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We were on the highway on our way to Port Angeles. I drove all around town. By the school, the library, the hospital, the cafe, all the many wonders of Forks. I didn't point anything out to her so I'm not sure if she noticed what we were driving by. We have been sitting in silence since our little spat. Anytime I looked back in the mirror at the others in the BMW, I could seem them laughing and having a good time. My brothers were fucking idiots. I could see them drooling all over the other two. These girls didn't give two shits about us. We were just there entertainment for the day. Something to have fun with until the next best thing comes along. I hope my dad doesn't make us hang out with them again after today. I won't a be able to stand watching my brothers get fucked over like I have been. You would think they would know better from my experience. I got tired of the radio and and turned the cd player on. My grip on the steering wheel loosened a little as I relaxed to the music. It's been so quiet that I nearly jumped when Bella started singing.

"Silhouette seasons and far-away reasons are all I have now

Borders can keep me if Rio will have me to dance and to drown...."

Her voice was beautiful. It wasn't enough she had to look like an angel, she had to sound like one too. The sound of her was like like a vibration that went right through me....and straight to my cock. I looked down to see if it was obvious. Dammit, like a fucking pitched tent. I tried discreetly adjust myself as she kept singing.

"On the way I will go

Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on..."

I was so consumed by her voice that it took a minute to put together the fact that she knew this song.

"You know Hey Marseilles?"

"Yea, I love them. I saw them once on a trip to Seattle with my family."

"Seriously? That's awesome. I've always wanted to drive up to Seattle one weekend and see them, but my brothers aren't into this type of music."

"Well, maybe we could go up and see them one weekend?" Bella asked. I looked over at her at thought of hanging out with her again. A smile played on her lips. Her gorgeous tits were spilling out of her shirt like an offering. What the fuck am I doing? This girl's spell is stronger than I thought. I have got to do a better job at keeping my guard up.

"Yea, probably not princess." I said as I looked back to the road. From the corner of my eye I could see her smile drop as her eyes narrowed. She let out a sigh as she sat back in her seat.

We were silent for the rest of the trip. After what seemed like an eternity we were in Port Angeles. In pulled into a spot on the side of the road. Rosalie pulled in to one a few spots back.

"Jesus, Cullen. Could you have driven any slower? I seriously could have made it in twenty minutes." Rosalie said as the four of them came toward me and Bella.

"When you grow up with the chief of police, you learn to abide by traffic laws. Besides, the truck won't go over 65. I'll be sure to take the Bentley out next time." We both glared at each other. Emmett jumped in front of us before we could say anything else.

"Okay, where to first gang?" He said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

"You said there was a mall right? Let's go there first!" The little pixie one said excitedly as she bounced. She went over to Jasper and grabbed his arm. "Lead the way sexy."

"Oh, ah, okay." Jasper said the a big stupid grin on his face. Rosalie put her arm through Emmett's and they walked off behind them. Bella took off too, swaying her ass as she walked. I hurried up and followed step beside her. It would be easier to keep a clear head if I wasn't staring at her ass the whole time. As we walked the few blocks to the shopping center, I noticed everyone was staring at us. At the girls more accurately. One guy in particular was staring at Bella like he has been in the desert and Bella was a tall glass of water. I had the sudden urge to run up to him punch the daylights out of him. Mine. Where the hell did that come from? She is not mine and I don't want her to be. It will be a fucking miracle if I make it through today with all of my sanity. As we passed the bookstore, Angela was just heading out.

"Oh, hey guys! Eddie! Whatsup! I didn't think you'd be here." She said as she walked up to me. Beside me I could see Bella tense up. A look past quickly across her face before she could compose herself. Was that jealousy? Well, two could play at this game princess."

"Angie! I missed you! I'm so glad to run into you." I picked her up in a big hug and twirled her around. I was rewarded with that look past Bella's face again.

"Woa, down boy. And what do you mean you miss me? I just saw you yesterday." Angela said as I put her down.

"I always miss you. Do you want to hang out with us? I'm bored as shit and could use some good company." Angela let out little gasp. I turned to see my brothers giving me disapproving looks and Bella's sisters giving me the evil eye. What stung the most was the hurt look on Bella's face. She look as if I just slapped her. Why would she be so hurt about something I would say?

"Actually I can't. My mom is waiting up for me and I have to go. I have plans tonight with Ben anyway. Besides, it looks like you already have good company. Hi. I'm Angela." She said as she put her hand up to Bella. Bella shook her hand with a small smile.

"Bella. Nice to meet you."

Angela introduced herself to the other girls and then said goodbye, but not before she gave me her own disapproving look. Fuck. Can I get through today will without pissing everybody off? I turned to Bella.

"Bella, look I'm..."

"Save it Cullen." Rose snapped as she put her arm around Bella and headed off. Emmett came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Dude, what the fuck is your problem! I know you don't want to be here, but do you have to be so rude to the girl?"

"She just gets to me okay! I'm trying to keep it cool but she keeps getting under my skin."

"You like this girl don't you?" Emmett said as he wagged his eyebrows at me.

"No I don't! She's fucking hot as hell, I'll admit that. But I can't do this again Em. I can't put myself through that again."

"Look, Tanya was a horrible person. But you don't know Bella's like that man. It won't kill just to try to get to know her."

"She is like that, trust me. They are all like that." I said as I gave him a look that said I wasn't changing my mind about it.

"Alright man. Whatever. Just try to keep your cool, okay? If any of this got back to Dad, he'd be pissed."

"Yea,yea." We reached the mall and were heading inside. Rosalie was saying something to Bella and she started laughing. At least she looked happier now. The little one was talking animatedly to Jasper. Jasper was listening so intensely you would think she was telling him the secrets of the world.

"Ooh, Victoria Secrets! Let's go in!" Pixie shouted. The girls started looking around while us guys stood at the front of the store, looking around uncomfortably.

"Bella, these would look perfect on you!" I looked over involuntarily to where the girls were browsing. Pixie was hold up a set of midnight blue bra and panties that didn't leave much to the imagination. As soon as I saw them, I imagined them on Bella.

On her smooth, creamy skin. Her pert nipples peaking out of the see through lace material. Her hair cascading down her back. Soon the image changed. I was standing next to Bella, running my hands up and down her bare hips, over her stomach. I ran one hand up her neck and into her hair, pulling her head back gently to expose her neck. I start kissing and licking at her neck. Her skin taste like floral and salty and girl. I trailed up until I reached her mouth. Our kiss started slow, than became more intense as my arousal grew nearly painful. My hands reached down to her breast. I started playing with one of her nipples between my fingers. She moaned and threw her head back, and I just about lost my load. I reached behind her to undo her bra clasp. I couldn't wait anymore, I just had to see every inch of her. I unclasped the bra, started removing the straps down her should and...

"What are you doing to me in that head of yours?" It was her voice. That sweet, sultry voice, right in my ear. Her lips were just barely grazing the skin of my ear. Her breath was hot and ran down my neck all the way to my. . . I lost it. Right there, at the mall, in the middle of Victoria's Secret, in front of these people, including Bella, I jizzed in my pants.

"Unghhabeaaabackaaa" Was my intelligent response as I ran out of the store while trying to walk normal. I dashed into the closest bathroom and locked myself in the stall. I ran my hands in my hair and leaned my head on the wall. "Holy fuck." I can't believe I just did that. I just jizzed in my pants. I have never just jizzed in my pants before. All because I saw a pair of of bra in panties in my favorite color. No, it's because I imagined Bella in those bra and panties, and me all over her. Not only that, my fantasy was interrupted by the girl in the fantasy talking seductively in my ear.

What the fuck am I going to do now? Did everyone see? My brothers would never let me live this down if they did. I will forever be known as jiz pants. Fucking great. Well, I can't live in the bathroom. The longer I wait, the worse the humiliation is going to be. Luckily the mess was all in my boxers. I took them off and wiped myself off as best I could. I tried to push them as far in the trash as they would go. I washed my hands and braced myself for was lies ahead on the other side of this door. When I got back to the store, the others were just heading out.

"There you are dude. Where the hell did you go?" Jasper said as he held a bag for pixie. Why the hell was he holding her bag? It's not like it was heavy. That bag was smaller than her purse. But I didn't say anything about it out loud. He was acting normal, and Emmett was too busy smiling like a moron at Rosalie. They didn't see. Thank god!

"I uh, just went to the bathroom." I said lamely

"Well come on. We're gonna show the girls that store that has the live models instead of mannequins." Jasper said as he headed out of the store. The rest trailed out after him. When bella finally came in sight, she was smiling at me. Not just a normal smile, a knowing smile. Oh shit. She knew. She knew exactly why I ran to the bathroom. Did she do that to me on purpose? Is she some kind of fucking witch that has me under her spell? But why didn't she tell the other? Isn't that something she would just love to rub in my face?

It was when I fell instep behind her that I noticed she was holding a bag. A Victoria's Secret bag. Oh. My. God. I knew exactly what was in that bag. As if she knew what I was thinking at the moment, she turned around and flashed me a flirty smile. Immediately I was hard again. And now I am expected to go around all day, playing nicey nice, while she carries around that bag. Fuck. Me.

"Baseball, cold showers, Emmett in a bikini, Baseball, cold showers, Emmett in a bikini."