A/N: So this story is going to be AU. After 1x10, Chuck left and he didn't come back. So everything after that never happened. Also, I don't know why I've been hating on Nate so much lately, it's just that for this story I didn't trust myself to create a new character that would play such a major part. But for the record, I actually quite like Nate's character, especially this season.

This is my first deliberately multi-chapter story since my very first story (as requested by ohh its love), so I'm not sure how it is going to turn out, and I'm going to try and update as quickly as possible, but I can't guarantee anything…

This was it, he was coming back. Ten years later and he was going to make his grand re-entrance to New York.

Things were certainly different than they had been when he left. His best friend was now a city council member, one of the youngest ever, and he was married to the one girl Chuck had ever loved. Nate and Blair had gotten married after they had finished college, though they had been together since childhood, with Blair's relationship with Chuck becoming just a minor speed bump along the way that Nate still had no knowledge of.

Their marriage was part of the reason, actually a major part of the reason why Chuck was moving back to the city. He had not been able to make it to their wedding, despite Nate's request for him to be a groomsman, and if he had been present he almost certainly would have either been sick at the sight of the two of them together or he would have put a stop to the mistake that was being made. In every picture and every video Chuck saw of the beautiful couple, Blair looked miserable. Sure she put on the perfect society face, with the bright smile and flawless appearance, but Chuck had always been able to read her, and he could see the unhappiness behind her mask.

He knew better than anyone else what she looked like when she was completely and totally content. He had seen it pretty much every second of their short affair together back in high school.

Being apart from her and Nate all these years had not lessened his feelings for her, feelings that he had never experienced prior to nor since being with her. And the time and distance hadn't diminished the hurt he still felt when he thought of the night of the debutante ball and seeing her and Nate together.

He loved her. It was something he could only admit to himself; never out loud and definitely never to anyone else, but he was sure that it would quickly become clear to the world when he saw her again in person.

Nate had been the best friend Chuck had ever had, it was true, but he and Blair had never been right for each other. Blair was Chuck's; they were perfect together, and Chuck had let Nate have her without a fight ten years ago, but now he was back to claim what was his.

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