The Calloway Saga

Chapter 11


(Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Commander in Chief)

By Baxley and CourtneyHawk with the help of Rachel

Generations will reap what I sow. I can pass on a curse or a blessing to those I will never know.

Six months had gone by and things were at an all time fever pitch in the caves. Fritz had smuggled in alcohol, a product that had been strictly forbidden. The area he occupied with his girls had turned into a money making scheme for him. Using handmade screens his girls helped relieve the need of many of the men that lived in the caves behind them. Hoarding some of the drugged chocolates he plied several high ranking officers and political leaders to take advantage of his trade. Only he knew their exploits were being recorded. When they finally were able to go back to the surface he planned on using his "movies" to his advantage.

The love potion was working very well, almost too well. Already the farm animals had bred several times and produced three or more generations. The small beef cattle herd was beginning to expand into a nearly uncontrollable one, despite the fact that many of them had been harvested. The same was true for the other animals. Room on the farm level was becoming difficult to find and so many of the smaller animals were allowed to roam freely throughout the other levels. It was common for families to share their living areas or corridors with rabbits, chickens or ducks. Still others had to contend with goats or lambs. Many people were finding it difficult to live in such conditions.

And then there was the teenagers. It seemed every female between the ages of thirteen and eighteen was pregnant, including the two oldest Calloway daughters. Jenny and Jazzy, who were both due on the same day.

When they had first arrived the two scientists had convinced C.J. And Jazzy to visit the small tents that had been constructed in the farm area. Inside was a full sized bed, a bottle of champagne, red roses and a box of special chocolates. The very air was permeated with the potion. Unable to resist, C.J. and Jazzy took advantage of the tent, spending hours making love. When they had finished they saw Jenny and Sam also leaving another tent at the same time. That had happened on the second day of the cave occupancy. Now six months later both girls were profoundly pregnant.

The adults were, of course, upset and dismayed and had several meetings trying to figure out what to do. Inviting the other cave occupants to also meet they found every one of the married women also pregnant as well as many of the single women.

Nine months after moving into the caves thousands of babies were being born. Jenny and Sam had a girl named Lacey Evans. Jazzy and C.J. had a boy named Arthur Jacob Baier calling him A.J. Less than two months later all the girls were pregnant again.

"Rod," Mac looked at him. "We need to meet with someone in charge and find out what's going on. This is ridiculous. Our children are being taken advantage of and used as guinea pigs."

Rod frowned knowing Mac was right. They had to look into this. "We'll question the kids now, because after all we have to figure out who is leading this. I can't believe all of this is going on! Jazzy and C.J. are way too young to be parents. Even Jenny is too young to me." Rod shook his head thinking how this had gone so wrong, and the comet wasn't even here yet!

In the huge caves all the young C.J. could think about or even desire was to be with his young girlfriend. Oh, he had started to love his son, but anytime they were alone he was aided by officials and he ended up with Jazzy. Making love to her was all he wanted to do. He hated to admit it but C.J. was loving every moment. So was his buddy, Sam Evans, as they talked.

"I can't help it, Sam. I really love Jazzy. We used to just hang out, but now it always involves light kissing that turns into something much, much more!"

"I know what you mean," Sam frowned, recalling the times him and Jenny just enjoyed being together rather than just 'being together'.

"I have to get going. I'm going to see AJ. I think the Calloway's nanny is going to let me. Wanna tag along to see if you can see Lacey?"

"They won't allow us to see them together. Mrs Calloway said its hard to keep track of us both while we are both in the same area."

"That's because last time we did it you ran off with Jenny," C.J. smirked at his young friend but then got the rush of desire caused by some sort of smell coming from the vents directed towards them.

"Yeah, let's try it anyway," Sam finally agreed, getting the smell as well.

The "smell" permeated the area causing all the young people to be drawn together. Most of the girls were already pregnant with their second child and if they weren't they soon will be.

Fritz Fowler, the Secretary of Defense, roared with laughter as the scientists, Kozy and Haven, were reporting to him the results of the love potion. They were also concerned about the side effects they were seeing when the potion was misted throughout the level that was being used in the air vents.

"Sir," Neil Kozy frowned, "when the potion was ingested the animals mated for hours but they tended to mate with one partner. However, when the potion was delivered as a mist the results were much more difficult to predict. Certain animals received larger amounts of the potion and their behavior was wild and uncontrollable. Not only did they mate more often in a given period of time, they mated with a multiple number of partners. One chimpanzee female mated with 34 different males in an hour. We had to separate her for well being but she was wild with lust, as were the males. We had to eventually sedate her to keep her from tearing out of her cage."

"When we turned off the mist it took three hours for the potion to drop to normal levels," Haven added. "Sir, we're all for doing our part to help the survival of the human species but we're very concerned that if the potion is used wrongly there could be serious repercussions."

"Well, the last thing I want is to cause anyone any serious health problems," Fowler told them with a wicked gleam in his eye. "But tell me about the Militant potion. How are the kids reacting to it?"

Kozy sighed. "No problems, so far. All of the children ages five through ten that are eligible are building muscle and strength that are within above normal but not dangerous levels."

"They are also maturing emotionally at a faster rate than those that are not involved in the program," Haven told him. "When there are twins involved we purposefully separate the two in order to compare them."

"What about the Calloway twins?" Fowler was referring to Joel and Josh.

"Things are going as predicted," Kozy told him. "We purposefully eliminated the female Calloway twin girls so that they could be used later as breeders."

"Very good," Fowler chuckled. "I want you to up the dosage of the love potion in the chocolate that you deliver to my level," he instructed them. He intended using his time in the caves to become richer than he already was.