So the time has come for the last chapter and happily ever after. I'll be starting a new story with Jasper and Bella soon. Jasper and the Cullens will be vampires and Bella human, but it'll be fun So here's the last chapter and thanks to everyone who read my story.


Bella had decided that she wanted to stay in London even though we were cleared to go back home. I was alright with that because I'd built her a beautiful home and it would have been a shame to give it up so soon. Since we were staying the rest of the family decided to stay too. Carlisle was happy at the hospital he was working at and on the weekends volunteered to work in their free clinic. Esme and Alice had started a decorating business and already had three jobs lined up. Rosalie was working on a new line of clothes with a designer in London who loved her clothing sketches. Edward was also working in the hospital and clinic. Emmett hired on the guys that had helped build our house and was now building a house for the designer Rose was working with. Bella and I were working on our college work online and waiting patiently for the baby who was due any day according to Carlisle. I had her overnight bag in the car ready to go and every sigh or noise Bella made had me jumping and ready to rush her off to the hospital.

Bella groaned when she got out of bed and of course I overreacted and was at her side in seconds.

"Is it time should I get the car?" I asked nervously.

She laughed and shook her head. "Jasper I groaned because my back was a little stiff. You really need to calm down."

I sat down on the bed and sighed. "When is she coming?"

Bella laughed again and leaned against me. "Why don't you just ask her."

I narrowed my eyes playfully at her. "Are you mocking me Mrs. Cullen?"

We'd dropped the name Masen since it was safe to be us again. I smirked as she nodded her head at me. I slid to the floor between her legs and pushed her shirt over her stomach before kissing it.

"Abigail darlin mommy is hogging you all to herself." I grinned up at Bella. "Holding you hostage so that daddy can't meet you and I really can't wait to meet you."

Bella chuckled softly as her fingers brushed through my hair. "You're silly Jasper and I am not holding her hostage."

I laughed and laid my head against her stomach as my fingers stroked the side of it. "I'm just excited and want to hold her."

"She's going to be spoiled as soon as she's born isn't she?" Bella asked as she rested her fingers on my shoulder.

"Just like her mom will be if you'd let me spoil you more." I replied.

We were in the middle of movie night with the family when Bella excused herself to go to the bathroom, she hadn't been gone long when she called for me. She stood in the bathroom wide eyed and blushing and still dressed, her shorts were completely soaked.

"I don't know what happened I felt pressure on my bladder and before I could even get my shorts off I was soaking wet but it didn't feel like I peed." She was confused.

I blinked then called for Carlisle. "Bella I think your water broke darlin."

She shook her head. "Couldn't be that I don't feel any pains."

Carlisle blinked as he came around the corner and saw Bella soaked from the waist down. "Jasper get a change of clothes for Bella and lets get her to the hospital."

By time we got to the hospital the contractions had started and Bella had turned into Satan's mother. She glared at me like she was trying to set me on fire every time she had a contraction. Every so often Edward or Carlisle would come in to check on her and she was fine with them but when I said anything she'd just glare at me.

"Dad can't you give her something for the pain?" I whispered as I glanced over my shoulder at her.

"Son we can't say just how long she'll be in labor and if we give her something to soon it'll ware off before she has the baby." He answered as he wrote in her chart after having checked her out again.

"You don't understand she keeps glaring at me like she wants nothing more than to set me on fire or do something worse." I whispered.

Edward chuckled. "What's worse then being set on fire?"

I narrowed my eyes at him. "She threatened to cut off a part of me that I'm rather fond of."

Bella blushed when we all looked at her. I really wanted to have more children with her but at this point I was afraid my sweet wife was never going to let me touch her again.

"Can I come in?" Esme asked as she knocked on the door.

Bella nodded and smiled at her. Esme held a small cup of ice chips which Bella accepted with a smile.

"I'm glad someone cared enough to give me some ice I thought I was going to have to pay someone." She turned to glare at me.

I frowned and looked down at the floor. I had no way of knowing she'd wanted ice.

"Esme do you think you could sit with me for awhile? I could use some girls only time." Bella stated.

I blinked as I realized she was kicking me out of her room while she was in labor with our daughter. I was just getting ready to object when Carlisle took hold of my arm and guided me out of the room.

"Son why don't you let Esme sit with her for a while and let her calm things down with Bella." He said.

"I don't understand what did I do that she's so upset with me." I asked as I sat down next to Rosalie.

She patted my knee. "Jasper Bella will be fine as soon as she has the baby. Pain makes you say and do things you normally wouldn't and act how you wouldn't. You know Bella loves you and would never say anything to hurt you if she was thinking straight."

I nodded a bit and wondered if she was right. I'd seen comedy movies where the women acted this way when they were in labor but I couldn't help but wonder if it was just that she was in pain or whether she was upset about something. I sat silently with my elbows on my knees and my face in my hands until Esme touched my arm.

"Sweetheart Carlisle gave Bella something for her pain and she's calmed down now so why don't you go back in and sit with her." She smiled and pulled a book out of her purse. "I brought the book you've been reading to her and the baby."

I nodded as I took the book and walked back to Bella's room and stopped just inside of the door. Bella was happily eating her ice chips as she watched the door, when she saw me she put the ice down and held out her hand to me.

"Come in and sit with me." She said.

I slowly walked into the room and sat down in the chair next to her bed and set the book down. "Bella are you upset with me about something?"

She frowned and grabbed my hand. "I've kind of been a jerk since we got here huh?"

I raised her hand and kissed the back of it. "Not a jerk but I swear that your head was going to spin soon."

She blinked confused for a second before laughing. "You mean like the girl in that movie the Exorcist?"

I smiled and nodded as I reached up and brushed strands of hair from her face. "I love you Bella and if I did something that upset you then I'm sorry darlin."

She nuzzled her face against my hand and grinned. "Were you going to read to us?" She asked as she nodded her head to the book.

I nodded my head and picked up the book and started to read to her from the spot we'd left off at.

One the baby started to really start coming it didn't take long for Bella to actually have her. I held her hand and brushed her hair out of her sweaty face and murmured how much I loved her and how brave she was. She was exhausted by time our daughter was born and fell asleep after holding her until Carlisle took her away to check her out. By time Bella woke up again I was sitting in the chair holding Abigail and reading to her some children's book that Alice had seen in a bookstore that she thought would be perfect for a baby.

Bella laid quietly on her side watching us before finally talking. "Did you count toes and fingers?"

I chuckled as I set the book down and stood up so I could hand her to Bella. "Yup twice and then Carlisle and Edward checked too."

She smiled. "You don't mind if I check for myself do you?"

I grinned and pulled my chair closer and laid my arms on the bed with my chin resting on them as I watched her. "I would expect nothing less darlin."

Bella had tears in her eyes when she finished counting her toes and fingers. "We did good didn't we? She's beautiful."

"I called James to let him know you had the baby. Rose and Emmett went to the airport to pick him up. He's going to stay with the family for awhile because he wants to be the best uncle ever. Emmett hired him to help on the construction crew." I told her.

She grinned when she heard James was coming. James had more than made up for his past with us and was now neither went a day without talking on the phone.

1 Year Later –


Alice, Rose, Esme, and I had gone way overboard on decorating for Abigail's first birthday but we wanted her first birthday to be special. Jasper and the guys thought it was silly because no one really remembers their first birthday. Leave it to James' fiancée Tanya (Okay had to put one good Tanya into a story) suggested we video tape the party and since she owned a fancy video camera she offered to tape it as her present to Abigail. James and Tanya had met three months after he moved to London at Rose and Emmett's wedding. Tanya was hired to video tape the wedding while her assistant took pictures. They had fallen for each other hard. James proposed to her on their six month anniversary. I was finishing up hanging streamers when Alice rushed in carrying Abigail's teddy bear shaped cake.

"Alice will you please take a break you're six months pregnant." Edward pleaded with her as he followed her carrying a stack of presents.

Jasper chuckled as he carried the birthday girl into the living room dressed in a pink velvet dress. "Alice take a break? Does she have an off button?"

Abigail had her fingers curled in Jasper's hair as her big brown eyes looked all around at the different colored balloons and streamers.

"Hate to see what the pixie is like when it's Anthony's first birthday." Rosalie said as she snuggled against Emmett.

"Okay enough picking on Alice everyone." I said with a wink to Alice. "I believe it's time for Abigail's party."

Jasper slipped a party hat on her head which lasted all of a minute before she pulled it off and was chewing on it. We distracted her with shiny wrapped presents while Jasper discarded the now soggy hat. Jasper and I sat on the floor with her and helped her tear open her presents. Alice of course had bought her little designer outfits that she'd outgrow before we had a chance to put them all on her. We tried to put her in each outfit once and take pictures so that Alice at least got to see it on her before she outgrew the outfits. Edward bought her a silver charm bracelet that he could add to each year. The first charm was a small silver teddy bear.

"This is beautiful Edward I know that she'll enjoy adding to it each year with you." I said as I smiled at him.

Rosalie bought her new bedding for her bed and a year round pass for the zoo for herself and for Abigail. While Jasper and I took her to the zoo too it was something that Rosalie loved to do with her, she called it their girls day out. Emmett bought her a white teddy with a birthday hat on it's head and a one embroidered into it's little pink dress. Emmett had given her a teddy bear every month since she was born. James and Tanya gave her a bunch of toys that were for her age through 3 and would help teach her shapes and colors when she was big enough. Carlisle and Esme had started a college fund for her and would add to it every year and gave her more toys. Jasper and I had bought her dolls that she seemed to enjoy carrying around almost as much as the bears Emmett gave to her. Jasper had written a song for her on his guitar and sang it for her and everyone else while Tanya taped it. Abigail enjoyed her cake so much tat she stuck her hand in it and grabbed her own before we could even cut the cake. By time she was finished she had chocolate all over her face and everyone laughed when we realized Emmett nearly had just as much on his face. As my family and I enjoyed Abigail's birthday I realized that my life really hadn't started until I'd found Jasper.

I stood watching Abigail sleep while Jasper held me and watched her over my shoulder. He turned his head and kissed my cheek softly.

"Come on darlin lets get to bed." He said.

I grabbed his hand and smiled at him. "I have a better idea. Let's get started early on Abigail's second birthday present."

He blinked a little confused until I led him out of the room and started undressing. "Alright darlin but I sure hope it's a boy because I don't want to be out numbered."

I chuckled softly. "I'll do my best to give you a son."

The End.