Konohamaru looked down into the basket in front of him and scrunched up his face in uncertainty. He glanced up at the woman standing proudly opposite from him before looking down again. His nose wrinkled a bit in disgust as he continued to contemplate the baskets contents. Finally having enough he raised his eyes back to Kurenai and, with all the grace and tact typical of a thirteen year old boy, declared:

"It's a girl" he spoke the word 'girl' as if it was some kind of horrid disease. His mother promptly smacked him up the back of his head from her position beside him and hissed at him to 'be polite.'

Kurenai, having become accustomed to Konohamaru's ways over the years, simply smiled, a bit of mischief dancing in her eyes.

"So is our Hokage," she replied, "best be careful, or you might end up losing the title to this little one someday."

Konohamaru looked absolutely appalled and horrified at the prospect.

"But... But she's all pink and squishy! How could something like that," he pointed at the baby's basket, "ever hope to become a shinobi let alone the … Ouch! Stop smacking me!"

Seeing his mother raise her hand again, he quickly shut his mouth and side stepped out of range. Kurenai smirked at him.

I was thinking of asking Naruto if he would be her personal trainer." she stated, in the same casual tone of voice people generally use to comment on the weather.

Konohamaru gaped like a fish and his mother shot a dark look at Kurenai, knowing that the other woman was purposely riling her son up.

"You can't do that!" Konohamaru bellowed when he finally found his voice again, "Naruto was my boss first! He is my only rival for the position of Hokage! And I will not allow you to steal him away for your own twisted purposes!"

He was pointing dramatically at her, one foot on the table, by the time he had finished and had, of course, woken the baby from her sleep. Kurenai tried to suppress her victorious smile as she picked up the wailing infant to calm her. Konohamaru's mother, on the other hand, had admitted defeat and was sitting with her elbows on the table and her head cradled in her hands.

"Great Hokage that child is loud!" Konohamaru stated while wincing, "have you already started teaching her diversionary tactics?"

A small noise that could have been a snort or a small sob came from his mother at this comment. Kurenai just chuckled.

"No, she's just getting our attention. She's hungry now that she's awake." she answered.

"Well can I get her bottle or something?" he asked, looked hopeful, "Anything to make that stop."

"Oh no, thank you, but she isn't bottle fed," Kurenai smiled, shifting the baby off of her shoulder so that the little one lay across one of Kurenai's arms.

"What? Then how does she eat!?" Konohamaru asked, looking both confused and exasperated.

His mother's head shot up from the table, followed quickly by the rest of her body as she jumped up and grabbed his ear.

"Home!" She said, sounding frazzled, "We're going home!" And she began dragging him towards the door.

"Ow! What the hell! I was just asking! MOM!" Konohamaru's voice faded out of the house as Kurenai threw her head back and laughed.

AN: The idea for this occurred to me shortly after reading WhymustIwrite's brilliant story first introductions (if you haven't read it, go check out my favorites, it's there and it's brilliant) That gave me the idea of ninja babies and parents interacting and this was spawned.