Hello everyone! Just to tell you, this is based on the Taiwanese drama Tao Hua Xiao Mei or otherwise known as Momo Love. Some of you may have watched the drama already. I am not taking credit for the storyline. I just thought it would be nice to do a Prince of Tennis version of this.

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Chapter One

Typhoon Begins!

"Don't say it," a guy with brown hair whispered. He wasn't that tall and his worried eyes had an exasperated look in them. His name was Momoka Ken (last name first). Even though his life was his own story, he would never be the main character in it. The main character would always be his younger sister: Momoka Haruhi.

He was staring at a guy who was dressed in the Rikkai Dai Fuzoku High School uniform for school. The guy was sweating profusely and he had taken out a piece of parchment out of his backpack. Ken was only one of the many people standing in a circle around the three people.

"Don't say it," Ken whispered again.

The guy who was standing with the piece of parchment was named Shu Nobari. He coughed twice before reading, "Momoka Haruhi!" He looked up from the paper really fast to the girl who was standing across from him. She had long black hair that was held in two pigtails by ribbons. Standing right beside her was her best friend Shira Aya.

Shira Aya whispered in Momoka Haruhi's ear, "His name is Shu Nobari; a third year. I heard he's going to major in science. How many guys is it now? This has to be the fifth guy that confessed to you this month!"

The guy started again, "After the rain stopped . . ."

"'The wind and rain stopped in the sunlight'," Aya whispered.

"The end of the world is near," the Nobari said. "Do you know that I am waiting for you? Haruhi-san, the feelings that I have for you are growing day by day. That is why I want to spend my time with you. The elegant poise that I love, has taken over my whole heart. I want to let you know . . ."

Aya snickered a bit at the guy's speech, and Ken just shook his head and said, "Senior student, you can repent and be saved. Please don't say it."

"'I still want to say it bravely'," Aya said. She was always thinking ahead and trying to predict what the guy confessing to Haruhi would say. She had witnessed her best friend being confessed to often.

"I love you!" Shu Nobari shouted.

Ken just sighed as soon as he heard that, mumbling, "He still said those words." Ken shook his head as he took out his cell phone.

"Haruhi, meeting you is the best gift in the world. Can you become my girlfriend?" Nobari asked, presenting Haruhi with the paper he read from.

Ken's phone made a clicking noise as it took a picture of Nobari presenting his younger sister Haruhi with the piece of paper. He made sure to get Nobari's face. Momoka Haruhi became the most important in Momoka Ken's life because she had four special yet very different other brothers. But Ken was not included within that group. "Good luck, senior student," Ken said with a sigh.

I guess you guys are wondering. Just how different are Momoka Haruhi's four other, older brothers? Except for their height, looks, the way they dress, how they speak, and the way they look at other people. The four oldest brothers are all crazy! And no medicine would be able to cure them.

The oldest of the four brothers was Momoka Itsuki. He was the leader of all of the crazy brothers. He was a well known weather reporter who had won the 'sexiest man' award for three years in a row. He was tall and lean with some good muscle. But what people don't know is that before his manliness, before his pride, before everything, he would go to great lengths to protect his younger sister no matter what. That is his craziness.

Itsuki's cell phone rang while he was still in the dressing room. His blue eyes bulged a bit at what he saw. It was the picture of the guy giving Haruhi the love speech he had written. His blond hair was a bit like Atobe Keigo's hair in the way that it stuck out, but he had a bit of bangs hanging in his face. He went up to the green screen that showed the map of Japan so he could tell the weather. He quickly stated all of the weather, and he didn't mince any words. He motioned for the news lady to go back on as he rushed out of the news station and into his Mercedes, driving quickly away.

The second brother was the famous fashion designer Momoka Kurosaki. He however, was not gay. He got any girl he wanted with his great taste and great looks. His blond hair was a bit longer than his older brother, and his golden eyes pierced any girl's heart. No one knew how many girls he had captured, but he even became the guy known to not let a girl stay alone during the night.

His cell phone started ringing too, and Kurosaki saw that it was a picture mail. He gripped his cell phone harder and put it quickly away. His was in the middle of a fashion show. He called the make-up artist to come and darken some girl's cheeks. As soon as he got all of the girls on the runway, he slipped out of the backdoor and ran to his dark blue convertible, heading for Rikkai Dai Fuzoku High School. His love for his sister was his sickness.

The third brother, Momoka Sho was in the middle of a seminar. He was known as the smartest guy in all of Japan, and he was facing a white board, solving some difficult math problem that not even the professor could solve. His black hair was a bit wavy and long, but at the same time, it was sticking out a bit. He pushed his glasses further up his nose as he continued to solve the math problem. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he quickly fumbled with it for a moment. He solved the problem quickly and ran out of the classroom while the professor was saying, "If anyone can solve this problem, I'll let you graduate university right away! I won't even make you take this class anymore!" The professor turned around to see the equation already solved. Sho was already in his SUV Lexis and on the way to Haruhi, for he cared about her just as much as his other brothers.

The fourth brother, who was actually the younger twin of the third brother, was the complete opposite of his older twin. He was amazingly good at every single sport there was out there. At the moment, he was water-skiing. His hair was just as black as his twin's, but it was a bit longer, and not as styled. He also didn't wear glasses. His name was Momoka Ren. Dozens of girls were standing on the docks cheering him on. Before he even graduated high school, hundreds of universities had wanted him to join their school and be in their sports team. His cell phone was on an arm band and he got the same picture mail that his other brothers did. As he got on the dock, he ignored the dozens of girls and hopped on his motorcycle. His love for his sister was tremendous also.

The four older brothers all arrived at the school at the same time. Ken was leaving the school when a car came out of nowhere and parked right in front of him, he turned to the right only to be blocked off again, the same went with the left side. He just about gave up and he turned back around to be blocked by a motorcycle.

"Brothers . . ." Ken said. "What are you doing here?"

"Where is he?" they all asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Ken turned around only to be cornered in completely by his very tall brothers. Ken was dragged away onto the school grounds with his older brothers in the lead.

If you're a guy and you confess to Momoka Haruhi, someone should call the ambulance for you! Shu Nobari was walking to the school's stadium when a bat appeared and almost took his head off, but he ducked and fell to the ground.

"It didn't hit him," Ren said.

"He must be very good, his reflexes are fast," Sho agreed. "No wonder he's in the baseball team."

"Um, who are you guys?" Nobari asked.

"Ken," Itsuki interrupted, "go and take watch." Ken quickly agreed and shuffled away in agreement.

"Sempai, take care," Ken said to Nobari before leaving.

"We are Momoka Haruhi's older brothers," Kurosaki replied to Nobari's earlier question once Ken had left.

"Momoka Haruhi's older brothers?" Nobari said.

"Yes, and today we are here not only to say hi, but to ask you questions. I heard that you confessed your love to Haruhi."

"Yes . . ."

"Okay, Sho, Ren, Itsuki, check up on him! Who is this no good ruffian?"

"His name is Shu Nobari. He's eighteen and a third year here at Rikkai Dai Fuzoku High School. Height: 178 cm. Weight: 80 kg. His left and right eyesight is 1.0 and 1.2. His average grades are over 90% and he's the lead of the baseball team. He's also into eagle style kung fu, and he won the championship last year with his team," Sho informed everyone.

"How did you get all of this on me????" Nobari asked.

"His family is also into construction and he makes over 100 million a year. His family are law abiding citizens, so he looks alright in that region."

"Does he have any diseases?" Itsuki asked, sitting on the stands.

"No, not at all," Sho replied.

"Ah, that's pretty good," Kurosaki said, patting Nobari's back. "There's not much to be picky about."

"I don't care what his condition is," Ren said. "Let's just beat him up." Ren swung the bat at Nobari's head again, but Nobari ducked.

"Now, student Nobari. Let me as you a question," Itsuki said from the stands. "Why did you get a 45% on your second midterm test in health education?"

"Huh? Only 45%?" Ren asked.

"It's true," Kurosaki said. "In every class he gets over 90%, but the only class he didn't pass was health education. I say there's something definitely wrong with him."

"I think that he might not have a disease, but he's definitely psychotic," Ren said.

"It was because of the teacher . . ." Nobari tried to make up excuses.

"Listen," Itsuki said, leaning a bit, "I won't mince words. Haruhi is the only girl in a family of five other brothers, and she's our family's most precious jewel. We don't allow any guy to just be better than us, especially a guy who got 45% on his health education midterm. So from now on, break it up with Haruhi, or else we'll have to make you disappear from her."

"Wait one second!" Nobari said, jumping away from the brothers. "I am free to like whoever I want! And I'm not afraid of you since I'm a master in the style of eagle kung fu!" Nobari then continued to start doing some strange poses that were suppose to be intimidating. The brothers just laughed at the ridiculousness of his moves.

A few moments later, the brothers were standing in front of a huge arch while Itsuki and Kurosaki were fixing their clothes. The other two brothers were standing there waiting for them.

"Eagle style kung fu?" Itsuki laughed. He did a motion with his fingers and the other brothers followed him to the front of the school.

"Hey!!! Are you going to leave me up here?" Nobari asked. He was perched on the top of an eagle statue that was about 45 feet high. "Hey! How am I suppose to get down?! Someone come help me!!!" Clouds started to gather in the sky and lightning struck everywhere. Nobari cowered under the wing of the eagle while shielding himself from the pelting rain which was coming down hard and fast.

Meanwhile, Haruhi and Aya were running as fast as they could to the bus. They were already soaking wet, and they were relieved to be on the bus. They chose a seat kind of near the front and sat with each other.

"I think there are some interesting things about him," Aya said, referring to Nobari. "You should consider him."

"There's no reason to," Haruhi replied.

"I know, you don't have feelings for him."

"To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I just don't dare think about it."

"How come?"

"It's just that every time a guy confesses to me, I don't see them afterward. I think it's either they regretted their confession or didn't truly like me at all."

Haruhi had a memory of when she was in class. Her teacher was telling a story of Adam and Eve and how their love was like an apple. Which was split into two and thrown into opposite directions of the world. So that Adam and Eve would have to find each other. That's why this world is so lively.

'From then on,' Haruhi thought, 'in order to complete love, we always say that we'll find the other half of that lost apple. How can love be so harsh?'

"Hey!" Aya said. "Look at that guy!" She pointed to a very tall guy who was wearing the regulars' tennis jacket. He had black hair that poked out from underneath his white cap. The two girls could only see the back of the guy's back, but they both knew who he was. His name was Sanada Genichirou, and he was the serious third year at their school who was also the vice captain of the tennis team. He was standing up on the bus and holding on to the pole at the front of the bus for people who stand.

"He's so handsome today, isn't he?" Aya asked. "No wonder all of the girls always confess to him. I say that he might be your half apple! Let me get his number for you!"

"No!" Haruhi whispered. She grabbed the her best friend's arm and pulled her back down to the seat. "Don't make such a big fuss!"

"But he's so handsome!"

Just then, Haruhi gave out a petite yet loud sneeze.

"Are you cold?" Aya asked. "I'll go ask the bus driver to turn it down."

Sanada had heard the sneeze and leaned down towards the bus driver, saying, "Can you please turn down the air conditioner? I think I just heard someone sneeze."

"It's not cold anymore," Haruhi said, oblivious to what Sanada just did for her.

"Don't worry too much," Aya said. "There will be a day when you find your half apple. I'm leaving now. Bye." Aya got off the bus since it was her stop.

'My half apple . . .' Haruhi thought.

A few stops later, Haruhi got off of the city bus, and Sanada followed right behind her. He opened up his umbrella and ran across the street. Haruhi put her bag over her head and ran in the direction Sanada was going since her house was also in the same direction. Once they were across the street, they both stood at the bus stop where there was a small roof that protected them from rain. Haruhi was going to wait the rain out.

Sanada took one look at Haruhi all soaking wet and handed his umbrella to her. He was a gentleman after all, and even though he didn't know her, he was always polite to ladies. "Miss," he said.

Haruhi started at him. She tried to memorize every single little thing about him; the way his face was serious, the fall of his hair off his head under his cap, how tall he was (about 6'4"), and how his eyes were. They were black orbs that showed no emotion in them. His face was hard, it was as if he had never smiled before. Haruhi's hand slowly came out and took the umbrella.

'In that moment of 36 seconds, on the ends of the tree branches, there seemed to float downwards lots of snow-like particles. Lightning appeared in the skies, an old loving couple walked past. Two smiles appeared from a young couple. The traffic lights were like eyes, always blinking. A girl with a decorated umbrella smiled, and a boy stepped in a bit of mud. Across from me, Sanada Genichirou's heart was racing, he blinked at me once, on his right hand there's a watch, he's carrying an umbrella. He handed it to me with his left hand. He runs off so quickly that I think I missed him. His speed was nothing like anything I had ever seen before. He was so fast. Why am I remembering every detail? Every detail before this I wouldn't even pay attention to. Oh . . . I forgot to breath.' Haruhi's mind was racing as she recalled every detail, every single thing that happened when he handed her the umbrella. She had taken a long time to take it. Haruhi's heart was thumping in her chest and she held her tiny right hand to it. Her pale cheeks were flushed a light pink and she realized that for the first time, she had thought about a guy seriously like that. She might have started falling for him . . .

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