Treasure Hunters

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Chapter 1: Good Luck Charm

Suggested Track: "Seven Deadly Sins," Flogging Molly

Franky and Brook were enjoying some evening drinks in the galley: cola and green tea, respectively. The radio was turned low, playing some old orchestral piece, and they were relaxing in the cool night air, telling dirty jokes and recalling old stories. The Grand Line was a magnificent place when it wanted to be, and now, between islands, the Straw Hat crew wanted to have as much fun as they possibly could. Unfortunately, there was always a buzz kill, and it usually came from the same man.

"Franky," Zoro barked from the door. The cyborg gritted his teeth, looking nervously over at the Santoryu swordsman, who had his bandanna tied on his head and his eyes dark with anger. He forced a grin and waved.

"Hey, Zoro-bro! Looking for a bit of sake?"

"Franky, I have a riddle for you," Zoro said, his voice bitingly cold. "What's three feet tall and not supposed to drink cola?"

"Aw, come on, Zoro-bro!" Franky rolled his eyes. "Will you just live a little-"

"Let me rephrase the question." Zoro drew one sword. "What is three feet tall, three years old, and not supposed to drink cola?"

"Zoro, the kid ain't gonna die over a little caffeine-" Brook had begun to back away from the table, chuckling nervously, as Zoro drew a second sword.

"Let me rephrase the question!" Zoro snapped. "What is three feet tall, three years old, has green hair, and is not supposed to drink cola?"

"Let the girl have fun, she's not in any danger!" The third sword was in Zoro's mouth so fast Franky barely even saw his hand move.

"One last try! What is three feet tall, three years old, has green hair, is not supposed to drink cola, and is hanging off of the goddamn rigging?!"

"Shit, Gilly!" Franky jumped up from the table and rushed onto the main deck, followed by armed-to-the-teeth Zoro and a strolling, whistling Brook. Sanji, Nami, and Robin were staring up at the crow's nest of the Thousand Sunny, where a small child was hanging off the rigging, giggling with glee and swinging around. Luffy was standing directly below her, calling out her name with an identical grin on his face. Roronoa D. Gilea was never one to miss out on an adventure.

Gilea was three feet tall, a bit more than three years old, weighed about twenty-six pounds, had green hair (like her father) and button-black eyes (also like her father.) (She was also not supposed to drink cola, by order of her father, but that was a different story.) She was considered the ship's good luck charm simply on the virtue of surviving from conception to birth. She was considered, informally, a crew member. She was precocious and good-natured, a good bargaining chip (Nami did it best: "If you don't cut the prices, the kid doesn't eat!"), and plenty of fun for the entire crew. She even had a bounty, assumed to be 10,000,000 bells (since Luffy didn't keep her Wanted poster.) The Captain's daughter was a darling, and she made both her father Luffy and her other father Zoro very happy.

Gilly had been born on the Going Merry, and had been just short of eighteen months old when it was damaged beyond repair and given a Viking funeral. She was also happy to meet Thousand Sunny, and enjoyed a toddler-hood wandering around the decks. She was generally kept out of trouble as much as possible by a very protective crew. She very much liked her family, all of her "aunts" and "uncles." Perhaps the most exciting part of her life was meeting a new family member.

The first new addition to the crew after her birth was Franky, and she was only just learning to walk and talk when he joined. Luffy took her hand and led her to meet him after he officially joined the crew, and she didn't even see him before then. During the Blue Laguna at Waters 7, just before the trip on the Rocket Man, Iceburg had been watching the crew board, until he noticed Gilly over Zoro's shoulder. Zoro paused as he passed Iceburg, looked between him and Gilly, and suddenly thrust her into his arms.

"Hold this! If she gets hurt, I'll kill you. We'll be back for her!" Iceburg didn't have a chance to protest, because the Straw Hats were already aboard and gone in a flash. He stared at her, utterly dumbfounded for a moment.

"Oh. A little girl, nma?" Iceburg tilted his head. Gilly, dangling from his hands, tilted her head to match him. "I suppose they do not want you endangered. Sensible for pirates, nma. Would you like a candy?" Iceburg offered Gilly a lollypop, and Gilly smiled her half-toothless grin.

"Canny? Aika canny."

"Yes. I like candy too, nma." He looked around as she began to suck enthusiastically on the lollypop. "Calipha, I require- oh." He stopped, realizing he needed a new secretary. He looked back to the infant. "Okay, nma, you will be my secretary until your guardians return." He set her on his shoulders, and she happily clung to him like a little monkey. She had hung there the entire time, even in the rain while he repaired the Merry one last time. Iceburg had greeted them on the ship with Gilly and Tyrannosaurus, and Zoro had held her in his arms while Luffy burned the ship.

"Bye, Mer-nema," Gilly said softly. Zoro was glad that Gilly understood that Merry was leaving and gone, but at the same time, was irritated that it would take him a long time to break her of ending every sentence fragment with "nema."

After their recovery and the decision to have Franky join them, they knew that Gilly had to meet him. Before setting sail, Zoro withheld Franky (who'd been redressed and given an ice pack after his encounter with Robin) on the deck. As Luffy chattered to Gilly about what had happened at Enies Lobby, fluffing her mop of sea-green hair as he stood in the cabin house out of view, Zoro stood by Franky's shoulder, and explained, "We don't want people to meet the last member of the crew until they're sure they want to join and we're sure they won't hurt her. She's shy, and she can't protect herself well."

"Hey, I love girls!" Franky chuckled. "Is she a cute girl?"

"Cutest girl on the ship, but you don't have a chance with her," Zoro replied coolly. Gilly peered around the corner at Luffy's beckoning. Gilly looked Franky up and down from her hiding spot, and Luffy patted her back.

"See? New uncle. Let's go say 'hi.'" Luffy grinned at her, and she smiled back. He lifted her into his arms and turned the corner into Franky's view. "Franky, this is Gilly. Gilly, Uncle Franky!" Franky stared at Gilly in shock, and then looked at Zoro.

"Is this a joke, swordsman-bro?" He gaped. Zoro shook his head.

"Not at all. This is my and Luffy's daughter, Gilly. He and I are partners, and she is our daughter together. She's the crew's…" Zoro squinted at the baby, who was staring at Franky's nose with utter wonder at the shiny metal. Franky stared between her, Zoro, and Luffy, trying to do the math. Zoro finally rolled his eyes. "… Well, she's the crew's good luck charm. Now, you can either agree to be her uncle and be welcomed aboard, or forget you ever met her and walk away."

"Are you kiddin' me?" Franky laughed, tears springing to his eyes. "I've always wanted to be an uncle! I've got a bigger family now!" He took the offered baby and lifted her into the air, and she laughed happily. "Welcome to the Franky family, little sister!"

Before Franky joined them, Usopp briefly abandoned ship and Robin was gone. Gilly was, of course, too young to understand the situation, but for the few days they were gone, she wandered around expectantly looking for them, calling out what of their names she could. Certainly, she referred to her "uncles" and "aunts" by name, but the farthest she could go was one syllable, two on occasion: "Sa" for Sanji, "Na" for Nami, and on a good day, "Ja" for Chopper. Now, her cry was for "Usah" or "Ra," nobody could answer her, and she couldn't understand.

When Robin was reunited with the crew, she found herself with a toddler at her heels until she turned around to notice her. "Ra!" Gilly cried, opening her arms. Robin couldn't keep her tears away as she pulled the baby against her chest. Gilea squealed and giggled as Robin spun her around.

"I won't leave you again, little girl," she'd whispered.

However, when Usopp rejoined them, Luffy welcomed him back with tears, and Gilly demonstrated the use of her third full polysyllabic word, after "Daddy" and "hungry:" "Sogeking!" Gilly had exclaimed it unhesitantly, pointing eagerly at Usopp as he rushed to pick her up. Usopp laughed when Gilly recognized his secret identity, and corrected her:

"Usopp, kiddo! Uncle Usopp! I wasn't gone that long!" Usopp smiled in an attempt to hide his disappointment. "I guess you don't remember me, huh? Usopp?"

"Usah?" Gilly wrinkled her nose, and grabbed Usopp's nose. "Sogeking!"

The most recent addition to the crew was Brook, and Zoro was very reluctant to introduce her to him. On the first night they had met Brook, Zoro chose not to allow her to meet him, and instead kept her down below and ate dinner alone with her. Once he joined, Zoro was apprehensive. She'd been terrified enough of the zombies as it was, and Zoro was a protective father. Perhaps one of the worst moments in Zoro's life had been upon waking up in Thriller Bark after having his shadow taken away. Much of the ordeal had been described to him by Robin.

Before disembarking to search for the missing crew, Zoro and Luffy had taken a peek at their daughter in her bed. She slept through the night well, and she was already curled up with her thumb in her mouth. They agreed that as long as they locked the door, she would be fine without knowing they were even gone. However, by the time they were returned without their shadows, she had been awakened by the noise from above, worked the door open and was running between Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy's bodies in the galley. The rest of the crew watched as Gilly toppled the remaining chairs over and began to pull the zombie's decorations away. "Daddy! Daddy! Uncle Sanji!" She wailed desolately, shaking each of them over and over. "Daddy wake up! Daddy wake up!" Zoro mumbled indistinctly, briefly raising his hand to brush her cheek, but let it fall away. She shrieked, stomping her feet, and threw her head back and cried. Robin claimed the poor child and took her away to the cabin to put her back to sleep, but before they left again, Zoro and Luffy reassured her and promised there would be no more monsters.

Zoro had wanted to keep that promise. Luffy insisted, however, that he finally had a crew musician, and she should be just as happy as he was. They had to prepare for the worst, though. For the two days Zoro slept, Nami took charge and made the decision not to tell Gilly about Brook, Brook about Gilly, or even let the two meet. She could tell Gilly was shaken by Zoro's condition, and Luffy felt the same. He reluctantly agreed to wait until Zoro awoke. When Zoro awoke and learned of the situation, he seemed briefly upset, but he knew Brook would be invaluable to the crew. The crew waited on the bridge with Brook, and Robin told him what was happening:

"You have to meet one more crew member, and I think she has to approve."

Luffy and Zoro had Gilly by the hands, preparing her as much as they could. Zoro explained in his best 'dad' voice: "Sometimes, we're scared of things, and sometimes, we stop being scared of things. I know all those zombies came here and scared you, and it's okay to be scared. They were scary, but we met a nice skeleton, so you have to not be scared of him."

"Skelly-man?" Gilly whimpered. "Daddy, the skelly-mans are scary!"

"You haven't met this skeleton, Gilly!" Luffy chirped, and he placed his straw hat neatly atop her head. "If you are brave and say hello, and he might play you a song!"

"Is a scary song?" Gilly asked, shivering as Zoro checked her shoelaces.

"No. No scary songs for you. Happy songs from a nice skelly-man," Luffy giggled, and he and Zoro escorted Gilly to the dock where Brook waited to board. Brook found himself under the scrutiny- or perhaps over the scrutiny!- of a toddler one-fourth his size. Gilly stared up at him, little eyes wide, her tiny pigtails shaking on her quaking little head. Brook's afro blew a bit in the hollow wind. He looked between Zoro and Luffy, and grinned.

"Yoho! I've heard of this. I never heard of anyone getting the kid born, but it is you, Luffy!" Brook crouched down, his knees above his shoulders, as he leaned close to Gilly. "Hello there, little person!" She squeaked, and grabbed onto Zoro's leg.

"Daddy, the skelly-man--"

"Do not be afraid of the skeleton. The skeleton is a nice skeleton," Zoro said firmly, looking her in the eyes and straightening Luffy's hat on her head. "Gilea, meet Uncle Brook."

"Uncle?! Yohohohoho! I'm her great-great-grandpa!" Brook chortled. Luffy grinned, as Brook patted Gilly's head. She whimpered. "What does she do on the ship?"

"She scares the hell out of the shitty swordsman any way she can!" Sanji laughed, and Brook began to tickle Gilly with his long, thin fingers. She screamed in utter terror and scaled to the top of Zoro's head. Zoro rolled his eyes, and carefully detached the little girl from his forehead and set her firmly on her feet on the ground in front of him.

"Roronoa D. Gilly, we do not run away from things we fear," Zoro reminded her, before turning back to the skeleton. "Brook, don't… don't touch her. She's scared. Gilly is our ship's good luck charm and we love her very much, but she is a child." Brook looked at Gilly and studied her face.

"I should say. First child- a little girl, even!- I've laid eyes on in over fifty years," Brook paused to smile a little wider, "even though I don't have eyes! Yohohoho! Skull joke!" Gilly wailed again, and Zoro glared at Brook, but Luffy thumped Brook's shoulder and laughed wildly. Brook glanced between Luffy, Zoro, and Gilly, and opened up his violin case. "Yohoho, but I should show her my qualifications if I am to gain her approval." He set the violin on his shoulder and began to play a spirited dance song. Once he started playing, Gilly edged away from Zoro to watch intently. Her eyes were wide and lit with joy.

"Mister Brook? You… you show me how?" Brook kept playing, standing tall and proud but not hiding an approving grin. It wasn't like he could.

"Of course. That would be most enjoyable. Am I still scary?"

"Yup." Gilly nodded. "But… song is good." Brook laughed again, fingers flying down the frets, and though it took Gilly a month to stop screaming whenever she saw Brook, he was now part of the family.

With new crew members came new worries, not to mention the same old worries there always were. Never a day went by that Zoro was not snapping at Brook not to belch at the table (a bad influence, he insisted) or coax Gilly to ask Nami for panties, or interrupting one of Usopp's tall tales, or forcing Nami to return the toddler's pocket money, or extinguishing Sanji's cigarette when Gilly came within five feet of him, or (and this was his special pet peeve) keeping Franky from giving the tiny powerhouse caffeine.

Gilea's favorite foods were candy and apples, and she especially liked candy apples, but Zoro and Luffy knew that she had her limits. She tended to bounce off the walls once sufficiently sugared, and this led the caffeinated little girl, already bathed for the evening and wearing green striped pajamas, to have bounced her way to the top of the main mast and swing from the rigging like a monkey.

"Little sister, get down from there!" Franky wailed, tears flowing from his eyes. Zoro ribbed him viciously.

"This is all your fault!" He screeched, eyes white-hot with rage.

"Roronoa D. Gilea, get in the crow's nest and wait for your damn father!" Sanji ordered in a shaky voice. "I swear, if you don't stop that, I'm not making you breakfast!"

"Don't be mean, Uncle Sanji!" Gilly called down cheerfully. Luffy laughed.

"Come on, Gilly! It's way past your bedtime!"

"Is that all you can think of?!" Zoro snapped. Luffy grinned and shrugged.

"Well, it is." Luffy looked back up at Gilly, who swung her legs up to hang upside-down from the rope. Zoro startled, and put his swords away.

"Gilly, don't move, I'm coming up there!" He began to swing his way up the ropes, and Nami cried out.

"The ropes are shaking! She'll fall!" Nami gasped. Zoro dropped back to the deck, and Luffy sighed.

"Okay!" Luffy grabbed onto the railing with one hand. "Game over! You asked for it! Rubber… Boomerang!" Luffy swung his free arm back, and then punched up in an arc with his hand curved in towards his palm. He caught Gilly in his hand, grabbed her around the waist and yanked her back down towards him. The sheer force of the toddler knocking back into him sent him stumbling back against the railing, until Zoro grabbed the both of them before Luffy could fall.

"For god's sakes, Luffy, don't do that!" Zoro screamed, yanking both captain and child away from the edge of the ship. Nami, Sanji, and Franky sighed with relief, and Luffy grinned as he handed Gilly to Zoro. Gilly was quivering and giggling happily.

"Daddy, I want to do that again!" She began to scramble to try and get out of Zoro's arms, but Zoro held her tight.

"You could have fallen and hurt yourself, Gil," Zoro told her firmly. "You're not going to do that again. You should know better by now. We are very upset at you." Gilly stilled as she heard the utter force in her father's voice, and she slouched her shoulders.

"Sorry, Daddy," she mumbled, hanging her head. Franky's lower lip wiggled.

"Hey, don't get down on the kid. It's my fault, I let the runt drink the cola!"

"Yeah, but I wasn't watching her close enough, and Luffy, you- where were you when she was climbing up there?" Zoro turned to Luffy, who suddenly had a blank look on his face.

"The bathroom," he responded, after a moment. "Which reminds me!" Luffy rushed off, apparently finding business more urgent than watching Zoro scold their daughter. Zoro put Gilly over his shoulder and sighed heavily.

"Gilly, what do you say?" He patted her back, glancing at the again-smiling child.

"Good night, everyone!" She chirped, and Zoro sauntered off to follow Luffy.

Luffy was in the bathroom when Zoro entered with Gilly, sitting on the edge of the bathtub with his knees folded to his chest. Zoro stood Gilly on a step stool and put toothpaste on her brush. "Back and forth, up and down." Zoro started brushing her teeth, and looked at Luffy as Gilly took up where he left off. Luffy watched with a grin.

"Heh, Gilly's a smart one, huh? Too smart for her own good." Luffy rose from the tub and untied her fluffy green hair, combing it out with his fingers. "Our girl's one of a kind, you know."

"You've got that right. And she's going to have a one of a kind punishment tomorrow for drinking cola without our permission and climbing the rigging without one of us with her." Zoro folded his arms and looked down at Gilly with a very stern face, which she ignored to keep brushing her teeth. She had the same big, exaggerated smile Luffy wore, but when Zoro looked up at him, he could see Luffy wasn't wearing it at the moment. "Something wrong?"

"Yeah. She's not going to be one of a kind anymore," Luffy replied, rubbing the back of his head. Zoro stared at Luffy, who held up a pregnancy test with two blue lines visible. Zoro was silent, unsure: Ever since Gilly's birth, knowing that it was entirely possible Luffy could conceive again, he and Luffy took as few chances as possible. He was familiar with Luffy's monthly ritual of taking a pregnancy test, whether or not they had forgotten a condom, but Luffy had never showed him the results before. He opened his mouth to say something about how the tests could be inaccurate, but Luffy spread his hand, revealing four more positive tests. Zoro's jaw dropped, and Luffy held up five more positive tests in his other hand. "Yes, I'm sure." Zoro looked down at Gilly, then at Luffy again. He dropped his voice, hoping Gilly couldn't hear them over the sound of the brush against her teeth.

"Just how pregnant do you think you are?"

"This much," Luffy replied, and he folded up the bottom of his shirt to reveal a slight bulge around his bellybutton. Zoro's face was blank. He looked at Gilly, as she spat out the toothpaste and grabbed the box of floss. Luffy put his shirt back down, and Zoro helped Gilly floss her teeth in silence. Luffy's head was hung, and Zoro finished by washing Gilly's face.

"Gilly, go to your bed. Daddy or I will be there in a moment to tuck you in," Zoro instructed quietly. Gilly seemed to sense the obvious tension between her fathers, and shuffled away with her thumb in her clean mouth. Luffy looked up at Zoro again, one hand on his hip.

"I didn't want to start telling people until I was sure I was past the point of losing it. The first positive one was four months ago. You're going to leave us, aren't you?" Zoro and Luffy met eyes, and Zoro shivered at all the implications of his statement. He finally threw his arms around Luffy. Luffy smiled as Zoro mumbled into his ear:

"You should have told me. You should have told me, damn it! I love you like a madman! You did it alone once and I still kick myself for it. I'm not going anywhere! We can do it again together!" He swung Luffy in the air and danced out into the hallway, tangoing down past Usopp and Chopper, both of whom dodged out of their way.

"Zoro, what are you doing?!" Usopp shrieked, pressing himself against the wall. Zoro laughed eagerly.

"I'm gonna be a dad again!" Zoro laughed, and Luffy threw his arms around him, hugging him tight. Usopp cried out, somewhere between terror and joy, and Chopper squealed.

"I'm gonna tell EVERYBODY!" Chopper cheered, and rushed off in tears of joy. Zoro and Luffy both laughed, as they danced up and down the hall.

"Hang on! Let me tell everyone!" Luffy cried, and he let go of Zoro to hug both Usopp and Chopper.

"I'm not going to keep it a secret this time," Zoro chuckled, and he rushed up to the galley, where Nami and Sanji were having a late-night hot toddy together and Franky and Brook were finishing their own beverages. "Hey! Good news! We're getting a new crew member!"

"What?" Nami jerked to awareness, looking over at the madly-grinning first mate, who seemed to be somewhere completely different in his mind. She sat up, completely alert and with a smile itching at her lips. "When did this happen?"

"What are you on about, shithead swordsman?" Sanji grumbled, eyes narrow, until squealing and stomping footsteps distracted him to look outside.

"Gilly's going to get a little brother or sister!" Usopp crowed as he rushed onto the deck to find the others. Chopper was dancing back and forth across the deck with Luffy, can-canning their way to the bow and back, and Usopp joined the pair in high-kicks. "There's going to be another baby!"

"Hah! Awesome!" Sanji laughed and grabbed Nami's hands, and the two began to waltz crookedly but joyfully around.

"Yes!" Franky jumped to his feet and pumped his fists, before joining the chorus line. "Super!"

"Heh, I knew it," Robin giggled from her deck chair, over the top of her book, as Zoro pulled Luffy from Usopp and Chopper and swung him around in the air. "As often as those two are active, there was sure to be a mistake sometime."

"Yohoho! At least someone on this ship is getting laid," Brook laughed, and he pulled out a bottle of rum. "Come on, let's all celebrate Zoro getting it on!"

"Oi, keep that down," Zoro said sternly, putting Luffy down and ending the dance. "Now, before we get too out of hand, I have to ask: does anybody object to a new crew member?" Zoro and Luffy looked around at the entire crew for a moment, as they glanced from eye to eye. Everyone had to wonder why Zoro even had to bring such a thing up, but they still glanced suspiciously at one another. Who could Zoro possibly expect to object?

"I think we're all okay!" Luffy chuckled after a moment, and the rest of the crew smiled and laughed. "We'll talk more about it when it all gets closer. I just figured you wouldn't want me to keep it a secret this time!"

"Well, that's inconvenient for us. We're going to have to actually do something for you," Nami teased, giving Luffy's ear a playful tug. He laughed, and Nami laughed along. "Come on, let's celebrate with a drink!"

"I'm all in for that!" Zoro cheered, taking the bottle from Brook and cracking the lid off against the railing. He raised the foaming bottle high. "Kanpai!"

"I would, but I can't." Luffy withdrew himself with a grin. "Gilly's waiting for me. Start the celebration without me, okay?" Zoro nodded, and patted the small of Luffy's back in a quick hug before letting him go. Luffy waved briefly to the others, before rushing back under to the men's cabin, where Gilly slept directly beside Luffy and Zoro's shared bed with a curtain hung from the ceiling to give her privacy. Zoro, Usopp, Franky, and Brook started drinking and whooping while Nami and Chopper chattered about babies and laughed excitedly. Robin was smiling, withdrawn as always, but clearly happy. Her eyes followed Luffy, knowing that he was going to do one of those simple things he loved to do.

Gilly was sitting up in her futon watching the door with a fluffy patchwork quilt over her head and the plush sheep she'd had since she was a baby sitting in her lap. The quilt had been assembled by Nami and Usopp from torn, destroyed clothes worn by other crew members, and she liked to look at it and pick out which fabric had belonged to whom. She yanked it over her face as Luffy entered. He sat down beside her bed, legs crossed.

"Hi, little lamb!" He called her by her secret nickname and shifted the quilt back from her head, and she inched away from him. "Aww, don't be like that." He reached into the futon and yanked her and her sheep onto his lap. She squirmed for a moment, but Luffy planted his hand on her head. "Did you hear the happy news? You're going to get a baby brother or sister."

"Really?" Gilly smiled eagerly as Luffy kept her captive on his lap. "So, you're so happy you forgot about being mad at me for climbing the ropes alone?"

"Nah! But you should be happy at least until Daddy and I punish you. Soon, you'll have another kid to play with. I keep asking Aunt Nami or Aunt Robin to give you a playmate, but they haven't done it yet, so Daddy and I did it ourselves." Luffy affectionately combed out her eternally messy hair with his fingers again. Gilly looked up at him, button-black eyes wide.

"Daddy, how are we gonna get a baby?" She asked innocently. "I've never seen one in a store, not on any island ever!"

"Well, see, Daddy and I made him." Luffy chuckled, and Gilly was blinking in confusion. "That's how babies are made, kind of. You get two people who love each other, and they have the pieces of a baby. We put the pieces together, and then we put them in me. The baby's gonna live in my tummy for a while, and then they'll take him out, and then he'll be here."

"Why is the baby in you and not Daddy?" Gilly tilted her head. Luffy thought for a moment, smiling blankly.

"Well, Daddy and I are good at different things. Carrying the baby is just one of the things I'm good at." Luffy continued to fluff her sea-green hair as she hugged him in his lap. "Now, you need to sleep. Tomorrow's going to be another exciting day. For now, I'm going to tell you a story, and not one of the stories from the book. What do you want to hear about, Gilly? What story haven't I told you? I know I told you about Drum Island and Dalton and Doc Trenu, and about Arabasta and Princess Vivi, and I definitely told you about Waters 7, and last night I told you about Loguetown, and I'm sure I told you about the White-White Sea from when you were way too little to remember… What about when your Daddy and I first met?"

"No, I've heard that one a billion-billion times!" Gilly laughed. "Tell me about Arlong again! I wanna hear about bad ol' Arlong and you and Uncle Sanji and Aunt Nami and Uncle Usopp and Daddy beating the fish paste out of that shark!" Luffy laughed, and scooted over onto her futon.

"Okay, so, you have to remember the Baratie, Uncle Sanji's old restaurant. Well, we were there, and your Daddy was in that big fight with Mihawk, the one where he got that big scar on his tummy, but suddenly, we see that our ship, the Going Merry, is gone! Just gone! So, we talk to Daddy's old friends, Yosaku and Johnny…" Gilly listened intently with her plush sheep clutched tight to her chest, hanging off every word as Luffy retold the adventures from before she was born.

To be continued…

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