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Chapter Three

Lost Haruhi

Ken carefully tried to sneak in the house. He squeezed his body through the door and looked around carefully. He shut the door as quietly as he could and he started to walk along the walls. He felt that if he straightened himself against the walls, he could make himself disappear. He quickly ran to the stairs and looked up. He was so relieved that he said, "I'm safe!"

Behind him, Ren and Sho came up. Ren was in an apron and he held a frying pan in his hands. The two twins looked at Ken suspiciously and Ren took a whack at Ken's head. Ken was startled, and he fell on the steps of the stairs, the pan missing him by inches.

"Where did you go?" Ren asked, holding the frying pan to Ken's neck like a knife.

"Why didn't you answer your phone?" Sho asked. "Do you want to die?" Sho's right hand came up and clenched Ken around his jaw. He shook Ken's head as he asked that.

"No . . . !" Ken said through his squeezed cheeks. "My . . . cell phone ran out of battery."

"Where's Haruhi?" the twins asked simultaneously.

"Haruhi? Isn't she upstairs?" Ken looked up the stairs and started calling for Haruhi. "Haruhi! Haruhi! Sho and Ren are looking for you Haruhi!" Ken turned back to look at the twins. "What happened to Haruhi?"

"Why are you asking me?" Sho asked. "Haruhi is missing, don't you know?"

Ken gave out a startled gasp. He gave out several in fact and his eyes widened in mock surprise. "Haruhi is missing?" he asked. "That's not possible! Haruhi! Come down here! Stop playing!"

The twins exchanged glances at each other before looking back at Ken.

"How did she go missing?" Ken asked.

"Why are you asking us?" Ren asked venomously. He hit Ken's head with the frying pan he was still holding. "When we're not here, you're suppose to be protecting Haruhi! Say it . . . Where did Haruhi go?"

"I . . . I don't know either. I didn't see her today. I'm surprised she's missing, okay? I'll look for her though. She might be inside." Ken stood up from the step of the stairs and he tried to squeeze through his two twin brothers. He started calling for Haruhi again and he opened the dutch front doors just to run into his two oldest brothers coming back in.

"Where's Haruhi? Is she back?" Itsuki, the oldest, asked.

"Not yet," Sho replied.

"Where could she be?" Kurosaki asked. "Did she call yet?"

"No," Ren said. "And even he, the one who is suppose to protect Haruhi doesn't know." Ren pointed at Ken as he said that.

"Momoka Ken!" Itsuki called angrily. Kurosaki followed Itsuki as he stomped angrily after Ken. Ken tried to sneak away, and Kurosaki just pointed an angry finger at him.

Ken ran into the living room. He chose a cushioned chair to hide at. He stuck his head on the seat as if he would turn invisible. Ren and Sho came around the chair and grabbed Ken's feet. They flipped him over so that he was sitting on the back of the chair and facing Itsuki and Kurosaki. Itsuki and Kurosaki each grabbed onto Ken's shoulders, forcing him to look at them.

"Calm down!" Ken said. "Maybe Haruhi went out with Aya for the day. I'll call Aya right now and ask where Haruhi is."

The two oldest brothers let go of Ken and he got up and walked away from them. He took out his phone and put it to his ear.

There was a serious expression on Sho's face as he called out Ken's name. "Ken, didn't you say your phone was out of battery?" It was not unexpected that Sho would catch that. He was a genius after all who usually outsmarted his professors.

All of the older brothers turned to look at him and their eyes were full of disbelief.

"Um, no . . . ," Ken replied nervously. "My phone is weird. Sometimes it has battery, sometimes it doesn't." The brothers continued to stare at Ken suspiciously. "Ah! She answered! I'll ask Aya now where Haruhi is.

"Hi," Aya replied.

"Aya! Where are you?"

"I'm in your house, what do you want?" Aya said all of that while walking down the staircase which was right behind Ken.

"My house?" Ken said in disbelief. He still hadn't turned around so he didn't see her yet.

The four oldest brothers were all looking over Ken's head to Aya who was still walking down the stairs.

Ken suddenly turned around and gasped. "You . . . you . . . What are you doing here?"

"Aya, you're still here?" Ren and Sho asked.

"Yeah!" Aya replied, grabbing onto Ren's arm. "I was sleeping in your bedroom earlier. Your bed is really soft, I had a good sleep." She rested her head on Ren's arm.

While Ren was slipping his arm out of Aya's grasp, all of the other brothers had gotten really close to him and stared at him in a circle.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Ren asked. "Aya was tired from waiting for Haruhi. So she asked if she could sleep in my room." The two oldest just nodded their heads. "Wait! The main point isn't me!" Ren looked at Ken and grabbed his arm to pull him forward. "The main point is him!"

The two eldest brothers started laughing. Itsuki commanded, "Please tell us your responsibilities and mission for living in this family."

Ken looked at him nervously before replying, "One: protect Haruhi. Two: go to school and go home with Haruhi. Three: forbid any guys from going near Haruhi. Four: whatever Haruhi wants, I can only say yes, never no. Five: always pay attention to what Haruhi is doing. Six: Follow Haruhi wherever she goes. Seven: always stay next to Haruhi."

All of the brothers nodded their heads at what Ken said. Itsuki cleared his throat and asked, "Which ones did you manage to accomplish out of those seven points?"

"Aren't all of the seven points the same?" Ken asked.

All of the brothers started laughing before Itsuki asked, "So you really don't know where Haruhi is?"

Ken shook his head no and the brothers continued to keep laughing.

"No way," Kurosaki said.

Ren placed a menacing hand on Ken's shoulder. "I guess if we don't force him to say it, he won't say it. Momoka family transformer! Transform!"

All of the brothers screamed and pushed Ken around in their circle. Ren pushed Ken to the ground and kept him there. Ren got halfway on Ken's back and held onto his left arm. Itsuki took Ken's right arm, Sho took Ken's left leg, and Kurosaki took Ken's right leg. They were all pinning him down.

"Since you couldn't do it, there's no need for you to be alive!" Itsuki said.

"Exactly!" the others agreed. "Say it!"

"Stop!" Ken cried out.

"Supreme technique!" All of the brothers started to tickle Ken. "Say it!"

While Ken was being tortured, Haruhi was just sitting in Sanada's room. She sat on the chair next to his bed and she swung her legs. Sanada was sitting at his window on the window seating and he stared outside. He tried not to look at Haruhi at all.

Haruhi reached for a book from Sanada's shelf and pretended to look through it. She held the book up to her face while sneaking peeks at Sanada. Sanada looked at Haruhi back before he continued to look at the magazine in his lap.

Haruhi looked up and saw Sanada's kendo and tennis uniforms. 'Sanada is practicing kendo too?' she wondered. She continued to stare fixedly on the uniform.

"Hey," Sanada said.

Haruhi turned her head towards him. "What?"

"Are you hungry?" he asked gruffly. He wasn't used to talking to girls politely.

Haruhi shook her head no.

"Then are you thirsty?"

"No, it's okay. Thank you though. You don't need to worry about me. You can keep doing your own things. Just pretend I'm not here."

"A girl that suddenly appeared in my room is not here? Is that what you're asking me to pretend? You want me to pretend that a girl isn't in my room?"

Haruhi looked around awkwardly before saying, "Oh . . . sorry."

Sanada quickly closed his magazine in frustration and left the room suddenly. He seemed to be very angry.

'He . . . is so cold to me.' Haruhi thought. 'Totally unlike yesterday, when he gave me his umbrella. Is it because he doesn't remember me? No way, he should at least remember me a little bit.'

Itsuki was staring out the window in the living room with his arms crossed. All of the other brothers were sitting on the couches and waiting. Ren was making a phone call to who knew.

"You guys are all exaggerating," Ken said. He rubbed his arm because he was still hurt. "It's only 4:20 right now! Do you guys have to be this worried?"

All of the brothers then had a flashback. It was a memory of when Ken was still a baby. Their father had all scolded them because they had decided to draw on Ken.


"I told you not to draw on him!" their father yelled. "I told you all to watch over him and yet you can't even do that! Look at you, like a wild kid. You'll see when Mom comes back!" All of the boys were dirty.

"I'm back!" their mother called out. She seemed to be in a very happy mood, and she had Haruhi in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. "How did you get so dirty? Naughty." She then walked away smiling. She didn't even yell at them. "Come eat cake with Haruhi!" she called back.

"Mom is weird," Itsuki stated.

"Come! Look, it's a girl!" their mother called out. "Did you see her? She's a girl! A sister! Finally!"

~Flashback End~

"Ever since Haruhi was born, Mom's personality changed completely," Itsuki said. "From a violent queen, to a kind mother for the four of us."

"Yes," Sho said, "Mom even sealed the hand that she used to hit us all of the time."

Itsuki sighed. He stood up and walked away, saying, "Well, go and assign routes, then we'll all split up and go search for Haruhi."

'God, they'll definitely lose reasoning on anything that has to do with Haruhi,' Ken thought.

"Where did you guys go before?" Kurosaki asked.

The four eldest brothers were gathered around the dining room table. It had a gigantic map of the whole city on it.

"Turned left at the door and followed this door," Ren said as he pointed on the map which direction he took.

The brothers continued to talk about what places they hadn't searched yet and where else they should search.

'But . . .' Ken thought. 'This is so going as what Haruhi and I planned. The next thing is . . . how can I move from the storage room? I should take out my secret weapon now!'

"I'm sure she's hiding, so we can't find her," Sho added into the conversation. "Whatever, just search carefully when we go out."

Ken took out the paper from his pocket and cleared his throat before saying in a robotic tone, "'Give Ken his room back. Give rights to Ken.'"

All of the brothers turned around to look at Ken.

"'If not,'" Ken continued to read, "'I'll never come back home, Haruhi'" Ken turned around to face his brothers. "I think this is why Haruhi ran away! We should do what she tells us to do, and then she'll come back."

Ren walked over menacingly towards Ken. He yanked the piece of paper out of Ken's hand and said, "Let me see." After a long pause Ren said, "Momoka Ken!" He ripped up the piece of paper in front of Ken. "It's obvious that you wrote this yourself! Do you understand what type of situation we're in? Or are you still joking around? Do you want to die?"

"No! I wasn't joking!" Ken said.

"Heh," Itsuki said, "ignore the idiot over there. We have more important things to do. We have to find Haruhi. There's no way she's not coming back."

"Wait," Kurosaki said in a frustrated tone. He turned around quickly to face Itsuki, "What if Haruhi's been in an accident and got hurt and can't come back?"

"No way. I already told you about the nearby hospitals and police stations to take care of her. If something happens to her, I'll know right away."

"What if Haruhi got kidnapped?" Kurosaki shouted.

"Kidnapped?" Ken repeated.

"This is possible," Sho agreed. "Haruhi looks really cute. Perverts like those kind exist! And yesterday, I saw a notice saying that a rapist that likes to kidnap young girls appeared recently here on the neighborhood bulletin board."

"Yes!" Kurosaki shouted. "I heard that he usually drives the kidnapped girl to the mountaintop with a car. And then . . . And then he'll . . ."

The four brothers then had a vision of Haruhi up in the mountains with a ghoul standing over her carrying an ax as she ran away screaming.

Sho's eyes were wide as he said, "Then the rapist will do that and that to Haruhi! And finally . . . do that!"

"Wait . . . wait a second!" Ken exclaimed as he rushed up to his brothers. "Don't be so worried. Did you forget? Haruhi is an expert at kendo and judo! Whatever the danger is, she can definitely defeat the guy and run away."

"What if the guy is not someone who can be defeated with judo?" Ren asked. "Like a professional wrestler . . . or a monster? Or like in the X files! Haruhi got abducted by aliens to be experimented!"

Sho had a look on his face that was a mix of fear, disgust, and worry. He was surprised at what his twin had said. "Where did the aliens come from?" he asked.

Ren suddenly had a vision of an alien coming towards Haruhi as she was in a tunnel and her running away in horror. Ren shook his head and said, "I can't think about that anymore. This is way too scary! Let's call the police!"

"We can't," Itsuki stated. "Haruhi hasn't been missing for twenty-four hours yet. There's no use in calling the police right now."

"I don't care about that! I don't want Haruhi to be abducted by aliens!"

"Calm down, we'll think it through."

"I'll go save Haruhi!"

Ren ran off after saying that, and as the other brothers tried to say something, Sho ran after him too.

"It's not like that!" Ken shouted. 'Crap, the plan failed!' "I'm coming too!

Ken got on his bike and started to pedal towards Sanada's house.

"Haruhi!" Ken called out. "Haruhi! Come home now Haruhi!" Ken ran up to the fence that was right outside of Sanada's room. He banged on it and shouted, "Sanada! Sanada! Where's Haruhi? Bring her down I need to take her home!"

Sanada had opened the window when Ken had started calling for him. He looked behind himself and into his room when Ken asked where Haruhi was. Sanada gave out a sigh of frustration as he walked down the stairs and out the door to where Ken was. He opened the door to the gate that surrounded his house and let Ken in.

"Your sister left two hours ago," Sanada stated gruffly. He turned around and started walking back towards his house.

"Two hours?" Ken asked. "No. I didn't see her on the way back here."

"You didn't?"

"Sanada, did Haruhi say where she was going?"

"No. But earlier . . ."

"Earlier? Earlier what?"

"Maybe . . ."

"May . . . Maybe what?"

"Maybe it's because of one small reason. I yelled at her."

"Yelled? You yelled at Haruhi?"


Haruhi was leaning her head against the wall with her eyes closed. She looked a bit sick.

"Are you okay?" Sanada asked.

Haruhi lifted her head a little and shook her head. She quickly leaned back against the wall though.

"No. you're not okay." Sanada leaned over to get a closer look at Haruhi. "You're sweating. Do you not feel well?"

"Bathroom," Haruhi whispered.

"Bathroom?" Sanada asked. He cocked his head in confusion.

"I want to use the bathroom. But . . . I held it in for too long, and now I don't feel well."

"Why didn't you tell me?" There was a hint of annoyance in Sanada's voice.

"I didn't . . . want to . . . bother you . . ."

"You're not bothering me! Bathroom is right there! In front!" Sanada's voice was rising and he started to move his hands in frustration. Haruhi could see that he was angry. Sanada didn't take stupidity. He hated it. "It's not good if you hold it in too long! How can you hold it in, these kinds of things?" Sanada exhaled angrily and motioned his hand towards the bathroom in a quick fashion that indicated he had no patience left. "Go quickly." Sanada turned around suddenly and stormed out of his room. He slammed the door as he left.

~Flashback End~

"You really yelled at Haruhi . . . ," Ken sighed.

"Ken, I'm sorry," Sanada apologized. "I didn't exactly mean to do that because I don't know how to interact with a girl. So I might have said something rude."

"Everybody's loved her since she was a child. Nobody would yell at her. I think she's really depressed. I have to quickly find her!"

"Ken, I'll go with you."

The two got on their bikes and rode away. They rode to the main part of the city and they crossed a bridge.

"Haruhi!" Ken shouted. "Where are you? Haruhi!"

"Momoka Haruhi!" Sanada shouted out.

The two continued to yell out Haruhi's name and ask where she was.

Ken stopped in front of a woman and asked. "Did you see a girl with pigtails about this tall wearing a white shirt with a picture of a horse on it?" Ken used hand motions to describe Haruhi. He held his hand a little bit lower than his head to describe her height, and he held both of his hands to the sides of his head to describe her pigtails.

"No," the woman replied.

"Are you sure?"

"I didn't see her."

"Thank you."

"Let's go!" Sanada said.

The continued to call out her name.

Ken's cries were getting more desperate. A picture of Haruhi popped into Ken's mind. 'Always I thought that it's all because of Haruhi that I became the unliked one in the family. Although I hate her a little bit sometimes, I even wished if Haruhi didn't exist, it'll be much better. But . . . I'll never find a cuter and nicer sister like her again. If something really happens to Haruhi, I'll never forgive myself!'

Sanada stopped all of a sudden and there was a look of concentration on his face. He saw a whole bunch of people gathered around the edge of the river.

"What?" Ken asked. "Did you see her?"

"There." Sanada pointed at the people. "Why are there so many people right there?"

"Haruhi!" There was a figure in the water with long, dark hair, and that figure was just lying the water. The figure was wearing white. Ken rode down to the edge of the river.

"Ken!" Sanada went after him, but Ken was going too fast because of his desperation. "Ken, wait for me."

The two saw a sign on the river's edge that said, "No swimming."

"Haruhi! I'm coming to save you!" Ken shouted. He dropped his bike and ran down further. He slide down the bank and into the river.

"Ken, be careful!" Sanada slid down into the river too.

The water went up to their knees as they both splashed towards the figure in white. They ran quickly and desperately towards the figure, and they could see that the figure had pigtails too. They called Haruhi's name over and over again.

Sanada reached the figure first and grabbed it under the armpits. As he lifted it, his expression changed to shock and anger. The figure was nothing more than a mannequin.

"What is that thing?" Ken asked.

Sanada handed the mannequin to Ken.

Ken screamed out, "What kind of person threw this in the river? I thought it was Haruhi!"

Sanada sighed and grabbed the mannequin back. The two started to climb back up the bank and a man came to help them. Sanada got up by himself while he was carrying the mannequin, but Ken had to use of the mannequin's arms that fell of to get on the bank.

"Guys, don't go down like that," the man that helped them scolded. "It's dangerous down there. Be careful, you might die from it."

The two said their apologies to the man.

"You thought it was Haruhi too?" Ken asked to Sanada.

"It's because you jumped down so I got all anxious." Sanada noticed that Ken was walking with a limp. "Is your leg okay?"

"I think I twisted it."

"Twisted ankle." Sanada bent down to observe the ankle. "Do you want to come to my family's clinic to get it checked?"

"I thought your family owned a dojo!"

"We have a clinic too."

"It's fine. I'm okay. Let's keep looking for Haruhi."

"Hey!" a voice called out to the two from higher up. It was Haruhi. She had changed her clothes and her hair. She was wearing a pretty white sundress with red flower prints on the bottom. Her hair was changed into a side braid (called a mermaid braid), and she tied it with a ribbon. It almost looked too good to be casual. "What are you guys doing?"

Ken was overjoyous when he saw his sister. He ran/limped his way up to her. "Haruhi!" He almost fell, but Haruhi helped him, and when he got back on his feet, he hugged her right away.

Sanada slowly made his way up to the siblings.

"What did you do?" Haruhi asked. "Why are you all wet?"

"Where did you go earlier?" Ken asked. "Did you know we were looking all around for you? Sanada even jumped in the river to save you!"

Haruhi turned her head to look at Sanada.

Sanada cleared his throat and held up the mannequin. "I thought this was you," he stated. "So I jumped into the river."

"You jumped in the river because of me," Haruhi said incredulously.

"I didn't want anything to happen to you because of me."

"Haruhi," Ken said, "where did you go?"

Haruhi lowered her head and whispered, "I went home to use the bathroom."

"Went home to go to the bathroom?"

"Don't worry. I climbed up the construction. I went back home."

"This is not the main problem! Why would you go back home to use the bathroom? And you are only going to the bathroom, why did you change your clothes?"

Haruhi shook her head as he was talking, but when Ken mentioned how she changed her clothes, she gave him a wide eyes glare.

"I didn't!" Haruhi said in a panicked voice. She was holding onto her dress. "I'm always like this!"

"Stop joking," Ken said. "You never dress this way."

Haruhi shook her head "no" to Ken to tell him to shut up but he didn't get the point. Haruhi's eyes were wide in embarrassment and she didn't want Ken to be saying all of that in front of Sanada. The truth was that Haruhi had changed because of Sanada. She wanted to look extra pretty so that Sanada could notice her a bit more.

"I think you're a bit weird today, Haruhi," Ken said.

"I'm not," Haruhi said. Her voice was still panicked and she dared to glance at Sanada. His face was emotionless and it did not have any indication that he knew she had changed for him.

"Haruhi, now is not the time to talk about this," Ken said. "Hurry and go home with me!" Ken grabbed Haruhi's hand and led her away. He looked back at Sanada. "Sanada! Thank you for finding Haruhi with me! We're leaving! Bye bye."

"Bye," Sanada called out.

Haruhi looked back at Sanada several times with a look of longing on her face. She didn't want to leave him yet. She planted her feet and would not go further. She had just seen Sanada. She didn't want to go yet! "Ken! What are you doing?"

"The plan failed. They got all crazy and are looking for you. If we don't go back the whole thing will go out of control."

"Then wait for at least one second and let me thank Sanada-san!"


Haruhi turned towards Sanada and bowed. "Thank you! Bye."

Sanada gave a wave back at the siblings.

Haruhi got on the back of Ken's bike and the siblings both turned around and waved bye.

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