This is my first Harvest Moon FanFic here and I'm really excited. I realized that there weren't very many stories about Shea on the site, and, after reading my fill and still feeling unsatisfied, I've decided to write my own. I'd love some feedback. I hope to finish the story within the month so waiting for the next chapter won't be long.

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"Today's the day!" Chelsea sang to herself as she briskly fed her chickens and ran out the coop. She had gotten to Taro's house when she realized with a jolt that she had forgotten about her cow, Mooka , and quickly changed direction.

"I'm sorry baby! I almost forgot about you." The young heifer had been the newest addition to her farm, and had been a gift from Taro himself. As she brushed her and talked to her, the cow could feel Chelsea's excitement. Gannon had arrived this morning and announced that the bridge leading to what looked like a jungle had been complete. Chelsea's mind was swimming with the possibilities of what awaited her today. When the bridge to the forest had been completed, Chelsea had met the mischievous Witch Princess and even the Harvest Goddess herself! Her mind couldn't fathom what sort of people and wildlife possibly laid beyond this new bridge. Perhaps she'd encounter hundreds of harvest sprites living in a thousand-year-old tree. Or she'd discover rare and exotic plants and food that could spark a new festival, or at the very least Pierre's full attention. What if there are wild animals just waiting to tear her limb from limb and eat her alive!

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" she screamed as her wild imagination got the better of her. She was standing in front of Taro's house again and noticed a startled looking Elliot at the doorway.

"W…w…what's wrong!?! What happened?!?" the pale, and noticeably alarmed, boy shrieked.

"She realized how pasty you are…" came from Natalie who was inside unfazed.

"Sorry, Elliot," Chelsea said slightly embarrassed rubbing her hand behind her head, "I was thinking about the new bridge, and sort of scared myself when I thought of being viciously mauled by feral animals. Hehe…" This comment however sent Elliot into more alarm as he ran inside yelling for Taro to come out and talk some sense into her. Chelsea sighed as she prepared herself for the lecture that awaited her. You'd think he was her dad or something, the way the short, obnoxious man acted towards her.

"That Jungle can be very dangerous!" he began, "You need to stay focused and keep your eyes and ears open"

"What about the animals Grandpa? Tell her!" chimed the now annoying Elliot standing behind him.

"Nobody's talking to you" Taro barked as he rewarded Elliot with a smack of his stick. The poor boy hobbled slightly, grumbled, and retreated back into his dwelling.

"Ahem!" The old man cleared his throat, "As I was saying, you need to keep focused if you plan to put yourself in unknown territory…"

"I am focused! Honestly." This was taking too long and she wanted to get going.

"You mean focused like you were this morning when you forgot about your cow?" He retorted.

"I…" she began, but was at a loss of words. 'How does he know?' she thought.

"Anyway, be safe. I'll be checking that you're here in the morning just to be sure. This Island depends on you. We can't have you dying on us…Oh, and that breeze is telling me it'll be sunny tomorrow. Make sure you have energy left to water your plants."

"Ok. Thanks." Chelsea concluded as she ran off towards her destination.

Lanna happened to notice her running past. Chelsea had come to like her, though she was very nosey and was always itching for gossip.

"I see how it is! Go ahead and run past me like I don't exist!" The former pop-diva scoffed, jokingly of course.

"Hey, Lanna. I'm sorry, but it's almost twelve and Taro was holding me up and the bridge…"

"Calm down girl! Don't get your panties in a bunch." She stuck her tongue out.

Chelsea slightly cringed, "I really don't like that saying"

"Haha! I know, that's why I say it so much. Aren't I the greatest friend you could have?" She gave Chelsea a somewhat forceful hug and flipped her hair back, "Well, go ahead and do whatever it was that you were doing. I'm off to the beach to visit Mr. Dark and Hansome!"

'That's not really what I'd call Denny, but ok..." Chelsea thought as the two went their separate ways. At last, she could see the bridge and all of its mysterious allure. Gannon was a pro at his work, that's for sure. Though the bridge was made from wood, it seemed as solid and unmovable as a rock. It didn't even creek under her wait. Crossing over, it seemed as if she was transported into another world. The trees were strange and draped with vines, it smelt wet and surprisingly fruity, even the 'quiet' sounded unusual and new. She didn't move too far when in sprinkled a harvest sprite.

"Hello Chelsea! I'm a Harvest sprite. I live in this jungle. Welcome!"

"I was right! So where's the thousand-year-old tree you guys live in? Is it powered by magic?!?"

"Uh…it's actually a ten-thousand-year-old-tree which is not in the jungle… but anyway…you know, there are two native Islanders that live around here. Their tribe has lived on this Island for generations. You should meet them! They're a little odd, but I think you'll get along. Good Luck!...hopefully you don't become dinner…"


"Nothing. Bye!" and he disappeared in a cloud of sparkles just as he had appeared.

Chelsea began her trek admiring the flora and the strangeness. 'So there are people here! I can't wait.' she merrily thought to herself. She then heard a rustling in the bushes coming straight for her. She held back a scream as a wild pig emerged. Letting out a sigh of relief she advanced towards it. The little snorker was eating something or another and was actually kind of cute. She knelt down to pet it when out of nowhere came a spear headed straight for her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" her terrified scream could've broken glass. The pig went running for its life, and she toppled backwards as the spear landed right between her legs. She was speechless and frozen with shock. Out of the trees leapt a dark skinned boy in animal skins wielding a knife. 'I should've stayed home like Elliot wanted' the petrified girl thought as she swallowed.


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