AN: Just the ending of Magna Carta 2 wrote out. It is without a shadow of doubt my favorite game and this ending was just awe inspiring so I just wrote a quick one shot.




"Don't die… just please, don't die," she said.

"I won't… I promise." I said.

We both knew that was a promise I wasn't going to be able to keep.

I lifted my blade preparing to destroy the stone for good… the one that gave me life, and glanced back with a small smile.

My heart twanged with pain, she wasn't able to look.

I brought down my blade thinking 'I love you' as my world exploded around me… and my vision… faded to black.


AN: That's it I guess… this ending was just amazing and if you haven't played Magna Carta 2, then you should defiantly buy it and try it out. I might also write another one shot about this and maybe a few stories. If anyone reads this, please review, it only takes a few minutes at the most and with their not being very many stories if any on this I want to know how it does!!