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Part Eleven

Having realized that truth, having realized the pain her slow determination of that truth caused her partner, she felt compelled to say it, to reassure him that he held a very special place in her heart. And so her hands released him, traveling up to his cheeks, forcing his eyes to hers. She could see the concern, the fear, the hurt, as he once again questioned his own trustworthiness, at least in the eyes of his partner.

She smiled, her fingers slipping to cup the back of his head. "I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone."

His eyes didn't blink while he processed the information. Slowly a grin formed as he finally grasped what she was saying. "I love you too."

And he was right. That was what she'd meant, even without intending it. Trust and love were the same thing to her. Elliot had represented both to her for as long as she'd known him. She wasn't sure she could tell them apart anymore.

It was barely a second after he spoke when his mouth found hers again. The kiss was more intense, more passionate, and somehow less frantic. Perhaps because neither of them feared any longer that sobriety would change the other's mind. The steam condensed on Elliot's hair and skin, Olivia's fingers slipping, her nails clawing for purchase as though he might get away if she didn't hold on. She didn't think he was going to try, but she wasn't going to chance it. She wasn't letting her man go anywhere.

For his part, he didn't seem like he was all that interested in going far. Even when his tongue finally moved from her mouth, it stayed connected to her. He tasted and licked her jaw, her ear, her throat. Her knees folded when he sucked the spot under her earlobe, the one she'd told him about, the one he'd teased at the bar. But there was no more teasing. His mouth moved with purpose as he sucked the sensitive skin between his lips. There would be a mark there, a deep welt in a place impossible to hide. It would undoubtedly still be there on Monday, where Elliot would be able to see it. She could already see the possessive glint that would be in his eyes, the sexy, smug smirk that would curl his lips. A smirk she'd desperately want to kiss off his face.

Ferociously, she grabbed his jaw, yanking his mouth back to hers. She needed to taste him. She couldn't wait for him to finish tasting her. His exploration would simply have to wait. She took control of the kiss, pushing her tongue into his mouth, not giving him time to breathe. So what if he had Dani's something or other tattooed on his arm. She was branding him with her mouth, with the burning heat he'd stoked in her body. It was only fair that she expel some of those flames back at him. She'd already melted in his arms; she wanted him to melt a little too.

He didn't seem to mind that either. While she was busy kissing away any worries he might have still had regarding her trust in him, his hands were everywhere. Her neck, her arms, her back, her ass. He was so thorough in his investigation that she wondered if he might be trying to find her tattoo by feel.

She was jealous of his brilliant idea. She kind of wanted to search his skin for any others he might be hiding. She kind of wanted to search his skin just because she could.

Kind of?

Fuck that. Definitely was more like it.

As she ran her hands across his chest, Elliot's fingers were slipping under the waistband of her pants. She growled at him, partly because his fingers weren't where she wanted them and partly because his fingers were already distracting her from touching every inch of his chest.

He pulled back with a shocked look, his hands abandoning her skin and lifting in surrender. "What's wrong?" He kept his hands up like she was about to arrest him. And though she wasn't at all averse to playing cops and robbers with him later, she had no intention of breaking out the cuffs during their first round. She wanted his hands on her and she needed to touch him. Toys would have to wait.

She chuckled at his slight panic, at his desperation to not upset her again. "Nothing." Taking his hands, she placed them back on her skin. "You were just distracting me a bit."

"Sorry." His smirk, however, revealed he was anything but. He moved his hands from her again, quickly removing his pants and boxers. His smirk only grew wider when he caught her admiring stare. "Better?"

She waited with a raised eyebrow until his hands went back to her waist, pulling her hard against his bare body. Then she laughed, quite enjoying how obviously he wanted her. "Yeah, much better."

His hands ran up her back, finding the clasp of her bra. "I'd agree, but you're still wearing too much clothing." A second later, the last thing separating their chests dropped forgotten to the floor. He looked down, a smile spreading across his face. "Now that's better."

Elliot's attention moved right in, each of his large hands covering a breast while his mouth slowly trailed from her clavicle to her chest to the top of her left breast. He held it in place while he thoroughly kissed around it. It was only after she started to whimper that his fingers finally found her nipples, the thumb and forefinger of each hand simultaneously pinching, transforming her whimper into a moan. Her head fell back, smacking into the wall, abandoning all senses except touch, enjoying the sensations her was conjuring up. He didn't care, probably liked that not only was she turning her body over to him so easily, but that her reaction to his touch was so powerful that she really had no choice.

It took forever before his hot, wet tongue found one nipple, plucking at the erect peak until Olivia was pretty sure he could suck her consciousness right out of her. She wanted to participate, wanted to command his body the way he had taken over hers. But she wasn't about to dissuade him from what he was doing, not even if she wound up collapsed on the ground.

When he'd lavished ample attention on one breast, he moved to the other, sucking that nipple into his mouth before she could take in a breath. All too soon, she feared she really would pass out. His ministrations, and the hot air that could no longer be blamed on the shower choked her, leaving her to teeter perilously close to losing her balance.

Elliot's hands were on her waist, steadying her as he continued to drive her wild. The foggy reflection in the mirror across from them was reflecting back a hazy image of Elliot's back, stooped over as he tasted her breasts. The idea of it turned her on, but the condensation that partially obscured the view made it seem like a dream. She'd had enough dreams. She wanted to enjoy reality and not be nagged by the fear that she'd passed out and was dreaming the incredible sensations.

She reached for his head, distracted by the soft feel of his short hair. She remembered as she stroked his head and neck that she meant to be doing something else, but she loved just touching him. Her hand moved to his jaw, guiding his face back to hers. She grinned at him, knowing his eyes hadn't traveled south of her chest to see the tattoo he'd been so intrigued by previously.

Suddenly deciding she needed to participate a little more, she came up with something that would get his attention. "You want to see my tattoo?"

His eyes went wide. "Can I?"

She laughed, amused by his honest surprise that she would let him see it under the circumstances. He'd just been sucking on her breast and yet still thought she wouldn't show him her secret. "Yes, El, you can see my tattoo."

He looked at her, completely distracted from her chest. "Where is it?"

She grinned back, loving that she finally had his rapt attention. "I'm not going to tell you."

He was baffled, maybe even hurt, as his shoulders drooped. "I thought you said-"

This time, it was Olivia who chuckled. Draping her arms around his shoulders and leaning into him, she offered him a full, unguarded smile. "Oh, you can see it all right." She quirked an eyebrow at him. "But you're going to have to find it for yourself."

For one long moment, Elliot smiled back at her, every bit as openly.

And then his joy faded, shoved aside almost instantly by pure, unadulterated desire. His eyes were smoldering, an uncontrollable fire threatening to spread right through both of them.

"I guess I'll need to search you thoroughly then."


He stepped back, his eyes darting toward the shower for only the briefest of moments. With a smile, he shook his head at her. "Nah, I'm going to need a bed to investigate this tattoo issue properly."

Glad for his assessment, if only because they were still too intoxicated to remain standing long enough, Olivia reached over to turn off the water. "Good thing you didn't have you heart set on the shower. The hot water probably ran out a while ago." Such was the peril of running the water while she'd been thoroughly distracted by her partner. Not that she minded one bit. As she turned back to him, she saw the appreciative stare that had been aimed at her backside. A snarky comment was on the tip of her tongue, years of pretending either not to see the looks he shot her or letting on she was offended by them giving her pause. But then she remembered where they were and what they'd been doing and, more importantly, what they were about to do.

She grinned cheekily. "See something you like?"

He growled in answer, reaching for her, putting his hands on her lower back, pulling her hard into him. His mouth closing over hers was all the answer she needed.

She wanted to say that she certainly liked what she'd seen too, her partner, all bulging muscles and bright blue eyes, completely naked and looking like he wanted to eat her alive while his erect dick was pressed against her. But talking was overrated, at least when the alternative involved stroking his tongue with her own. He started backing up, undoubtedly trying to get her to the bed as fast as he could, but even with his tight grip on her, his motion caused the slightest decrease in pressure between their bodies. She couldn't have that. She waited too long to not get the most possible enjoyment out of every second.

She trusted him inherently, his strength too; she knew he wouldn't drop her. Her arms moved first, squeezing tightly around his shoulders, securing her chest to his while her legs followed suit, wrapping around his hips. The sudden change and her increased height gave her all the leverage she needed to take control of the kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, reveling in the heat, the fire, burning there. She tasted every inch of him, making her claim on him, kissing him so thoroughly he could never kiss another woman without thinking of her. Her arms tightened at the thought, swearing silently to herself, and him too, that he'd simply never kiss another woman period. He was hers, damn it. She'd earned him. She wasn't going to share. Tensing the muscles in her legs, she tried to communicate that to him.

He slammed backwards into the wall, her arms and legs absorbing most of the blow.

"Ow!" She could tell from him startled look that he hadn't even realized what was going on.

"You ok?"

Under any other circumstances she might have teased him. But there wasn't time for teasing. Not right then. Not when she very well might die if they didn't seal the deal.

She nodded as she leaned forward, her mouth searching for anything of his she could grab. She only caught his neck for a moment before he growled and pulled back.

"Stop distracting me or we'll never get to the bed." He seemed perfectly serious and a bit pissed off, but she couldn't reconcile such a normal glare from him with what he was saying.

And she honestly didn't care if they made it to the bed. With a wicked grin, she wiggled her hips. "Is that supposed to be a threat?"

His only response was another, slightly more feral, growl.

She loved teasing him and saw no reason to stop. "Cause really, you don't scare me."

His eyes were nearly glowing with intensity as he stared at her, his hips driving hers into the wall. "I'm not trying-" His words were lost then, disappearing into an animalistic grunt as he ground against her. Despite the assurance he'd tried to give her, his words were delivered in such a gruff tone that most people would have had the sense to be scared. But she wasn't most people and, for the time being, she didn't have any sense.

She was too busy being proud of the fact that she somehow knew Elliot had never growled at anyone else. Maybe he'd had sex with his wife, but Kathy had never driven him so wild that he couldn't control himself. And she loved it.

Just because she could and she didn't really think he minded all that much, she shifted her hips. Her movement was answered by another grinding of his.

"Shit, Liv." His head fell forward, his breath hot against her throat. "Can we aim for the bed? Please?"

His pathetic attempt at chivalry was adorable. But she feared telling him that he was adorable would ruin the mood. So she said nothing.

He took her silence as acceptance. "Good." With her finally complicit, he redoubled his efforts to carry her to the bedroom. Not wanting to piss him off lest he decide to leave, though she really didn't think that was likely considering the way his dick was poking eagerly against her pants, she complied with his request not to distract him. She rested her head on his cheek, inhaling the undeniably delicious masculine scent of him and let him carry her to her bed.

It was such a clichéd thing to but rather than be annoyed at the chivalry, she reveled in it. She loved it when Elliot displayed that old-fashioned side of himself, whether it was holding a door for her or defending her honor. She knew he in no way thought less of her abilities because of her sex. He simply respected her. And it was sweet as hell.

As soon as he deposited her on the bed, dropping down on top of her immediately, she resumed her efforts to distract him. Not because she wanted to distract him, but because she couldn't resist kissing him.

She kissed his mouth and his neck and his shoulders and his hand, when he reached up to turn her mouth from his skin.

"I'm on a mission here, woman! Let me concentrate!" Even as he spoke, he started to laugh.

Dropping her head back onto her pillows, she joined in the laughter. "By all means, don't let me dissuade you." As if to reassure him, she tucked her hands behind her head and raised an eyebrow.

She'd thought his eyes were dark before. But they were nearly black when he took her in, lying on her bed, chest fully exposed, her body relaxed and under him and completely at his disposal. She watched as he sat back on his heels, his eyes dropping to take her in, her obvious trust in him. His eyes slowly climbed back to hers.

"I love you, Olivia. You know that, right?"

She smiled and nodded. "You already mentioned that." Maybe she'd had doubts. Maybe she hadn't believed she could ever deserve his love. But that was earlier, before she'd seen the way he truly revered her, the way he was absolutely mesmerized by her. She knew he wasn't the type to lie about it, not like that, not right then.

He leaned forward, his lips lighting against hers briefly, then trailing over her chin, down her throat, trailing down between her breasts. He took his sweet time, lavishing attention all over her chest again, more thoroughly than he had in the bathroom, causing her hands to clench the sheet in anticipation of the attention he would give the rest of her body.

She wasn't disappointed as his lips and tongue slowly traveled even further, touching and tasting her abdomen as his hands worked her free of her pants. He pulled hard, divesting her of both her pants and panties in one tug. His hands found her legs, his palms running up them, his body settling between them as she parted them for him. Her body tensed as his mouth found her tattoo, his tongue testing the skin there, his mind so entirely refocused on her pleasure that he'd forgotten entirely that he'd been meaning to ask her about it.

As his mouth drifted lower, she realized perhaps he hadn't really cared about the tattoo at all. He'd simply wanted permission to look at her, to touch her, to taste her. And she understood. Because at that moment, she wouldn't have fucking cared if Dani's face had been tattooed on his chest.

Not when his breath tickled the hair between her legs.

Her head fell back and she groaned, already at the edge from his gentle touches and kisses. She bent her legs, digging her toes into the blanket like her fingers, trying to keep herself grounded for what she already knew was going to be the best orgasm of her life. Because it was Elliot. And Elliot made everything better.

His fingers were light as he touched her, barely making contact with her, slowly increasing the pressure, listening for her moans to determine what she liked. His fingers continued to play, moving out of the way as his mouth pressed into her core, pausing when she tensed and growled at the initial contact. She didn't want to come right then, she didn't want to embarrass herself at her desperation.

But it was really too late to hide it since his fingers had already discovered the fluid coating her.

"You're so wet, Liv."

She groaned again, both at the way his fingers were dipping inside of her and at the sound of his choked voice, amazed that she was so turned on by him.

His face dropped down, his lips and tongue finding her clit, pushing and sucking and tasting. "God, you taste so good."

She found herself fighting back tears, mortified at her inability to pretend that his words didn't mean anything. She'd wanted him so badly, had imagined this very moment so many times. She couldn't believe it was finally there. That his mouth was closed around her, his fingers pumping inside of her.

She'd never cried during sex. Never. She'd thought about it, when she'd realized a few mistakes over the years, but she'd never actually felt so much that she did.

So wrapped up in the fact that she was crying and needed to hide it before he noticed, at first, she barely noticed the muscles tensing. But as he continued to work his tongue against her clit and increase the pace of his fingers, she was drawn back to it. Her body was centered on his motions, on his breath, on his own moans as they mingled with hers. Her whole body was tightening, her hips pressing into his mouth, meeting his thrusts as she tried to hurry him. She was too desperate to wait, too wound up to really enjoy the ride. Despite the desperation, the climax continued to build, long past the point where her moans had become indistinct and her body's motions became jerky and uncoordinated. There were no more tears.

She was barely able to breathe when she finally felt it cresting, her hands releasing the blanket in order to grip his head and push his face harder against her center.

She'd never screamed like that in all her life.

She wondered if the neighbors might call the cops.

She didn't really care.

Her body relaxed, unable to move as she rode out the waves of pleasure. Never in her life had she felt so unbelievably good. She blamed it on twelve years of relentless foreplay.

As she came back to herself, she realized Elliot was moving again, his mouth carefully picking its way back over her body. This time, as his tongue caressed the swirls of her tattoo, his fingers danced over her hip bone, outlining the dark shape, he paused and pulled back to look at it. He looked up at her and smiled.

"It's nice."

She wanted to scoff at him, but she was too satiated to get upset. "It's nice? That's all you've got?"

His eyes narrowed the slightest bit before he glanced down to look at it again. His fingers traced it, causing her to shiver, as he looked back at her. "It's pretty."

She chuckled that time. "I got it in Oregon." It was a big step for her, unveiling something that, earlier that evening, she would have sworn would stay a secret until the day she died. "I'd never felt so alone in my life." She didn't think she needed to add that the reason she'd felt so alone was because he hadn't been there with her. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." He leaned down and kissed the tattoo again and she could tell from his schooled blank expression that he didn't get it.

She'd taken days to negotiate with the artist, determined that the design be exactly perfect before she allowed him to touch her body with his pen. She'd wanted it to be obvious to her, but not so obvious that any man in Elliot's position see what it was. Although, she'd certainly expected that Elliot would recognize his name.

Her fingers moved down, brushing against his as she outlined the diamond shape. "It's a Celtic knot, a symbol of protection." Which, to her, certainly symbolized Elliot. He was all about protecting her.

"And you needed to be protected while you were out there alone." He didn't need to mention that Porter hadn't been willing to provide much in that arena.

She laughed softly. "You don't see it."

He bit his lip while he retrained his eyes on the swirls and obviously tried to get what she'd indicated he was missing.

"It's El."

He nodded, showing no signs of gratitude that she'd scarred his name onto her body. "And your name is Liv. Makes sense."

She laughed softly, watching him while her fingers moved to the spot she didn't need to look at to find. She'd spent many a night tracing the letters with her fingers. She knew exactly where it was. "It's El." Her index finger moved slowly over the e, carefully disguised in the lines forming the upper case l. "It says El."

She saw the moment he finally got it, when his mouth dropped open and his eyes darted to hers.

"Some detective you are." Then she smiled. "It made me feel closer to you. Like you were there with me."

Before she could even finish the words, he was on top of her once again, his mouth attached to hers, his tender kiss telling her what his words could not. She breathed a sigh of relief into the kiss, happy to know that she hadn't made a colossal mistake in revealing herself to him. He wasn't mad about it. He wasn't disappointed. He loved it. He loved her for it.

When he broke the kiss, his mouth moved to her ear, suckling on the lobe, immediately bringing her body right back to the frenzied state his had never left. She moaned, digging her nails into his back. He growled in response and bucked his hips against hers.

"So no more talking. Got it." She giggled as he growled again, but she opened her legs, pressing her feet into the back of his thighs, giving him an open invitation.

It was all he needed. He buried himself inside her in a flash, his hands grabbing the backs of her legs, forcing them higher, pushing himself as deep as he could get.

Her back arched as he felt him filling her, knowing it was so much more than physical sensations that explained why he fit so perfectly inside her. It felt like he'd been made to fit into her body, like they were two pieces of a puzzle that were designed to only be whole when they were together. She wanted to stay there with him, like that, forever.

But her thoughts were interrupted, coherence lost to her, when he started to move with purpose. His hands snuck under her curved back, grasping the back of her ribcage, trying to hold her still as he thrust hard, over and over. She grabbed his shoulders, trying to find some way to help him, to keep herself from sliding back as he slammed into her. His body was slick with sweat and her hands slipped uselessly across his skin.

She reached up instead, over her head, grabbing the headboard with all her might, pushing back to counter his thrusts. Whether realistic or not, she swore no one had ever penetrated her so deeply; mentally, if not physically.

The evening's activities were starting to catch up to her – the emotional roller coaster she'd been on, all the drinking, all the making out, the incredible orgasm – and she was exhausted. She wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and sleep until her body had a chance to recharge. And even though her body was tingling all over and looking for another release, she thought about stopping him as his hand reached between them, telling him she didn't need it.

It was just another endearing thing about the man. He wanted her to climax again, even though he'd just about blown her apart the first time. She wasn't sure she had the energy. It was taking everything she had to hold herself still.

Even so, as she looked at him, his face screwed up in concentration as he worked to keep his furious rhythm, his body tensed and tight as he pounded into her, his hand forcing itself down lower and lower, she realized she didn't have a choice. Her mind might have been tired, but he wasn't, not yet, and her body was perfectly willing to do whatever he commanded it to.

His fingertips finally worked their way back to the bundle of nerves, fluttering lightly against her at first, then pressing harder and faster. Her hands released the headboard, flopping heavily onto the bed, as her arms tried and failed to reach for him. His body kept moving, sliding in and out, his skin slapping against hers, his fingers circling her clit around and around, pushing and pinching. Her whole body started to hum once again and she felt herself start to moan.

Elliot was grunting in time with his thrusts, even his strength beginning to fail with the work he was doing supported on one elbow. She saw the rivulets of sweat starting at his forehead, making their way down his cheeks and nose, until the moisture dropped onto her chest. His steady rhythm slipped as he worked, his eyes slowly opening to fix on hers.

His intense stare, so close, so intimate at that moment, was the last thing she needed. Her body tensed once more, and she felt herself arching off the bed, her chest smacking into his as she closed her eyes, swept away by the rush.

"Don't hide." His fingers stalled on her clit momentarily. "Look at me, baby. It's just me."

"I know." And then she did look at him, her eyes flying open to meet his, letting the familiar blue ground her while the world exploded around her.

She didn't even know if she screamed that time. She didn't know if she was still breathing.

She just knew that a second later, she felt her partner come too, his eyes never leaving hers.

It seemed like forever had gone by, but it was still too soon when Elliot shifted off her, sliding to lie along her side. He was nervous about something. She could tell by the way he would look at her face and then look away and then look back. She reached out, her hand pressing against his chest as she turned to look at him through heavy-lidded eyes.

"What, El?"

He bit his lip, averting his eyes.

She wanted to roll hers at his sudden shyness, but she was too tired. "Just tell me already. I'm sleepy."

His eyes moved back to hers, staring intently for a long time. "I'm tired too."

"Then stop staring at me and go to sleep." She pulled the blanket around them as best she could while they were lying on it.


Then it was her turn to stare at him inquisitively. "Did you have something else in mind?" As much fun as it might be, she feared she'd have to turn him down in favor of a nap.

He looked uncomfortable, swallowing hard and turning away. "No, no, go to sleep."

It was when he rolled away from her that she realized what he was thinking. She fumbled to catch him, twisting herself up in the blanket as she rolled after him.

"El, wait."

He turned quickly, his face so eager she felt bad for having made him unsure.

She smiled as she lifted her arm and the blanket, inviting him into the cocoon. "Stay with me."

His face lit up in a smile. "You're sure?"

She nodded into his chest as he slipped into the blanket with her. As his arms wound around her, she looked up at him. "So now you have proof I don't back down from dares."

He laughed and ran his hand across her cheek. "Me either."

"I don't recall daring you to sleep with me." Though she was glad he'd done it anyway.

With one arm tightly around her, he brought his left hand up between them. "I seem to remember you daring me to tell you what this meant." He turned his wrist so that she could once again see the five digits. Leaning in, he pressed a kiss to her lips. "March." Another kiss. "Sixteenth." Another kiss. "Ninety-eight." More kisses.

The kissing completely derailed her brain and it took her several minutes after he paused for her to try to wrap her brain around what he had said. Looking back at him, she was still baffled. He seemed proud of what his confession, but it made no sense to her.

He laughed then, working his left arm under her head so he could pull her against him. "It's the day we met, Liv. I told you I knew right away."

Finally, understanding clicked in her brain. No wonder he'd been so secretive about it, he'd been afraid she'd laugh at him for the sentimentality. Seeing his name on her hip had probably been exactly the sort of reassurance he needed to reveal the truth.

"I've been yours since the day we met."

She giggled out of sheer happiness. "Well, since a week after we met. Took you seven whole days to get that tattoo, right?"

He laughed. "Took you seven whole years."

She pressed a kiss to his lips. "Doesn't matter how long it took anymore."

"No, it doesn't." He pulled her even closer and settled his head onto her pillow.

"I love you, El." She knew he already knew it, but it was important to her that she say it. So that he'd know she meant it.

"And I love you."

A smile spread across his face, mirrored by her own. And then they both drifted off to sleep.