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Brooklyn battled the shackles that bit through her wrists as Alaric circled her naked body. The human had been subjected to four hours of various torment at the vampire's hand. Lucifer leaned against the door studying the slave as she continued fighting her restraints.

"She is a defiant one," the fallen angel chuckled.

"My lord she has been nothing but trouble since the day I bought her. But that's what pulls me to her- the fire that burns in her soul. She is my chosen companion."

"Really?" Lucifer's ears perked at this statement.

"I wish to take her to my family's estate in Barbados where no vampire or human can disturb me."

"And what a rather excellent selection," Lucifer pushed off the wall and strolled towards the human, watching her eyes turn wide in fright. The fallen angel chuckled at the display of fear within the daughter of Judas. Alaric watched as his fingers stretched out and treaded through hers soft hair.

So much like Rachel…..Her hair and face…..

Brooklyn jerked back in a show of resistance but Alaric was swift with his hand. The sharp smack resonated around the room but her cry was muffled from the gag still secure in her mouth. The vampire roughly fisted her hair and snapped her head back until he could look straight into her eyes. Alaric noted she looked like a caged animal – scared with nowhere to go.

"You will not embarrass me in front of our creator like that again!" His cold threatening tone hinted at further pain and punishment. Lucifer said nothing and continued to observe with a keen eye. He knew the Saltzmans were renowned for their cruelty and attitude towards the human race- it was why he was there.

"I must speak with your father," Lucifer excused himself as Alaric bowed and briefly took the fallen angel's hand in his as a show of respect. The vampire waited until his visitor had left to take his anger out upon the human. Alaric gripped her wrists with one hand while the other ripped the shackles from her body. Angry red marks had buried deep into her skin but they would vanish and leave no trace behind. Brooklyn struggled and fought her tormentor but Alaric proved to be more powerful and pinned her body on the bed.

"You," *smack*, "Will," *smack*, "Never," *smack*, "Do," *smack*, "That," *smack*, "Again!"

The vampire was blinded with rage over the slave's actions. It made him look like he couldn't control one fucking human! And in front of their creator of all people! Well this wasn't going to by unpunished!

Brooklyn saw the deep hatred and anger that controlled the vampire and prepared her body for what was to come.

Dean sat alongside the creek watching the clear cool water as it trickled through the rocks and along the grass. It made him think of Brooklyn and the time they had made love in the stream. Her eyes had flashed a beautiful jade as she rode his cock and cried his name in release. Her hair was swept back exposing more of the strong beautiful features to his ancient depths. But now his heart was still, empty without her in his arms. They could only be together in their dreams- but even then it wasn't enough to fill the void in both their souls.

The water reflected the haunted expression that stole his handsome face- his eyes did nothing to mask the pain that stabbed his soul, his brow furrowed in grief as the search for Brooklyn rolled into another day. As he stared at the fish and crawdads that scurried along the bottom, the first strike hit his body. Dean screamed and grabbed his back feeling his body rolling towards the water's edge.

"Dean!" Judas heard the sharp anguished pain. Dean thrashed and wailed as the invisible hand lashed against him repeatedly invoking unspeakable pain over his entire body.

"Dean," Judas slid in the grass and gathered the vampire in his arms. "Dean speak to me!"

"Brook…." He cried with tears raining furiously down his face. Judas closed his eyes and placed a hand on his chest, letting the violent vision fill his mind.

His daughter was held by two humans as Alaric whipped her mercilessly. The tender skin was ripped open freeing the thick crimson wealth from its prison. She cried through the gag with hot tears streaming down her face as her face turned red and blotched. Brooklyn could feel the blood rushing to the surface of her face as the violent force of Alaric's blows bolted her body forward then back. She wasn't sure how much more she could take before her world turned dark and cold. Her thoughts raced to Dean and of her father- wondering if she would ever see them again.

"I...will….break….you!" Alaric shouted between beatings. The human slaves watched with stone expressions as the red haired slave cried and pleaded with him to stop but her begging went upon deaf ears. The force in Alaric's blows reflected the fury he harbored towards his wayward slave. His wrist continued snapping with short hard movements against her bare body.

"Please…" she whimpered and hung her head.

Alaric froze mid strike and stepped around the slave then knelt before her. He titled her chin upward seeing the surrender begin to form in her eyes. His lips curled up into a thin victorious smile.

"Say it," he pinched her chin tight demanding the words come from her lips and pulled the gag aside.

"I will fight you no more," she sniffled.

"Say it louder!"

"I will fight you no more," she nearly shouted the words at the top of her lungs. Alaric leaned in to kiss the trembling lips as he felt he had finally won.

"GO!" He barked at the slaves who scurried away towards the door. Alaric leaned in until his lips brushed along her ear and whispered, "If you fight me even once Brooklyn you will suffer dearly."

"I promise," she said through the pain and tears, "not to be disobedient."

The vampire flashed a sinister grin and carried his slave across the room to his bed, eager to savor the victory he had so long battled for.

Judas' hand jerked back as the vision exploded into a bright blinding light. He stumbled backwards reeling in pain until his back collided with the rough surface of a nearby tree. His body slid down the coarse hard bark until Judas was seated on the ground.

"Judas!" Lilith raced to their sides. "Dean!"

The Original One pressed his open palms against his forehead and rested them against his knees. His daughter had surrendered! Her body and soul had finally given in to the cruel callous hand of the Saltzman clan- something he knew would break Dean's heart. He felt the gentle grip of Lilith's hand upon his shoulder and battled to will the pain away.

"I will be alright," he waved his friend aside, "Please tend to Dean."

Lilith nodded but was hesitant to leave her friend's side.

"Lilith please," he implored his friend until she rose and hurried to the younger vampire's aid.

"Dean," she picked his solid frame with ease and brought him over to drier ground. "Dean can you hear me?"

"He's….hurting…..her…." his teeth ground together.

"That's the downfall to finding your soulmate Dean- you feel her pain as if it were your own."

"Son of a bitch….will…..pay!"

"Dean," Lilith tilted his chin up and away from his chest, "Anger will not bring us closer to her. I have been attempting every tracking spell I know but I fear Samirah has masked Brooklyn's location to where not even my most powerful incantation can penetrate."

"Then we take out everyone close to Saltzman."

Judas stood overhead hearing Lilith's words. Dean perked up at the idea of revenge, though be it in a subtle but much more effective way.

"But how?"

"The Games will be coming soon," he explained, "Now that the Council as they call themselves have dominated everything they brought back them back."

"Where are they?"

"If I know the Council, they are traditionalists and shall hold them where they originated – Rome."

"The Eternal City? But I thought it was just a myth," Dean hugged his knees and rested his chin on top eager to hear more about Rome.

"No Rome is very much real," Judas shook his head, "It was where….It was where I was reborn a vampire after my brush with Death."

He paused and looked down at the younger vampire whose eyes were wide and intrigued.

"You see Dean after I had betrayed my dear friend I realized my mistake and looked to Death as a means of release. The burden I carried upon my soul crushed me like a boulder and I couldn't live another day knowing the pain I caused. So I found the strongest tree I could and wrapped the noose tight around my throat."

Judas' hands twisted and turned as he recalled his final moments as a human.

"I took what I thought was my last breath before I let the rope tighten and kill me. But I was wrong. The rope did kill me yes but it wasn't for long."

"Judas what happened?"

"Lucifer," he said with one short breath.

Nicholas lay naked with the female slave as the rain pounded against his window. She was his favorite- A beauty of 20 with long brunette locks that framed a strong chin and set of ice blue eyes. Long lashes adorned her eyes, bringing out the beauty of his slave even further. She knew how to please her master and ensure he was never disappointed with her.

His sharp ears picked up the rapping on the door and rose to dress in a huff.

"This better be good," he muttered and flung open the door. To his shock and embarrassment, Lucifer was standing on the other side.

"Lord Lucifer," he quickly bowed, "My apologies please."

"I must speak with you," he eyed the sleeping slave on the bed then back at the vampire, "Alone."

"Of course," Nicholas motioned for the fallen angel to follow him to his private study.

"I find this suitable for our conversation," he offered a glass of brandy to which Lucifer took with a cat like grace.

"The Games are fast approaching," Lucifer got straight to the point.

"Yes they will be held in Rome in three weeks."

"Ah such sentiment…" Lucifer chuckled, "Where the vampire race originated."

"It would only be appropriate my lord."

"I understand you have John Winchester and Castiel correct?"

"Yes they are to fight in the Games but they will not survive," the sly smile crossed his lips.

"Excellent," Lucifer nodded, "But I want you to be sure Judas shows up for I have a surprise planned especially for him."

Nicholas felt his hand freeze halfway to his lips. Judas Iscariot…That was a name he had not heard in centuries.

"Of course," he agreed, "But if I may ask…."

"No you may not," Lucifer quipped, "It is of a personal matter."

"My apologies," the vampire winced.

"Oh and be sure your son is present with the slave girl as well Nicholas. If I have heard correctly you son Alaric has had a problem with a vampire called Dean Winchester – son to John."

"Both of my sons intend to be present. They would never miss the Games."

"Ah excellent," Lucifer set down the glass and turned to leave but not before he looked back to utter one more thing.

"Remember if you fail to get Judas in Rome I will be sure the Council and Assembly learn of some of the discretions of you and your sons which will of course lead to Alaric being disbarred and exiled along with his brother….or worse. Until we meet again Nicholas or should I call you Pontius?"

Nicholas remained frigid as he recalled how Lucifer had placed his son on the Council with a little persuasion to the other members along with the land and stature he now held. Lucifer knew the vampire wouldn't let him down and bade him farewell.

Alaric caressed and stroked the sweat dampened skin of his slave as they lay intertwined on the bed. The smell of sex mixed with her essence, which began exciting the vampire again. The diamond studded choker was snug around Brooklyn's throat but she ignored the discomfort of the expensive necklace and focused on something else.

"Tomorrow we leave for Barbados," he whispered in her ear.

"Yes Master," she sighed with a heavy heart.

Alaric smiled and kept running his hand over and along her body, reveling in the moment. The slaves were preparing what they would need for the three week trip before they were to arrive in Rome for the Games. Though she had submitted to him physically, Alaric knew she wasn't fully his but seeing John Winchester and Castiel die a violent death would finally be the straw that broke the human's back.

He pivoted the human on her stomach before pulling her to his hands and knees. His cock briefly rested at her entrance before he slammed it into her body. This was the fifth time he took the copper haired human since she relented under his hand.

"God…" he grunted, "So fucking tight….And mine…."

The human cried in pain at the tight grip he held in her hair while pumping fast and furious inside. Alaric growled as the animalistic hunger took over and felt the deadly fangs slid from his gums. This is how it should be! The human slave that rightfully belonged to him, his for the taking whenever he pleased without fear of having her stolen.

The vampire snapped his head down and felt the soft warm flesh give way to the needle sharp canines allowing the sweet warmth of her blood coat his lips and tongue. Brooklyn panted and fisted the sheet as her body violently spasm around him. Alaric hummed in gratification as she came all over his cock and thighs. He felt his body arch into hers as his hips ground against hers and the bittersweet explosion filled her body.

"Mine…." He growled in a possessive tone. His lips were stained dark crimson to which he licked the sticky but tangy layer feeling his body react. Alaric fisted her hair and forced his lips hard against hers as he basked in the sickening afterglow. Brooklyn couldn't cry or even make a sound for her voice was lost and her heart still.

Her eyes caught the setting sun through the window across the room and caught the moon as it started to rise high over the darkening sky. Alaric saw the change in the sky and grinned at the darkness for tomorrow would be the beginning of the end of Dean Winchester.

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