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A/N: This is an AU where vampires are the dominant race and humans are nothing more than slaves and food. What few humans aren't enslaved are in hiding and scattered in small pockets. I kind of got the idea from the upcoming film Daybreakers…..

The vampires had overrun the Earth enslaving the few remaining humans. They were brought into servitude fulfilling the needs of both food and sex for their undead masters and mistresses. Those who remembered what it was like outside of servitude yearned for the day they would be liberated from the vampires, free to walk without fear of punishment or being attacked.

"The next round of auctions is coming up. We need to find a few more slaves."

Dean looked up at his father who held the auction announcement in his hand. John slapped the paper on the table and slid it across to his son. Dean looked it over knowing they needed to purchase some younger slaves as several including Bobby were unable to perform the tasks required of them. It was left up to Ash and Andy to pick up the slack.

"And maybe this time you can get a girl or two. The scenery is rather drab if you catch my drift," John said in his gruff tone.

"Hey Sam bought the last ones so take it up with him. I was out trying to round up the runaways remember?" Dean looked over at his brother who was strolling in. Sam stopped in the doorway noticing the two looking directly at him.

"Uh did I miss something?" Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh just discussing your taste in slaves," John grumbled. Sam rolled his eyes.

"Look for the last time the females went for too much and you told me to go no higher than 50."

"Right," Dean chimed in smirking at his brother. Sam glared at his brother with fangs exposed. Dean shot up flashing his own ready to fight Sam. John stepped in slamming both his sons into the stone wall. His pupils dilated as the anger surfaced within.

"Knock it off both of you!" He hollered letting his own fangs show. "For being over 2,000 years old you two act like you're five! Now grow up!"

Dean and Sam continued glaring at the other even as John released his grip on them.

"Dean go with Sam and purchase some new slaves. And I want younger stronger ones. Don't let them tug on your heartstrings. Remember, humans are manipulative and highly deceptive and will try almost anything to escape. Right Dean?" John shot a look at his oldest as Dean shrank in place.

"Right sir," he nodded. The last time he took pity on a slave it was the one named Cassie and she had seduced him, fucking with his mind so she could escape. John had become enraged when he learned of what happened and nearly killed two slaves in the process. Dean should've known better but now he keeps his distance from the slaves except when to give food and clothing and take them to the doctor for medical care.

Sam left to shower and get ready as Dean had been ready for some time. He knew his brother would be a while so he sat back down and looked over the auction listing. Perhaps today they would be in luck as this time there were several groups of young females for sale. Maybe they could come back with fresh stock and for once appease their father.

She was with eight others in the small cramped room waiting for their fates to be determined. The smell of urine and feces filled the air as she sat on the lone dry tuft of hay. She was dirty and her clothing tattered from the long dangerous trek. She knew what happened to humans who were caught by the hunting parties: A life of servitude which was putting it nicely though some slaves were treated well by their masters and mistresses. But that was only a handful for most treated their slaves cruelly, punishing them for the smallest of infractions but some would even do it when no crime had been committed. She had come to hate the vampires as they had slaughtered her family when she was five leaving her alone in the cruel cold world. She had grown up fighting to survive and keep one step ahead of the hunting parties.

But it was one of her own who had betrayed them. One she trusted with her very life only to have them captured in exchange for material wealth.

"Damn you Jake," she muttered as the door was swung open letting the sun flood the room. She raised an arm to her eyes shielding them from the painfully bright light. Fresh air rushed in purging the vile stench of human waste.

"Get em cleaned up and ready!" A strong male voice barked out. She felt a pair of rough hands jerk her up on her feet and haul her away towards another building. Once inside the door her clothes were ripped away exposing her naked body for anyone to see. She shivered as this room was damp and had a chill in the air causing her nipples to stand erect. She felt humiliated as the vampire handlers shoved her in the shower where another waited to scrub her down. Her hands were bound and hung above her head while hot water cascaded over her dirty flesh.

She anticipated the same rough hands to bathe her but to her shock gentle feminine hands cleansed her body washing away the dirt from her body. The same hands then paid attention to her matted dirt caked hair picking away the twigs which were entangled in her long copper tresses. She wanted to stay in the wonderful cascading water longer but soon she was jerked away and onto the next handler who dried then dressed her. It was what those who were being auctioned off wore. Being a woman she was clad in a simple dress which was snug around her hips and breasts but it was as such intentionally to drive the price higher when she was put on display.

"Let's go," the handler barked pulling her by the rope that tied her hands together. She initially resisted but a hard smack across the face put her back in file and she followed with head hanging down. The next time she looked up she was in a line with other females and males who were going to be sold that day. Most were no older than 18 or 19 with some as old as she. It seemed vampires liked their slaves young and ample and she was probably considered old by their standards.

"This way Councilman," a nasally voice rang out. She looked up seeing two men enter the room. One was older with silver hair and spoke with a slight lisp. The other was much younger, about her age and dressed in a rather expensive looking black suit with crisp white shirt and tie to match. He was slightly taller than the older man with dark hair and tanned skin. But it was his eyes that frightened her, two dark pools which reminded her of a predator on the hunt and she was its prey. He walked down the line examining them, sometimes pausing to look them over before moving on to the next.

"I see this time your raiders found a much more vibrant looking stock, Alistair," the Councilman turned and looked at him. Alistair smiled as he knew the vampire was pleased.

"This time one of their own led us to them. Money talks rather loud and clear," Alistair chuckled.

"Indeed it does," the Councilman spied her and hurried towards her. She felt her blood run cold at the first touch. His hands and fingers were icy to the touch as they caressed her warm soft skin. He leaned in inhaling her scent and felt his primal hunger awaken. It was then he wanted her.

"When does she go up for sale?" he turned facing Alistair.

"She is in the last group sir," he answered.

"I must have her," he whispered to himself. She swallowed hard and looked straight ahead as he hovered before her. No breath came from his lips as he brought his face within inches of hers, close enough to almost kiss her. He quickly pulled back and turned to face Alistair.

"Excellent work on this group," he commended the trader.

"Thank you Councilman Saltzman," Alistair bowed slightly as he left the room. He waited until the vampire left and called for someone else. She watched as a burly looking man appeared with a bag in one hand. Her heart raced as she anticipated what was in it. With wide eyes she watched him pull out a gun of some kind along with a bottle of reddish brown liquid.

"These arrivals need to be marked," Alistair ordered. The man nodded and started at the end closest to her. She listened as the first slave screamed in agony at the sensation of the needle piercing his skin. She closed her eyes and fought to block the sound but his cries echoed loudly in her ears.

One by one they cried out until he reached her. She fought to stifle any cry as the first poke punctured the nape of her neck but the pain multiplied until she couldn't withstand it no longer. Her cries rang out as the symbol took shape forever identifying her as a slave.

Dean and Sam approached the market greeted by several female vampires scantily dressed and making lewd gestures at the brothers.

"Hey Dean…."

"Why don't you ever come around anymore?"

"Baby we miss you."

Sam rolled his eyes and dragged his brother past the prostitutes and towards the arena. In earlier times it was an arena for animal auctions but now humans were sold and traded instead of livestock. They made their way towards the tables to sign in and be assigned a number. Sam filled out the paperwork while Dean looked around seeing a larger than usual crowd. He spotted a few prominent members of society here along with several councilmen.

Dean scanned the crowds and groaned when he spotted one individual in particular weaving through the sea of faces.

"So the Winchesters show their faces today," Dean rolled his eyes.

"Well if it isn't society's best known pretty boy," Dean mouthed off. "So tell me Saltzman are you here to find more toys to play with? What's wrong did the last ones break? You really should be careful with them since they don't come with a lifetime guarantee."

"With the snide remarks as usual," Saltzman chuckled. "Tell me something Dean, fallen for any humans lately?"

Dean's face darkened and his fangs slipped from his gums as his anger slipped. Sam jerked his brother back before he could do anything he regretted the next day.

"Dean don't do it," his brother gently warned.

"Wasn't planning on it," Dean straightened up before turning on his heels and heading inside as the Councilman's taunts faded on the wind. He wondered how that asshole ever got to such a position in the first place. Oh wait that's right Daddy pulled some strings.

They took their seats and waited for the sales to begin. Some were drinking blood and treating it like a spectator sport which disgusted Dean. He didn't agree with enslaving humans but he complied with what society dictated and oversaw his father's while he was away.

She heard the crowd above chanting and hollering as the first group went out causing her heart to sink. Soon it would be her up there and she knew he would be watching with that predatory stare and determination to possess her body and soul.

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