous. I will try to work on making the chapters longer, but I didn't want to change what I already had too much, instead choosing to focus on new chapters and driving the story further. Thank you to those who convinced me to go ahead and post my unfinished stories, as it will hopefully drive me to write more often rather than waiting and posting it all when I'm done with the whole thing.