So this story is going to be Bella/Jasper, Edward/Alice, Carlisle/Esme (of course), and Rose/Emmett. Jacob will play the part of brother like friend to Bella but that's about it. Tanya will most likely not be in this story because I hate when she's in stories I want to rake her eyes out. Mike Newton and Jessica will be in here but he's not going to be some hormonal teen trying to get in Bella's pants. Last but not least of course will be Angela and probably Ben. Now those are the good guys. Victoria, James, and Laurent will be some kids in the story but they won't really have a lot to do with the story other than just in memories.

So here we go and I'll try my best to update regularly. Enjoy!


Spending thirty hours in a cramped bus seat is not comfortable but when all you have to do is look out a window or read you find that sleep is your only other option. Unfortunately I don't like to sleep if I can help it. It's a lot harder for nightmares to get you if you avoid sleeping when you can. When I'm really tired my body kind of shuts down but instead of drifting to sleep I find that I lose myself in daydreams or thinking back to the few things I had in my past. This is one of those times that I found myself drifting off into my past and tuning out everyone else around me.

I had a loving mother and father until I was ten. My mother was a first grade substitute teacher and my father a Chief of Police. We'd been on our way to Texas where my father had got a new job. Unfortunately we never made it past Dallas Texas. A drunk driver in the middle of the night hit us head on and my parents died at the hospital hours later. I had no immediate family and that's how I ended up in a foster home with Mrs. Johnson. She was a plump old lady with silver hair and had always smelled like cookies. I really liked her and I think she inspired me even at ten to love being in the kitchen. Sadly enough Mrs. Johnson got to sick to take care of a ten year old and I got moved to a house with about four other kids. Ms. Cope was a "care giver" or at least that's what the children services said. I learned quickly enough after I got there that the only thing she cared about was the paychecks that came with taking us in and not letting us get killed. She was never mean to us or anything she just wasn't very motherly even to her own son James. James was thirteen and had long blonde hair that could have been really nice except he always let it knot up and it always looked like he forgot to use soap when he washed it. He had dark brown eyes almost black and they always scared me because I swear he looked like he could kill you with just a look. James pretty much ignored me and only bothered with Laurent and Victoria who were about his age. Laurent was already tall and skinny at the age of fourteen. He had longer dark black hair and beautiful olive toned skin. Ms. Cope had some how got him into some kind of modeling agency for kids and he was a pretty big deal in Dallas. Laurent was the nicest to me out of the three but I had very little contact with him. Victoria had bright red curly hair and dark blue eyes. Even at thirteen you could tell she'd be really pretty when she grew up and she knew it too. Unlike James she didn't ignore me no matter how much I wished she would. She loved to hide my shoes from me especially on important days when it was important that I be ready to go somewhere on time. Of course Ms. Cope always blamed me said I should take better care of my stuff. Usually it resulted in me being sent to bed with no supper. I never went to bed hungry even when I was in trouble because my best friend and the boy that I knew one day I would marry (even if he didn't know it) always snuck food to me. Even at the age of twelve Jasper Whitlock was the most beautiful guy I'd ever seen. He had the most beautiful blue eyes and soft blonde hair that I couldn't seem to not touch when he'd hug me. He had small scars up and down his arms from where he'd fallen through a glass door when he was a child playing with some other kids. Jasper was a little self conscious about the scars around others but it never seemed to bother him if I saw them.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the driver announced that we'd be stopping for an hour and a half break before starting the last leg of our journey to Seattle Washington. I rubbed my face as I looked out the bus window at the small diner behind the gas pumps. I was starved but I had a limited amount of money and I'd eaten breakfast and lunch today. I chewed on my lip as I slipped off the bus and walked towards a bench in front of the diner.

"Isabella dear aren't you going to eat?" Mrs. Reed asked.

Mrs. Reed was a plump lady in her late sixties with mostly silver hair. Her soft face had laugh lines at her eyes and laugh lines in her cheeks. She and her husband were traveling to Seattle to see their daughter and grandchildren.

"I'm not really hungry Mrs. Reed." I said as I tried to force a smile.

She stopped and whispered something to her husband then motioned for me to come with them.

"Come on dear you should eat a good dinner our treat." Mr. Reed said.

Mr. Reed was what you'd typically think of when you thought about a grandpa. He had silver hair and glasses. He always had a pipe but never seemed to smoke it.

"Thank you." I said quietly before standing to follow them into the diner.

The only bad thing about a full stomach is it makes me want to sleep and now that the sky was pitch black I could hardly keep my eyes opened. We'd be in Seattle by morning and I could hopefully get away from other people and go to sleep. I forced myself to stay awake by thinking about Jasper which was something I'd been doing more lately.


Jasper was turning sixteen today and I'd spent the past month looking for the perfect present for him. I'd spent the entire summer cutting grasses, cleaning garages, and washing windows just so I could save up enough money to get him something nice. I was completely head over heels in love with him even though he was two years older than me and had a girlfriend. Maria was the most popular girl in our school now that Victoria was gone. She had long black flowing hair and bright green eyes. I swear she'd never had a single blemish in all the years we'd known her. Of course her parents were rich and probably had a skin doctor at their beckon call. She was drop dead beautiful so of course she and Jasper were together. Jasper had grown like a weed over the summer and had the perfect body not overly muscular but not a wimp either. I'd finally settled on getting Jasper a book on the Civil War that was really old and I knew he didn't have and hadn't read along with a bottle of cologne that I thought would make him smell nice.

Maria had planned a huge birthday pool party for him and all their friends were there, none of them understood exactly why I was there. Maria had only invited me because she knew Jasper would be unhappy if she hadn't. All the girls were running around in bikinis and the guys were all focused on watching them. I on the other hand was to shy and self conscious to actually take my shorts and t-shirt off so I sat on the side watching. It was kind of hard to have fun when you were watching the guy you loved with someone else and when all their friends were whispering about you loud enough that you could hear them. They all wondered what the fourteen year old geek as they called me because I got straight A's was doing at a party for popular kids. Maria did little to hide the fact that she disliked me unless Jasper was standing right by her.

I was excited to give Jasper my present to him and stood chewing on my bottom lip as he opened in and looked over the book and cologne then smiled me. He seemed pleased with my gift so of course Maria started pushing her gift at him. His eyes went wide when opened her present and pulled out an acoustic guitar. I looked at my old second hand book and bottle of cologne then back at the guitar and couldn't help but realize that compared to her gift it looked like I'd fished his gifts out of a dumpster.

I left the party shortly after without having cake or saying goodbye. Jasper had been too wrapped up in making out with Maria to even notice that I left. Luckily no one was home when I got there and I was able to feel sorry for myself alone. I fell asleep in the window seat after crying for nearly an hour.

"Bella?" I woke up to a soft knock on my door before Jasper pushed it open and looked in at me.

I raised my head and looked out the window until I felt his hand on my arm.

"Hey you should have told me you were leaving I would have come with you." He said.

I turned to look at him and looked at the paper plate he had in his hand with a piece of cake on it.

"Sorry" I said quietly.

He nodded and climbed onto the window seat facing me and held out a fork to me. "You didn't stay for cake so I thought we could share this piece."

I took the fork from him and looked back out the window. He set the plate down on at small table next to the window and touched my knee.

"Bella I didn't get to thank you for the book and cologne…" He smiled when I turned my head to look at him.

"It's okay if you don't like it Jasper I know that it wasn't as good as some of the other stuff you got." I said quietly and looked away from him.

He leaned forward and cupped my cheeks between his hands and turned my face to look at him. "Bella I love your presents. I can't wait to read the book; you know I love the Civil War. And I'm going to wear that cologne every day."

He sounded sincere but then again I knew that Jasper wouldn't tell me if he hated it anyways. When I was twelve I'd given him bracelet that I'd made for him because I didn't have money to buy him a present and he'd said he loved it then too. Jasper would never say or do anything that would hurt my feelings.

He moved his head until his forehead rested against mine and sighed. "Bella you know that it's not the amount you spent on the gift but the thought." His fingers stroked my cheeks for a second before kissing my cheek. "Now help me eat this piece of cake please."

-End Flashback-

Jasper and Maria broke up a couple weeks later when he overheard her talking about me. After that Jasper and I had been glued at the hip everywhere we went.

I yawned as the sun started to come up as we pulled into a bus stop in Seattle. I blinked as I realized it was time to begin my new life. Bella Swan was gone as soon as I stepped off the bus I'd begin my new life as Isabella Whitlock twenty one years old and sent to Forks Washington by the Witness Protection Board.

I recognized Jacob Black as soon as I got off the bus. He had to be over six foot five and I think his muscles had muscles. He had short black hair, dark tan skin, he was sort of beautiful. His uncle had been in charge of my case in Dallas and said that his cousin Jacob was some kind of Police Officer in Forks and would be watching out for me. It seems odd that I ended up back in the spot where I'd been born. Seems that Jacob's father had been friends with my father and mother before I was born and when they'd moved they left a house behind in Billy's name so that he could take care of it in case they'd ever wanted to come back. That house was now where I'd be living.

"So I know that you hate Isabella so is it alright for me to call you Bella?" Jacob asked as he drove towards Forks in a black pickup truck.

I nodded as I looked out the window. "Sure."

"So my dad is waiting at the house to give you the keys to the house and to your truck." He said.

I blinked and looked at him. "My truck?" I looked confused.

He chuckled and nodded his head. "You need to be able to get around Bella and if you want a job you'll most likely have to drive back and forth between Forks and Port Angeles. Don't worry its dads old truck and he can't drive it anymore."

I nodded my head. "Well thanks I'll pay you for it as soon as I get some money."

He shook his head but didn't argue with me as we made our way into Forks. We sat in silence the rest of the way until we pulled up to a two story white house. Jacob pulled in front of the house and parked before getting out of the truck. I only had two big suitcases so I took one and Jacob took the other as he led me towards the house.

Jacob's father Billy said there was no reason for me to pay for a truck that he couldn't use now that he was in a wheelchair. I felt bad and made him promise that he and Jacob would come to dinner once a week to pay for it. Jacob showed me around the house before he and Billy left. Jacob gave me a cell phone with his and Billy's numbers pre programmed into it in case I had any problems. I had a dinosaur of a computer that took forever to boot but I needed to look for a job right away and I wanted to find something I'd be interested in. I fixed myself something to eat while I waited for it to boot. Billy had been nice enough that he'd had one of the ladies on the reservation stock my kitchen so that I'd have something to eat until I could find a job. Billy had tried to slip me money before he left but I'd resisted. Of course after he left I found the money sitting under my mouse at my computer. I sat going through pages of jobs as I ate some noodles I'd found in the pantry. I finally found a job in a bookstore in Port Angeles and looked up directions and the time it opened before heading off to finally sleep.