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Part One: Closure

Shawn Michaels stood in front of the room, shivering, two pairs of eyes roaming shamelessly over his naked body. All he was wearing were his cowboy boots, which one of the people looking at him requested, and Bret Hart's shades, which the other viewer requested. He couldn't believe he was standing in front of Bret Hart and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, two men who he thought hated each other, both of their lust filled eyes roaming over his body. Bret licked his lips slowly, invitingly, and crooked his finger, beckoning Shawn over. Hunter nodded, telling Shawn to listen to Bret.

He gulped, thinking about how a lot could change in just a couple of days.

Two days ago, Shawn put his clothes into his locker, changing into his DX gear. He was trying to keep himself from looking too anxious, but he couldn't help but wonder what Bret's return meant for him. Sure, he told Vince that nothing but good things could happen, but he couldn't help but question it. It was one thing to so proudly proclaim that when Bret was still in Canada, but another thing entirely when Bret was in the same building as he was.

At times like this, Shawn would usually talk to one of his friends, but Scott and Kevin had their hands full with TNA's show tonight, and Hunter, his lover, was probably strapping Hornswoggle to a rocket to see if Leprechauns could breathe in space. Shawn kept trying to tell himself to be strong, that he and Bret were way passed over, but Bret's face kept bugging him. He couldn't help but wonder- what would happen tonight?

"Shawn?" Shawn turned around quickly, finding himself face to face with Hunter.

"Oh," Shawn said, calming down, "Hey Hunter. Where's Swoggle?"

"He wanted to meet Bret," Hunter said, "And, well, I don't need to see his smug face." Hunter's animosity towards Bret made Shawn relax a little- some things never changed, and his lover was one of them.

Shawn noticed that Hunter was staring at him, and he said, "What?" Hunter kept quiet, and then Shawn prodded again. "What?"

"I told you not to do anything stupid," Hunter said, "And the first thing you did when I turned my back was tell Vince to bring Bret back."

Shawn shook his head. "We already talked about this for over a week, Hunter. This is about closure. Neither he nor I want to be remembered because of that incident instead of our accomplishments."

"Sure. And the fact that you've buried the Screwjob beneath your new religious outlook and various amazing programs means nothing, I guess; they'll still remember you as the guy who screwed Bret."

Shawn crossed his arms. "I don't appreciate the sarcasm, Hunter."

"Whatever. And you and I both know what kind of closure Bret wants." Hunter snapped.

"What kind of closure is that, Hunter?"

"You know. Don't act innocent." Hunter moved closer to Shawn, putting his hand on his cheek. "Neither of you two forgot that you were once lovers, and I'm willing to bet both of you remember exactly how the other feels."

"I don't want Bret," Shawn said.

"Are you sure?" Hunter said, pushing Shawn towards the lockers. Shawn's back hit the cool metal, momentarily stunning him while Hunter moved closer. "Are you sure?" he repeated, allowing a hand to slip up his DX shirt and fondle the skin under it. "You never forget, not when you really love somebody." Shawn wiggled a little, but it was more pushing into Hunter's hand then trying to escape. Hunter's fingers flicked over nipples and traced patterns into Shawn's skin, making the Texan writhe even more. "And I remember how much you loved Bret."

Hunter almost blanched at the memory of how Shawn, the Shawn he wanted and loved, only had eyes for Bret Hart. At the time, he wished something would happen to split them up, something would happen that would allow Hunter to finally have Shawn.

He dismissed the memory. Shawn was his now, not Bret's. Shawn was his for over seven years, and he wasn't going to lose Shawn to Bret now.

Hunter's hand went lower, this time heading for the waist of Shawn's chaps, but Shawn grabbed Hunter's hand, stopping his progress. "Why'd you stop me, sexy boy?" Hunter asked. He followed Shawn's eyes to the door, and this time he heard it: a knock. Hunter sighed, ready to kick the ass of whoever stopped what was about to happen.

He opened the door, surprised to see Natalya Neidhart at the door. He rolled his eyes; when it wasn't one person from that damned family trying to ruin his sex life, it was another. "Yes?" Hunter asked.

Natalya looked passed him straight at Shawn, who looked a lot more composed than he felt after Hunter's assault. "Uncle Bret wants you to stand in the Gorilla position," Natalya said.

"Why?" Hunter asked. Shawn, meanwhile, stood silent in his shock; he couldn't believe Bret wanted him to stand at the ready way before he was even needed.

Natalya glared at Hunter before turning back to Shawn and saying, "Well? Are you coming?" Hunter opened his mouth to protest, but Shawn pushed off the lockers and walked to Natalya. "Let's go," Shawn said.

Hunter grabbed Shawn's arm, making Shawn look up at him. "Then I'm coming with you."

"No. Stay," Shawn said, pulling his arm out of Hunter's grasp, "Look, Hunt, this is a good chance for the both of us to bury the hatchet. Let us put our differences to rest."

"What, I don't have things to put to rest with Bret?" Hunter asked, "Last I checked, I was a part of this too."

"Hunter, just let me finish this," Shawn said, "I mean it. If I see you anywhere near the entrance to the ring, anywhere at all, I won't be returning to the room." Shawn walked away, and Hunter stared after him. Did Shawn just give me a fucking ultimatum? What the hell? Hunter walked out of the locker room and went to watch what was happening on the TV. While he didn't want to upset Shawn, he definitely was not going to sit back and twiddle his thumbs while Shawn was left to Bret's whims.

Hunter shivered, the thought bringing to mind the old fantasies he had back in the earlier years of his career, about Shawn and Bret. He could imagine Bret's hands holding Shawn's arms down, fingers wrapping around Shawn's wrists like manacles, before propelling forward, nibbling at Shawn's lips with his own. He could picture it perfectly, how Shawn's beautiful blonde hair would frame his face like a halo, and how Bret would look almost devilish above him, the dark hair falling over his and Shawn's faces as Bret pulled in for the kill-

Hunter bid the thoughts away, his dominant side telling him that he wanted Bret nowhere near his Shawn. But his other half, the half he didn't fully wish to admit to, wondered what it would be like to see Shawn and Bret together. Heck, a part of him wanted to get his hands on the hitman himself, to make him into a groaning slut while Shawn watched.

Hunter laughed as he got to the video room. Bret probably wanted nothing to do with Hunter, and there was no way Bret was ever going to get his hands on his Shawnie ever again. It was just a silly fantasy-

"And the very first thing I want to do is call back there and ask Shawn Michaels to come out here!"


Shawn froze, not expecting to hear that come out of Bret's mouth. Bret wanted him to come to the ring? He wanted to do this in front of all these people?

Shawn took a deep breath. He had no choice, it seemed. If he wanted to put things behind him, if he wanted to leave behind his checkered past with Bret, then he had to confront him on his terms. If he didn't, the world would remember him as the person who refused to face Bret Hart after calling him harmless.

Shawn went to the entrance, the opening sighs in his theme ringing in his ears. He kept his eyes on Bret, who stood there, looking a lot better than a man whose been through half of the things Bret has. Bret's eyes were also focused on Shawn, making Shawn feel a lot more uncomfortable than he would've liked.

Maybe I should have let Hunter come with me. But no, that would've been a show of Shawn's untrustworthy nature, not that Shawn meant no harm. It had to be like this. It had to be just Shawn and Bret if they wanted to put this to rest.

Bret, meanwhile, was anxious, watching Shawn walk slowly down the ramp. The television didn't do Shawn justice at all; it couldn't capture the true magic of his eyes, his hair, or anything else about him. Bret swallowed the feelings, knowing this wasn't about getting back with Shawn. He and Shawn were over; Shawn lost his chance when he chose work, chose Vince, chose Hunter over him. This was about closure.

And Bret could believe it if the blue eyes weren't so damned hypnotizing.

Shawn pulled himself into the ring and walked over to Bret. The conversation was almost a blur in Shawn's mind- he couldn't even tell you what he said. All he knew was that, in his head, in an endless refrain, he kept repeating I'm over Bret in some vain hope that he could eventually believe himself.

Bret put his hand out, and Shawn stared at it, wondering if he could really accept this truce. But slowly, even though he hadn't made up his mind to say yes, he raised his hand and grasped Bret's, shaking it. After a few tense seconds, Shawn pulled away and began to walk away, only to turn back and look into Bret's eyes.

Shawn stopped, realizing that the hand shake wasn't enough for him. It wasn't enough for Bret either- he kept staring at Shawn, staring at the man he once loved, and he silently begged him to come back. There had to be more to this moment, and they both knew it.

Shawn made the first move. The crowd kept hushed, thinking a Sweet Chin Music might come next, but he went over and wrapped an arm around Bret's neck. He didn't want to get too close, but at the same time, he wanted to show Bret that they could put the past behind them. Suddenly, Bret's arm was around him, and he was patting Shawn's back.

Shawn was about to pull away when Bret's hand got a little more forceful on his back, and his other hand pushed something into his pocket. Shawn tried not to react, afraid of letting his shock show on his face. Bret tapped Shawn's pocket, reminding him of the object's presense before letting him go. Shawn moved away and walked out of the ring, wanting to dig into his pocket badly, to look at what Bret put in there, but he kept walking.

He knew it couldn't be too big; he could hardly feel it. As soon as Shawn was in the back, he leaned against the wall and pulled something thin and plastic out of his pocket- it was a room key. Shawn ran his fingers over it, knowing the key was to Bret's room. We both knew we couldn't do everything that needs to be done in front of prying eyes. Maybe this is the only way. But Shawn hadn't been so petrified in his whole life. He couldn't believe how much Bret effected him in those few minutes.

I'm with Hunter. I'm over Bret. I'm with Hunter. I'm over Bret. Shawn kept repeating it over and over. Hunter had done so much for him. Hunter was the one who picked him back up when he was at his lowest point, the one who helped him become the man he was today. But damn it, for those minutes, he was back in Bret's orbit, like nothing had changed since 1996, when things started conspiring to break them up.

Shawn only hoped that he and Bret could finally put everything behind them, and he and Hunter could go back to being happy.

Hunter stood up, watching Shawn leave. He didn't like the hug at all. The handshake he could take, but he couldn't take the hug. Not after everything Shawn and Bret had went through. Bret had no right to touch Shawn, not now that he was Hunter's.

Yeah right, Helmsley. You just wish it was a little more private, so you could see that secret fantasy of yours play out.

Hunter refused to entertain the thought. Bret was everything Hunter hated; he was rigid, he was stubborn, and he once had Shawn. But he remembered, those lonely nights wishing he held Shawn in his arms, he'd imagine Bret and Shawn together. Snap out of it. You can't think about that. Think about how Shawn's feelings. What is Shawn feeling, anyway? Is he alright? What if he needs me?

Hunter prided himself in being able to read Shawn, but he couldn't read him, not for those few minutes. Not when he was interacting with the Excellence of Execution. Hunter was going to find Shawn, and he was going to remind himself how lucky he was to have Shawn, how happy he was with him. But the old fantasies pulled at his mind, bothering him until all he could see were the scenes playing over and over again.

Bret lay on a large king sized bed, wearing only a pair of sweatpants. He looked up at the ceiling quietly when the door to the bathroom opened. Bret's eyes moved to the door and his breath caught in his throat as he saw his angel.

Shawn stood there, a towel wrapped around his waist and Bret's shades on his face. His blond hair was loose, just the way Bret liked it. He sat up and said, "What do you think you're doing?"

Shawn grinned. "Don't you think they look good on me?" He walked over, the towel moving with him, teasing by showing a little of the blonde's waistline. He bent over the bed, closer to Bret, making Bret's breath quicken. "What do you think?"

Bret responded by pulling Shawn onto the bed roughly, making the Texan giggle as Bret rolled Shawn under him.

Hunter's eyes squeezed shut, trying to banish the pictures from his mind, but all he could see was Bret touching his Shawn, Bret making his Shawn moan and writhe. Hunter often said that Shawn would tease and then Hunter would pounce- it was the natural order of things. But somehow, he liked the idea of Shawn teasing someone else, of someone else pouncing Shawn. And that someone else was Bret Hart.

Shawn belongs to me. Not to Bret. Hunter grinned, unable to lie to himself anymore. Yes, he loved Shawn, but he couldn't deny the attraction he had to Bret. Or, more specifically, to Bret and Shawn's relationship.

Yeah right. Like that would ever happen. Hunter opened the door to the locker room, seeing Shawn laying down on the bench. "Well, don't you look just fuckable?"

Shawn looked up, smiling. "Hey Hunt." Shawn got up and walked over, crossing his arms. "So, you want to talk about our tag match."

"No." Shawn's eyebrow shot up, and he said, "Why not?"

"Because I have a better idea." Shawn found himself being hoisted up, Hunter's hands wrapping his legs around his midsection.

"Are you crazy?" Shawn said, looking into Hunter's eyes.

"If I am, you made me that way," Hunter whispered, carefully rubbing one of Shawn's thighs. Shawn closed his eyes and swallowed, almost as if he was giving in, but then Shawn pushed at Hunter's chest.

"I'm not in the mood," he said, "And besides, what if 'Swoggle comes in?"

"We'll lock the door," Hunter said, before leaning in and nibbling on Shawn's collar.

"Hunter- I mean it." Shawn pushed him away again, and Hunter finally let him down. Shawn put himself back together, calming himself down, but then Hunter said, "Is this about Bret?"

"I'm over him," Shawn said, in a tone that said 'drop it'.

"Can't we at least talk about it?" Hunter said, "I mean, maybe it'll make you feel better-"

Shawn thought about the key in his pocket, but decided involving Hunter would just ruin things. "We got our closure," Shawn said, "I'm over him. It's over." Shawn moved closer to Hunter before hugging him. "Now we can focus on our upcoming match."

Shawn's lying. Hunter pulled his fingers through Shawn's hair, deciding to wait for Shawn to share when he was ready. "Okay. Let's focus on the match."


Bret sat in the chair in his office, thinking about what just happened. He couldn't believe how much control the damned Texan still had over him. He put on as much bravado as possible, and hoped he didn't sound too much like a novice out there. As much as he wished it wasn't true, Shawn still held a place in his heart.

He needed to talk to Shawn privately, and it could happen if Shawn used the key. Maybe, when they were less reserved and more honest, he could figure out how he felt. Montreal was supposed to be the end. But, sheesh, I can't stop thinking about him.

He wondered about Shawn, about Shawn's life. How were Shawn's injuries cooperating with him? What had he been doing lately? Was Shawn with anyone? (Stupid question, Shawn couldn't be single) He wanted to know everything but was afraid of it at the same time. There were so many things he and Shawn had to discuss, and when it was all done, how would things change?

I'm willing to take the chance if you are, Shawn. Bret stared at the ceiling. He gave complete power to Shawn; now it was all in his hands. Bret's future relied on whether or not Shawn wanted to use the key. He hated giving up control, but he knew that, if he was going to show Shawn that they could become friends, he had to do something.

It was all about closure. If Shawn came to his room, then they could finally find their closure.