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Author's note: A group of drabbles, all of them a hundred word…ish. Hope you like it.

"Let me tell you about my boy"

Author: Lorien Lupin


Here's something you may not know about my son Shikamaru, he was born after ten months, one day of gestation. By the end of it, Yoshino wanted to take the damn kid out of herself with a kitchen knife and sake for anaesthetic. The medic nins had check her and the baby, when the nine months came and go; to Yoshino's relief and frustration, the kid was fine, he just seemed a little too comfortable in his watery home. He took his sweet time to get out, and when he did get out, he forgot to cry at all and scared the heck out of us for the few seconds that it took the medics to slap the shortest wail ever out of the sleeping baby.


Author's Note: as you can see, the drabbles are only numerated and not name, they will be in chronological order, I'm uploading 3 at once, please comment if you like it.