Rachel wasn't kidding when she told the rest of the Glee kids that she was a little bit psychic.

From the time she was very small Rachel knew things other people didn't know. She knew who was on the other end of the phone before her family had Caller ID, heck; sometimes she answered the phone before it rang. She knew things would happen before they did. That's why she had been so adamant about Finn coming back to Glee. She knew they would only win Sectionals if he was with them.

The first time Rachel had an honest to goodness psychic vision, however, was when she locked eyes with Noah after offering to let Quinn beat her up. To the outside observer, their eyes only met for a moment, but for Rachel it was an eternity.

She looked deep into Noah's hazel eyes and tried to convey how sorry she was that he had gotten hurt because of her obsessive-compulsive needs to tell the truth and win everything, including Finn. Then there was a buzzing in her ears and the whole world faded away.

Everything turned gauzy, like a dream, and her nose filled up with the smell of hot sand and burning candles. The clothes she's wearing are no longer soft, but kind of rough and scratchy like one ply toilet paper.

The fluorescent hallway lights have dimmed and she knew instinctively that it was night. Rachel is still staring at Noah, but he doesn't really look like himself. His eyes and mouth are the same, but the rest of his face is different. He's more tanned than she's even seen him, even more so than the time he cleaned her neighbour's pool, and his hair is so long it brushes his shoulders. There's a neat beard adorning his face and he looks bone tired.

Just a moment ago, they were alone in a school hallway, but now they're somewhere else and they're surrounded by people. A man she doesn't recognize is holding her hand. Rachel knows that this man is her father, just like she knows that Noah is still Noah even if he doesn't look like himself. There's an older woman next to Noah, smiling kindly even though she looks careworn.

The woman lifts Noah-but-not-Noah's hand and holds it out towards her. Rachel's father-who-isn't-her father does the same, placing her hand in Noah's upturned palm. The woman next to Noah smiles and her eyes fill with tears.

Something inside of Rachel is expanding rapidly as she stares into Noah's hazel eyes. She feels hot all over and her insides are pushing to bursting. Noah's mouth curves into a tender half-smile that she's only seen once before and then he speaks.

The language he speaks isn't one she knows, though it sounds a bit like Hebrew, but she knows what the words mean.

I am Noah, and I am yours.

Her heart launches into her throat as the answering phrase spills from her mouth in the same language she doesn't know.

I am Rachel, and I belong to you.

Noah steps down hard. Rachel hears the sound of breaking pottery and the world comes screaming back into focus.

Noah's eyes are full of questions, but Rachel ripped her eyes from his gaze and looked down at the floor before walking away.

She made it all the way to the second floor girl's washroom before she collapsed into sobs, shaking and wondering what just happened.