The Calloway Saga

by Baxley & CourtneyHawk

(I do not own anything from Commander in Chief and am not getting any money from this.)

*note: My Mackenzie Allen is a bit different from the TV series character. Everything about this story is original, including the names of their children. Many thanks to my friend, CourtneyHawk, for this original piece of work.


Kansas City, Missouri 1998

"History are those moments in time. Where that first step can lead us to better and brighter things."

Rod Calloway walked around his class room and picked up a note from one of his high school students. He playfully started to read. "That and Kelsey Zack here wants to go to the prom with you." He snickers putting down the note at the girl's desk with a grin.

"Mister Calloway, is your wife really running to be Mayor?" Zack was annoyed at the man, his 10thgrade history teacher.

"Deputy Mayor," Rod answered back now looking forward to the minutes clicking down off the clock. It was his first day back and it was election day of all things. He had taken sometime off to help Mac with her city wide campaign.

"My dad says she's gonna get creamed!" The young man smirks as the bell rang.

Rod let out an inward groan. He had spent half the night telling Mackenzie it was okay for her to lose an election. The teasing of this student wasn't helping him much. He started to pack up as the kids all left his class room. "Marie!" he smiles seeing Mac's mother walk in holding Justin tight in her arms.

"Granny and I hung out buttons tooo-day," Justin flashed a bright smile.

"You did?! That's great son." He took the young boy and exchanged a how-is-she-doing look with Marie Allen.

"Nervous as hell," she said in front of the young boy. He noticed the look on Rodrick's face and laughed. "Come on, the boy is going to be in a politically family. He will have to get used to a little swearing."

"I talked her into taking on Dylan Selders," Rod frowned. The Republican Deputy Mayor was facing charges and yet the public still liked the man.

"You and Congressman Stevenson have done all you can. I know you love her, Rodrick, but my girl can stand on her own two feet. Now get on! We come here to pick yer ass up," she laughed, waving her son-in-law onward.

Rod walked down the long hallways holding little Justin. The students all in their lockers or running off to some practice or talking about heading home. He shifted past the bee hive of activity with his mother-in-law as they hit her late model car. He couldn't as of yet afford two cars on a teacher's salary. He had depend on the Allen's to pick him up as Mac used their car to campaign in.

"Mama cried today," Justin frowned looking at Rod as Marie put Justin in his car seat.

"Marie?" Rod frowned looking towards her.

"Nerves, Rodrick, now drive us! I've been driving all day!" she laughed as she handed Rod the car keys. "Move it! Your going to miss her at the dealership at this rate."


Mackenzie Allen Calloway used her bright smile to win over another voter. It was hiding out timid she felt at this first real run at anything. She remembered the very first day when she told Rod she wanted to run for this office. Then Rod did something she didn't' expect. Course she should had expected it. He always did something like this. He had called up his old friend, the Joplin Congressman Clark Stevenson, and put a run together for her. "Thank you for your support!" She shook yet another hand offering yet another smile.

Rod pulled up and couldn't hide that big goofy grin as he watched her. He had those images in his head.

"Get your head out of the clouds, Rodrick," Marie teased, laughing getting out of the car with Justin in her arms. She walked over quickly taking her place kissing Mac's cheek. "Hello sweetheart your hubby has his head up in the clouds again."

"I'll come back down to earth for you," Rod finally spoke up walking to stand beside wife.

"Later," Mac teased and laughed. "My mother's here."

"Oh, Good Lord! You two are worse now than the day I finally married you off."

"Mommy and Daddy do kissie," Justin smirked, reaching out to pull his parents away.

"Howdy!" A voter walks up, taking Mac's hand. "How come you let this little lady run, Calloway?" The man a native Texan turns to Rob with a smirk. He was a transplant here in Kansas city. "Politics really should be man's work."

"Man's work?" Mac just stood their raising an eyebrow.

"Well you see, I like to think she's smarter than me," Rod make remark back towards the voter. "I hope if we are lucky enough to have a daughter one day she'll be inspired to do things her mother did."

Mac looked up at Rod wondering how far did he think she would go. "Oh, you rascal! I just want to be a deputy mayor. Rod has visions of me in the White House with his day dreams."

"Is that so wrong? The boy's always been a dreamer, and that's what I like about him," Marie laughs.

"Well good luck to you, Mrs Calloway," he takes her hand before walking off. Rod frowns looking at Mac.

"What is it?" Mac frowned at her husband's glance.

"You know, I miss the days when I could defend your honor by threatening to punch a guy's lights out that would insult you," Rod snickered. "Woman's work, indeed"

"Rod, you were never the type to do that sort of stuff anyway," she laughed taking another hand and looks at him. "This was a mistake. I should have stayed home with Justin these long months." She whispered to him while shaking another hand. "My mother sees more of our son than I do."

"Take a deep breath, dear. He'll understand," Marie grinned.

"Will he?" she sighed, and they now walked together leaving her mother in charge of Justin.

"Tonight it will be all over with. You won't have to campaign ..."

"Ever again," she finished his sentence for him with a smirk. "Oh Rod, I'm happy here. Why would I ever want to leave?"

"Clark wants to retire at some point," he tried to tempt her with another race. "He needs to retire as he puts it."

"Washington? I don't want to go there! We are getting way ahead of ourselves. Rod, I haven't even won this election yet."

"Governor's race then?" Rod teased.

"ROD!" she blushed as a campaign worker over heard them. "He isn't serious, Gale. He's just teasing me because I'm a little nervous about tonight."

"You'll do fine," she smiled and moved on, and did a double take as she noticed Rodrick Calloway nuzzling his wife's neck.

"Rod, do you really want to start that now?" she looked around, still feeling nervous but loving his attention. "We have a few hundred more hands to shake."

"I am warming you up for the main event."

"What's the main event?" she was curious.

"You, me, deputy mayor's office," he wiggled his eyebrows and laughed, looking at her blushing face.

"Oh Rod!" she looks around and grasp another hand as they go inside the small meeting room with the campaign staff of four people."We don't even know if I'll win. He could still pull it out."

"He'll be in the jump suit before the month is out. I like to think the voters aren't that stupid."

Mac looks at him. Her eyes twinkling with a hint of foresight which was rare for her the gift her Aunt had. "We both know the voters have ways of turning on you. Aren't you the history teacher?" Mac reached over whispering towards a gray haired staff woman.

Rod frowned, because when his wife was right....she was right. "Not today, and not this time. I think your safe."

Mac smiled as she took his hand leading him towards one of those seats that couldn't really fit his large frame. She asked a few more questions of her staff before turning on the television waiting on the local news to come on.

The long list of national elections was hard to sit through. The workers and Mac shifted in their chairs. If they had gone near the judge's office like Mac's father had suggested, they would know the results even sooner. Rod frowned knowing Mac couldn't handle upsetting her father. She wanted to impress him with this win.

'In the local races' The announcer was on, and the local news finally started giving them the first shots of the Mayor's race. Of course the Mayor had the big going out party. He was going to loose this year, but what of the deputy race? Rod let out an groan watching his wife chew on her finger nails. What was he doing to her? Did he really want to do this every two to four years?

'A shocking yet not unsurprising turn of events as newcomer Mackenzie Allen Calloway has won the deputy Mayor's race. With the current and outgoing deputy mayor facing charges I hope Mrs. Calloway is ready to face having to clean up his mess!'

Mac jumped up wrapping her arms around the huge man's neck as she soon turned to hug her son and mother.

"You did it!" Rod grinned with pride. "I told you nothing to worry about."

"On a scale of one to ten how worried were you really?" Mac nuzzled his neck holding him tight.

"A two," he teased.

"A two?" Mac looked upset. "Is that it? I mean after all my nail biting! What's a ten, Mister Calloway?"


"Clowns?" Mac looked shocked and started to protest. "That has you worried? Not the fact your poor wife could have been bitterly defeated by a crook?" she pouts trying to get a reaction out of him.

"Have you seen the make up?" he chuckles kissing her noise.

"TEASE!" she frowned and kissed him. "Oh Rod let's go home. Justin looks so tired, and Mom needs to go get Daddy from the court house."

Rod took the little boy from his mother-in-law and headed off towards the waiting car.

"Mommy won! Mommy won! Mommy won! Mommy won!" Justin sang to a smiling Mac. "I want something!"

"What's that?" Rod raised an eyebrow looking at Mac.

"Baby!" Justin flashed a huge smile. He had been trained for weeks by his grandmother to say this. Justin, of course, did anything the woman wanted. He adored Marie Allen.

"Justin, honey you can't have a baby," Mac smiled, helping him into his seat as she climbed into her own.

"Not me, Mommy! You Mommy!" Justin laughed as his parents both blushed.

"Your mother's been talking to him again," Rod was amused. "She still thinks we are going to have our own baseball team."

"Let her carry them all," Mac laughed as Rod pulled away.


Later that night Mac couldn't sleep looking up at the ceiling all the weight of the world on her shoulders. She had put her son to bed, and Rod of course had read him a story like he did every night. "Rod are you awake?"

Rod lifted up his head smirking. "When you gnaw on your fingernails like that I can't sleep. It's like saw blades," he teased reaching out taking her hands. "What's going on Mac? What's wrong?"

"Oh Rod, I don't know if I can take this every time. I mean my nerves are still on edge. I can't sleep and... I won."

Rod lifted himself up and gathered her into his arms. "You won, but there will be days you'll loose. That is the nature of the game. That is what Clark would tell me over and over and over and over again." He rolled his eyes resting his head on her shoulders.

"I don't want to fail."

"Then don't," Rod smiles and started to kiss her neck. "Your my deputy mayor now." He moved his hand towards her right breast feeling the silk of her nightgown. He pulled at her strap of her gown, nipping at her shoulder.

Mac felt her temperature starting to rise as Rod's hands started to tease her body. "You really want to make my mother happy don't you?" She moaned.

"I'm not thinking about your mother right now."

Rod lowered her slowly to the bed. She had been so busy with the campaign and he had been so busy with school but now it was time to relax and show his wife how much he truly loved her. Kissing her deeply she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as deeply. Tonight was their night and this moment theirs and theirs alone.

Swearing in Day......................

The City Hall was all decorated for the swearing in of the new Mayor and especially the new Deputy Mayors. Mac was one of two but the way she glowed Rod felt like she should have been the only one.

"Hey Rodrick!" Marie Allen walked up to him leaving her husband's side and taking his free arm as Rod was holding a sleeping Justin in his other. Justin was way too big to be carried around like that but Rod didn't mind. "So, what are you going to name the new baby?" she teased as Justin woke up.

"Baby? he looked at his Father.

Rod raised an eyebrow at his Aunt Reene. Marie Allen always had these 'feelings.' He didn't want to tell the woman that he had those 'feelings' too at times. "New baby? Marie, we haven't had time ….," he blushed before finishing.

Marie chuckled at him, looking at a happy Justin. "Yeah kid! You're gonna have a sibling at last. And guess what? There's gonna be tons more!" she laughed. "You remember that blue bird story? Pass it on!" she whispered in Justin's ear before leaving them alone and as Mac was being sworn in.