Annalisa: unfortunately, I'm not doing this little chat thing with my friends for this story, sorry….but…instead I'm doing it with Amu and Ikuto!!!

Ikuto: Yo

Amu: hi!

Annalisa: kill my joy why don't ya Amu -_-

Amu: you still hate me for the whole not noticing Ikuto's Love thing?

Annalisa: YeP.

Amu: *sweat drops*

Ikuto: you still love me right, Annalisa-chan?

Annalisa: suuure, whatever you want

Amu: she's very upset

Ikuto: she can't decide on who she loves

Amu: her best guy friend or her boyfriend?

Ikuto: I think she should get a life and get over both of them

Amu: Ikuto *growls* DON'T RUIN THIS FOR HER!

Ikuto: meh.

Amu: Annalisa doesn't own shugo chara, or else she would have killed me

Annalisa & Ikuto: so true

Unwanted- preface


My name is Amu Hinamori, and so far life isn't what I always wanted it to be, but nobody's perfect! In this life I'm not what I thought I would be, I can't be happy go lucky, problem free, all I can do is fake a smile and prey everything will be alright. But no matter how much I try I can't seem to be happy, to keep that smile on my face, I feel there's nothing for me out there, and this world isn't for me, someday I'll find my place, even if it doesn't involve living. I never knew love from the moment I was born to the moment I met him, and when my mother grew Ill I tried my best to take care of the woman who wished that I was never born, the one who hated me from the start, when she passed away and my arrogant little sister Ami moved out into the better part of town, I was left alone, my father ran away from us, I haven't seen him sense I was three, but I'll always remember his cold violet eyes. Always Alone, Always being hated, always turned away, I never knew what it the word happy meant, let alone felt it at all, that was of course, until I met Ikuto Tsukiyomi. The runaway.