March 14, 1802

My treasured darling,

Why have you left me in this ruthless, cold, void – in which has become my hell? Why have you betrayed me this way? What have I done to deserve such treachery from you? You are ruthless to your own heart Catherine Earnshaw, to which is none other than my own.

I had heard that you saw that being devoted to me would disgrace you. Is it because of my heritage? Do you think of me as a beast? As a fiend?

After three years I have finally wrenched myself out of the depths of agony – wanting to take vengeance on those who have degraded me – like that despicably loathsome excuse for a man you call your brother. I ventured to find you and your "husband" again, my love. To find the answers to the questions that vexed my heart – to damn the souls who have taken you away from me.

When I held you in my arms, I only had but a moment to ask before you were gone from my grasp once more leaving my questions unanswered. My beloved! You lured me to my demise. Oh my love! Why did you enjoy my ordeal like so? You are a vampire; you have drunk and spat out all the blood that once ran through my veins. You have killed me by killing yourself. Have we done something commendable enough of your despise?

Catherine, it is not I who have killed you, it was the malevolent Edgar Linton and that devilish angel called a daughter. They are the reasons why you are not walking on this earth with me. I will make certain that I will force them both to suffer like I have suffered.

Catherine, why did you choose that vile, repugnant Edgar Linton over me? We who are the same entity! I who am you! I whom you love! I who had went to so many levels to ensure that I never raised a hand against him as long as you sought him in your world, I would certainly not wound Edgar. As long as you deem him worthy of your affections, I can only yearn for the day your interest in him dies away, can I hope to him apart. I would not hesitate to plunge a knife through him and feed his blood to the demons below.

You teach me how cruel you are – cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart Catherine? I killed you Catherine? No! You have killed yourself. If you had loved me, what right did you have to leave me? If you had loved me, why are you so cruel to me? If you had loved me, why did you die and leave me to cope in this miserable nihility.

Catherine Earnshaw may you not rest in peace. You said I killed you, haunt me then! The murdered do haunt the murderer. I don't give a damn – drive me to the point of lunacy! I will have you be with me always. I won't let you rest in peace. You are merciless to me, and I will continue to let you stay that way. Exist as my wicked tempest, and I, in turn, will become the earth you destroy. Catherine! Please! I beg of you don't abandon me. The air on this earth is too pungent and I cannot breathe without your presences surrounding me.

My bittersweet haven! I will avenge your death and join you in the afterlife.

Forever yours,